This is What it’s All About!




What an incredible week!

We had an awesome lesson with the Pedersen’s on Monday night! I love them so much! I also got to hold a corn snake! It was a rainy evening.

It was super rainy and windy on Tuesday morning. We tried a ton of potentials trying to find new investigators. We shared a message with the Scholes and just beat a wicked thunderstorm. We had to drive to the mission office in it, but it was only for like 6 minutes and then it cleared up. I had my departing interview. The crazy thing was 18 months ago exactly on that day, in the same chair, in the same office, I had my first President interview! Crazy!? I also got a temple recommend interview! I was hoping to get one signed by President Palmer. We then went back and had dinner with the Cantrell’s, they are super awesome. We then went to the church so the Pedersen’s could try on the jumpsuits. We also saw the Tresner’s.

It was rainy and windy again on Wednesday, I thought the rain was gone. We tried a bunch of potentials and we saw the Bowns and the sun came out! We saw a potential and she is into family history. We tried more potentials and some less actives. Then it all of a sudden started raining and we were on bikes. The weird thing was that the sun was out? There was a rainbow though. It just poured. We went back and put on dry clothes, we were soaked. We saw the Custer’s. They gave us a referral. Interesting day. Allergies are killer.

I had my last district meeting on Thursday. We played Jeopardy and Sister Turinetti and I totally beat the Elders. We went out to the country and tried some less actives. We saw Heighly and read scriptures with her, it was really great. We had dinner with Ryan and Britten Gold. We had a our last lesson with the Pedersen’s before they got baptized. The Bishop’s son came with us and he just got back from his mission about a week ago. It was a good lesson. Teaching is the best!

Friday was my last weekly planning. We went and talked to the Hendrickson’s and ended up sharing a message with them. It was sort of rainy all day. We tried to find a referral and turns out we had tracted into him. We stopped at the Harmon’s to use the bathroom and we shared a message with them. We had dinner with Sister Hoyt and helped her make chocolate covered pretzels for the relief society visiting teaching conference. We then went and saw Sister Stowell and shared a message with her.

Saturday was an amazing day! It was the baptism day! Brother Pedersen got to ordained to be a priest and his dad set him apart. So many people came to the baptism. His family came from Utah and all her non member family came! It was so awesome! They were all so excited. They had so much ward support. It was just so exciting! It almost was a blur, like, did that just happen? President said, “This is what it’s all about!” Bringing families together is the best! We had lunch with the Johnson’s before I left. Then we had our missionary coordination meeting. We saw Sister Gentry and we watched the broadcast with the Hendrickson’s. We tried a potential and a referral. We then went and tried this less active family who we have been trying to see since I got here. They just went through a hard experience and they said it was so divinely inspired that we came. That was cool. I love when things like that happen. We saw the Jenkins. It was such an incredible day! What a way to end my mission!

The Pedersen’s got confirmed during sacrament meeting on Sunday, it was so cool! We taught the beehives and talked about our missions. We went and saw a perspective Elder and his almost wife. They want bishop to marry them on Saturday. We also committed them to read the Book of Mormon. She is not a member… yet! We did studies and had dinner with Sister Rowert. We went to the Busi’s so Bishop could sign the baptismal records. We shared a message with them. I love them so much. We dropped off the baptismal records and we saw the Patterson’s. We got our call around 915. Sister Turinetti is staying and someone named Sister Hill is coming. I asked Elder Grover what my transfer call was and he said, “I think you know”. I am so sad to leave.

Today we went down to Lodi. I really don’t want to leave. This just does not feel real.

I can’t believe I made it! I have learned so much, I can’t even take it all in.

Thanks for all the love and support!

I hope to continue to be one with the Savior in doing the will of the Father!

All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn


Crazy and Full of Adventures!




Oh what do you do in the summertime? Wait, it’s not Summer yet, but it sure feels like it!

What an eventful, amazing week! It was crazy and full of adventures!

Happy Spring!

Monday was so productive. We saw Sarah and Isabella and shared a message with them. We had a lesson with the Pedersen’s and it went well. They are so ready for their baptism! We also got to share a message with a less active family! Not too bad for only 3 hours of proselyting!

They were filming for some movie at The Castle on Tuesday so we didn’t get to do service. It was super warm. I was being rebellious and didn’t put on sunscreen because I want to get a little bit of tan before I go home. That was a mistake. I forgot that we are in higher elevation and closer to the sun than back home so I did get a little sunburned, darn. My foot tan is coming back though! We tried so many people, but no one could meet. We basically biked up and down hills all day in the heat! We did stop at a members house to get water and go to the bathroom and shared a message with them. I wish I would have thought about that last summer, because with the amount of water you drink you need to make frequent stops! It is the perfect time to not only help yourself, but help others and bring the spirit into their homes. We talked to Brother Hansen about speaking at Charlie’s baptism. He also gave us lemons form his tree. When Brother Hansen gives you lemons… ! We had dinner with the Hendrickson’s and Brother Jenkins because his wife is out of town. I just love them. The Sister Training Leaders came and picked us up for our exchange. For exchanges, we both go to their area. It was weird. We were in the Modesto 12th ward, which is Spanish. They cover part of their area in Oakdale, Riverbank and Salida. It was a long day.

I was with Hermana Trejo for exchanges Wednesday. She is from Mexico. I helped her with language study and she is studying English so it was easy. We went and tried all of these referrals they got. We talked to this lady on the street and she was a 7th Day Adventist and so we asked her if she knew anyone that could use a message about Jesus Christ and she pointed to a house across the street and said that they speak Spanish. So we went and tried them and they said we could come in. Hermana Trejo taught most of the Restoration and I just sat there because I couldn’t communicate, but I could feel the spirit. They set up another appointment and so we found 2 new investigators! We tried this other potential and we taught the plan of salvation. I could understand what was going on, I didn’t know what exactly was being said, but I knew what she was talking about. It was really neat. We saw this recent convert, who spoke English, Hallelujah! W e shared the new Joseph Smith clip from the church. We had dinner with a less active. She gave us hot dogs and pop and this chicken stuff with cactus in it. She didn’t speak English very well. I got to contribute a little and my companion translated. She said I had a big spirit and that I looked very young, like 15 or 16. We came back and got all packed up. Hermana Trejo said I had a lot of patience, which is crazy because that is the Christlike attribute I need to work on the most. She also said that I am very obedient! It was a nice exchange and we were all so dead tired on the way back. It was a very long, but good day!

On Thursday, I finished the Book of Mormon for the 14th time! I just know that The Book of Mormon is so true and every time I read it I learn new things and my testimony grows. We had district meeting. It’s just us, Jackson and San Andres. We talked about hymns and how they can help us. Everyone shared their favorite hymn. I study a hymn everyday and it has really blessed my life. Hymns can really bring the spirit and you can learn so much. We tried some potentials in the afternoon. We had dinner with the Fowler’s, always an adventure. We had a lesson with the Pedersen’s and went over the baptismal interview questions, they are so ready! They made us brownies, it was nice that we just got to talk and get to know them better. It was a pretty good day!

I started the Book of Mormon for my 15th time on Friday! We did weekly planning and we saw the Hawkins. We had dinner with the Whittenburg’s and Charlie’s parents were able to join us. It was really nice, they couldn’t stay long, but it was a start. We had Charlie’s last lesson. It is all so exciting. We had an appointment with a less active family, but they weren’t home. We saw Sister Stowell and had a good lesson about service.

Saturday was a crazy day! So the baptism was supposed to be at 11, but a well loved member of the Ione ward passed away and the funeral was at that time, so the baptism was at 430 instead. It actually worked out better that way. We saw Sister Gentry. We met with Brother Johnson and finalized things for the baptism. We saw a less active family that has been kind of struggling and it was really nice to see them. The Pedersen’s had their interview and they all passed! We set up for the baptism and their was such a good turn out. President and Sister Palmer came. It was so neat to see him when I first met and to see him now. He has changed so much and his testimony was so powerful. We had dinner by ourselves and tried a ton of potentials and we saw Sister Rowert. What a day!

Sunday was an adventure. We went to ward council. Charlie got confirmed. The bishop’s son, Matt, just got back form his mission on Friday and he spoke. It was so good. He talked about being guided by the spirit and how the Holy Ghost can help us. Our class was good and so was relief society. We needed to get the baptism record signed by Charlie’s mom and so we rushed to go to her work, but she got off earlier than we thought. So we drove out to Comanche and got his Mom to sign it before she left for the week. It was so crazy. We finally got to plan and we had companion study. We had dinner with the Johnson’s and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. We tried more potentials. We are really trying to find people to teach. We gave the baptism record to the ward clerk and had a little lesson, it was great. We came back and did out personal study. It was so good, but too bad we didn’t have companion study after to talk about it! Crazy and Adventurous day!

This was a scripture that stuck out to me in my studies. It’s in James 4:6&10
6 But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.
10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.

Today our washer broke, but luckily the members love us and are helping us out. Our vacuum also broke. We did get our cleaning done and our shopping. We have an appointment with the Pedersen’s tonight!

This week is going to be so awesome! We are going on a scavenger hunt this week to find new investigators. Our teaching pool is being baptized.

I know that my time is limited, so I am going to work so hard this next week and not let the influence of Satan drag me down. I love being a missionary and just want to continue to bring others closer to Christ!

Have a good week everyone!

All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

18 Months Out on my Mission!




Hello from sunny California!

What a week!
We had an awesome lesson with the Pedersen’s on Monday night. We taught about tithing and fast offerings. They are so awesome!
We did service at the Castle on Tuesday. It was so cold. We saw a LA/PMF and shared a message about prayer with her. She has the cutest little girls. We tried a bunch of potentials. We contacted this former and had a good conversation with him that led into talking about the plan of salvation and we have an appointment with him tomorrow! We had dinner at the Busi’s with the Pedersen’s, it was so great. We taught them about the commandments.
It was finally warmer on Wednesday! It is crazy how Heavenly Father answers our prayers and how mindful He is of us.  We did some service for Sister Campbell. We tried lots of potentials. We had dinner with the Patterson’s, it was so good and they are so awesome and funny. We had a good lesson with them. We shared a message with Sister Bowns and Sister Bunch. It turned out to be a nice day!
Thursday marked 18 months out on my mission!!! 18 months is so crazy?! I could probably do 6 months more, but I am still so fortunate that I have been able to serve as long as I have! We had zone training in Lodi. It was all about repentance and we also talked about parables. It actually ended way early. We took a zone picture outside. All of the sisters went to Panda Express. My companion and I brought our lunch because we didn’t think we would have time to go out after the training because we had appointments, but because Zone Training ended early we could go have fun with the Sisters. We had a solid booked day of appointments all day after zone training. We went and talked to Charlie and went over the baptismal interview questions. Things were pretty crazy over there because they are putting gravel in the driveway! Again Heavenly Father listens to and answers prayers! We went and taught Heighly the Restoration. We had dinner with the Nygren’s and I tried a brussel sprout, that was probably the last time I will eat one, but I tried it! We shared a message with them. We went to an appointment with the Haney’s and talked about Prayer. It was so good. We then went to our appointment with the Jenkins and talked about commandments to help with her seminary lesson. What a great day it was!
Friday was a bit different. I finally finished Jesus the Christ! There were President’s interviews in Lodi. So we had to drive back down there. I didn’t get an interview because I have my departing interview next week. I updated the area book and colored in my coloring book that my family sent me for the plane ride home. I also babysat the Elders a little, someone’s got to keep them in line, haha! They were 30 minutes behind so I had to wait awhile. After that, we went and got In N Out! So good, I am going to miss it. When we got back we did weekly planning. We had dinner with the Harmon’s. I love them so much. The Jenkins came over and fixed our garbage disposal. We then had our lesson with Sister Stowell about fasting. I just love teaching!
It was a beautiful day on Saturday! In my studies I read Ether 12. I love that chapter, it’s all about faith. I love verse 27, it’s probably one of my all time favorites. So many people were out and about and I didn’t have to wear a jacket during the day, it was so wonderful! Charlie had his baptismal interview and he passed! We met with Brother Johnson to talk about Charlie’s baptism. We had a lesson with Sister Gentry. We sat outside on her back patio, it was so beautiful. We were on our own for dinner. We shared a message with Sister Rowert. We also saw an older couple in the ward and shared a message with them. It was a long day of biking up and down hills, I was beat, but it was a great day!
Sunday was Daylight Savings Time. It really wasn’t so bad. As a missionary, the time change is really nice because it stays light a lot longer. We had ward council and Brother Pedersen was sustained to a Priest, so awesome! Church was good. We went with Sister Custer to go visit one of the people she visit teaches, but apparently she moved to Plymouth. It was so ward. We had dinner with the Cramer’s, it was more like breakfest, but at dinner time, haha! We had a good lesson with them about prayer. It is so cool how prayer has affected so many people’s lives. We tried some potentials, it’s nice because the sun was out longer so we could try them later in the evening. We shared a message with the Tresner’s and with the Johnson’s. It was such a great day!
Today we did the usual preparation day activities. I was involved in a cart attack at Walmart. I was blocked in by 3 sit down carts, it was crazy. It is another beautiful day and we have 2 appointments so far tonight!

This week will be awesome! Charlie is getting baptized on Saturday and I am so excited!

I still have a lot of work to do while I am here, so I am going to continue to work hard.
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

“Changing Our Behavior Without Involving the Redeemer is Not Repentance”




Hello from the California Ione Mission, haha!

This week went by so fast!
On Monday we had an awesome lesson with the Pedersen’s and Brother Patterson came! It went really well and they are going to live the word of wisdom. We went and saw the Tyrrell’s before they moved. It was freezing. I remember this time last year I wasn’t wearing tights that much and lighter jackets, crazy!
On Tuesday we did some service for a busy mom in the ward. It was a super nice day. We went out to the country and tried to see some people. We met with Sister Rowan and talked to her about how we can best help Heighly and we met Heighly’s step mom. We had dinner with the Bowns. It was windy and cold. We went and saw Sister Rowert and shared a message with her. It was so funny, as we were biking back home this police officer yelled, “It’s too cold to be out here riding bikes!” You know it’s cold when a cop tells you that, haha! It’s crazy, because we didn’t plan on doing the things that we did that day, but somehow it all worked out!
Wednesday was such an awesome day! It was worth 3 journal pages! We had Zone Conference in Lodi. We woke up and got ready and went. We sat by district and somehow we ended up sitting in the front row. President Palmer spoke and a few people were asked to bear their testimonies about the mission vision, “We are One with the Savior in Doing the Will of the Father”. It was so good. The theme of zone conference was repentance. President talked a lot about being obedient. He talked about how important it was to get up on time, exercising for 30 minutes, studying the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel, everyday and listening music that invites the spirit! We watched a training from Elder Oaks and Elder Bednar about teaching repentance and baptizing converts. It was so good. There were also some mission presidents and their wives present in the training and it was cool to hear their input. I think Elder Bednar said that, “Changing our behavior without involving the Redeemer is not repentance”. Someone said that we need to take the fear out of repentance. After the training video we broke out into districts and talked about some questions and how we can apply repentance more to our lives. We then did a role play with some Spanish sisters and one of the scenarios was almost identical to Brother Pedersen’s story, it was cool. Then Sister Palmer spoke and talked about how she was sad that so many of us are leaving soon 😦 She did also mention don’t give up. work hard and find joy in the journey. How ironic, my Mom has been telling me that my whole mission!! President then talked about Alma 5 and the mission vision. We finally got to eat lunch, it was nice to see some old friends that I have served with. Everyone still can’t believe I am still in Ione! We quickly planned in a room and did a quick companion study and drove to our appointment with Charlie. It went well and we were already able to apply what we learned at zone training, it was awesome! We came back and got on the bikes, it was nice, but it started too cool off quick. We had dinner with the Jenkins and the Hendrickson’s. We shared a lesson to help with her seminary lesson. We then met with Sister Rowan and Heighly and talked to her about baptism and why we had to change the baptism date. Again, we applied repentance. I really felt the spirit as we taught. It was an amazing day!
We had our last district meeting with the Newcum’s on Thursday. They are done with their mission this week and are heading back to Texas. We had such a good district meeting. We applied and talked about what we learned at zone conference and had some really great discussions. I scheduled my departing interview, this just got real. In the afternoon we went out to the country and tried to visit some people out there. We met this LA, they were nice but not interested. We taught the Plan of Salvation to the Cantrell’s. We had dinner with the D’Agostini’s and then met Sister Hernandez and her son at the church and talked about keeping the sabbath day holy. We got our bikes and tights and went and saw Sister Bishop. Tis the season for hay fever! Mine haven’t been that bad, but my poor companion. Flonase is a powerful and wondrous invention!
I am trying to be proactive and have already started packing. Friday means weekly planning. We had 2 appointments in the afternoon, but they both cancelled. We ended up seeing Sister Campbell and did some service for her. We tried some other people and had to go to the bathroom, so we stopped by the Tresner’s and ended up sharing a lesson with them. We had dinner with the Custer’s. We saw Sister Stowell and had an awesome lesson about tithing.
Saturday was an interesting day. After studies we went out and tried some people. It was a nice day, a little chilly, but I didn’t have to wear tights. We tried some potentials and met with this one potential who was showing us this project she was working on that was book for her daughter about their history. She showed us all of these old pictures and how she was finding out who was who in her family and how much she enjoys family history. We have been stumped at trying to know how we can best help her and one of the finding ideas is family history and so we put the two together and decided family history is what we needed to share with her! We gave her a temples and family history pamphlet and told her about family search, it was so awesome! We saw Sister Gentry and her dogs are as crazy as ever. She is hoping to be cleared by the doctor so she can come to church a couple of weeks! We went out to the country and walked around this trailer park and met some very interesting people. We talked to this lady with pink hair and a do-it-yourself charcoal and glue face mask. It was crazy, she was nice though. She had been invovled in the church in San Andres. We talked to these nice old people who were sitting outside. They had a dog named Sugar who was wearing a shirt that said, “My heart belongs to Mommy” of course it does! They were really nice. We also saw a man with a long beard that was braided. We saw a less active lady, who just had hip and back surgery. Sister Patterson was there, she is so funny. The lady’s sister was there and she has a 22 pound chihuahua. That thing was so big and was so out of breath just coming in the dog door. They said we could laugh. Apparently she adopted her that way from the pound! We shared a message with her. Then we went and had dinner with the Rowan’s and Heighly and Heighly’s parents. We were trying to help her parents learn more about what Heighly is learning. Nothing really came from it, but I know a seed was planted. It was a crazy day!
The rain found it’s way back to Ione on Sunday! It rained as we walked to the church for our coordination meeting and ward council. Brother McDermed told me that I needed to stay for another 6 months because I am so efficient, that was nice! The Pedersen’s came. It was a great fast and testimony meeting. As soon as the Bishop was done bearing his testimony, everyone went rushing up to the podium. There were some great testimonies and a very detailed story of Jospeh Smith and the gold plates! We went to gospel principles and relief society was so good. Sister Brown taught, I love her! She talked about the Atonement and you could feel the spirit so strong. It was so good. We planned and then had dinner/lunch with the Robert’s. Who can argue with homemade rolls? We did our studies and then we shared with an older lady in the ward some scriptures that would help her answer a question she had, we hope it did help. She then told us stories about the farm animals she had, “We had pigs and they were delicious!” So funny. We went and saw the Adair’s and shared a message about prayer. It was really good. The ward members are so missionary minded. It was a great day!
Today we did our usual preparation day activities and we also got Ben & Jerry’s! Tonight we have another lesson with the Pedersen’s and I am so excited. I know that I was meant to teach this family, I don’t know how, but I just know it! I love bringing families together in the gospel!
Have a great week everybody!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

“It’s on the Other Side of the Butter!”




Hello Everybody!

This week was a pretty good week!
Monday was crazy. It poured so hard and was so windy. We got soaked running to our car after an appointment. We even had umbrellas and rain coats. I am so done with the rain.
Tuesday we helped the Scholes clean the blinds because they are moving. She fed us lunch and was so worried that we would leave hungry, it was hilarious. It rained on and off all day. We taught Charlie about the 10 commandments and it went really well. We saw the Whitmer’s. It was just pouring down rain. We had dinner with the Duncan family, they are fun and then we had an appointment with the Pederson’s and Brother and Sister Johnson came. It went so well. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are so prepared! I just know that I have been waiting for this family my entire mission.
It actually wasn’t raining on our walk on Wednesday morning! Brother Patterson came by and helped Sister Turinetti put a new tire on her bike. We got to bike around a little, but no one was home. We went out to the country and tried some people, but not too many people were home either. We got a text from the Pederson’s asking if they might be able to move their date because his Dad is coming into town. They wanted to change it to April 4th, after I got home. I was so torn. I really don’t want to miss their baptism, but if that was how their family could be there I was trying to tell myself that I was okay with it. It’s the ordinance that matters. We had a lesson about tithing with Charlie and then we had dinner with them afterwards. There was a thunderstorm. It was awesome, I haven’t heard one of those in awhile. There actually was snow too. The temperature dropped a lot. We went to the church and made sure the Pederson’s knew where to go for scouts and activity days. They knew so many people and fit in just fine. We saw the Tyrell’s. Crazy day!
We had district meeting on Thursday. The Senior Couple, the Newcum’s couldn’t make it so it was just us and 2 sets of Elders. That was interesting. “It’s on the other side of the butter!” Don’t ask, haha! We talked about the spirit and how important it is that we teach by the spirit. It was good. We led a training on receiving personal revelation. I also got my departure info, weird. We went out to the other side of the country and saw this older couple, The Brown’s and shared a lesson with them. They have the coolest stories and super strong testimonies. We had dinner with the D’Agostini’s/Gold’s. We saw the Cantrell’s and taught the Restoration, it was so awesome. We also saw a girl in the ward who’s friend might be interested in learning the gospel!
Friday means weekly planning. We had a lesson with a LA family who’s 8 year old daughter wants to get baptized. It was kind of weird how it all worked out. We ended up teaching 2 lessons. We met the Pederson’s at the church and gave them a church tour. Also, good news everything worked out and his dad will be able to come on the 25th for the baptism! They are all so excited. We had dinner with the Patterson’s and shared a lesson with them. They are so awesome. We had a lesson with Sister Stowell and it was really good too. She also gave us girl scout cookies! Really good day of teaching!
It was so nice on Saturday. We tried a lot of people, but not too many people were home. That’s always hard on a Saturday. We saw the Hendrickson’s and shared a message with them. We both just die laughing at the funny things that Sister Hendrickson says. We met with Brother Johnson. It was sunny, but chilly outside. We saw the Hoyt’s and talked to them about their neighbors. We also saw Sarah, it has been so long. It was only for a few minutes, but I was so happy. We had dinner with the Gold’s. They are so fun and we shared the Plan of Salvation with them. We also saw the Custer’s and shared a message with them, as well.
Sunday was a pretty good day. Ward council was short and so we had time to plan after. We were greeting people at the door waiting for the Pederson’s and to my surprise President and Sister Palmer came! It was so exciting and the Pederson’s came! The talks were so good and so were all the lessons. Everyone was so welcoming, it was awesome! People kept telling us congratulations, I guess they are just as excited to have a new family in the ward as we are! It all went so well! It was so nice in the afternoon. We tried a lot of people, but a lot of people weren’t home. We briefly saw the Hawkins’s and had dinner with the Mitchell’s, they gave us marriage advice, haha! We shared the Restoration with them. We saw Sister Roen and she told us about her pet parakeet named Jerry! It was so funny and she told us the story of how he died. Poor Jerry! We shared with her how the gospel blesses families. It was a good day! I just love my companion to, we have so much fun together and we can tease each other about things, it’s awesome!
Today we really washed the car well because we have a car inspection on Wednesday during Zone Conference. When we came back outside to leave, the birds already hammered it, come on! We plan on doing our shopping later and just hanging out. I have written so many letters this week. I also have to work on my plan. We have an appointment with the Pederson’s tonight and I am so excited!
This week is going to be awesome!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

You Know You’re a Missionary When You Bear Your Testimony in Your Sleep!




Another crazy awesome week!

We played basketball and volleyball. We saw Sister Gentry and saw a LA/PMF.
Happy Valentine’s Day on Tuesday! I was so happy that my companion and I didn’t breakup on Valentine’s day! We helped the Tyrell’s move. We tried a few potentials. We had a lesson with Ella, Sawyer and their brother Charlie. He is on date fro March 18th! It’s cool to see how much he has changed since I met him. We taught Heighly the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is still on date for March 11th! We had dinner with Bishop Busi and his family. We had a fun Valentine’s party. The night was kind of slow.
Wednesday was kind of slow. We met a less active who’s daughter wants to get baptized. We will teach her even though she is 8, it will be good for the whole family. We did lots of biking. We stopped by Sister Scholes to go to the bathroom and she gave us the best chocolate chip cookies ever. The afternoon was kind of slow. We had dinner with the Harmon’s. I love them. We saw the Lively’s and the Custer’s.
Thursday was the first district meeting of the transfer. We did some fun role plays. We taught Charlie, just by himself and it was really good. He is so ready. We met a less active who we finally had the right address for. We shared a message with the Hawkins. Our dinner cancelled, so we were by ourselves, which was nice because I got to play the piano. I’m practicing “Gethsemane” on our very out of tune piano. We saw a potential who is never home. She belongs to the Church of the Nazarene and prayed with us. It was an interesting experience.
You know you’re a missionary when you bear your testimony in your sleep! Friday was crazy weather. It was rainy and super windy. We keep getting weather advisory texts from the assistants and Sister Turinetti asked me if we got this many last year. I don’t even remember getting any, haha! We did weekly planning. We taught the Pederson’s the Plan of Salvation with davey Fowler, he just got back from his mission. They committed to baptism on March 25th, so exciting! I love watching families come together by the gospel. We had dinner with the Tresner’s and their daughter and son in law. They have the craziest stories. We taught Sister Stowell about temples and family history. She said we are her favorite set of Sisters. It was a good day.
Saturday was interesting. It wasn’t raining on our walk! We made some appointments and briefly talked to a less active. We met with Brother Johnson. The Lord does anwser prayers. I was really hoping and praying that we would be able to fill our day because we had no appointments. Well, it all started with Sister Turinetti getting a flat. The Jackson Elders called and asked what we were doing at 3 and if we wanted to go see a perspective elder. They had an appointment with him, but he just moved out of their ward into our ward. They came and fixed the bike and we went to the appointment. It was a man and his wife. They are so nice and have a totally organic farm and gave us some organic fresh eggs. She is from Akron and I could totally hear her accent, I loved it. He is going to work towards coming back to church. We saw a less active and shared a message with her. We had dinner with the McDermed’s and saw the Rust’s and shared a message with them. We saw Sister Bordwell and Sister Campbell. It was a crazy day.
In ward council on Saturday we spent the majority of the time talking about helping people with this big storm. It’s supposed to be 3-10 inches of rain, that is a vast difference. It’s cool to see how everyone is so willing to help those in need or might be in the flood zone. Davey gave a really great talk about service. Gospel Principles was good and so was Relief Society. We planned and contacted 2 potentials. We had lunch with the Stewart’s/Eckhart’s. It was the Eckhart’s oldest son’s birthday. It was fun. People won’t let us walk in the rain, the members are adamant we get a ride from them, it’s so funny. We did studies. We went out and tried some more people and saw the Mitchell’s and shared a message with them. She gave us a ride home. Long day.
Today was eventful. We washed our car in the rain, very logical. We cleaned and got everything together and we went to go email, but the internet in Jackson was down. We had planned on going bowling, so as a district we did that. We played  “Peanut M&M bowling” which is where a different color represents a different way to bowl. It was so fun. I won with a 69 on my side. That was my highest score and it was sad because we bowled two other games without the crazy bowling techniques and I did a lot worse. We had to come down to Lodi to email. We weren’t planning on that, but it’s all good. We had an appointment tonight, but it cancelled, but we did reschedule for tomorrow. Before Preparation day is over, I got to go work on “My Plan” it should be interesting. I don’t want to go home yet!
This week is full of appointments already, super excited. I hope I don’t float away!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

A Happy Day That I Will Remember Forever!



Wow! What a week! It was full of teaching, rain, flooding, 2 baptisms, new investigators, transfer calls and the spirit!

Well, we got our transfer calls last night about 9:40! Looks like I will be ending my mission in the sweet, little town of Ione with the best companion ever, Sister Turinetti! I am so happy that I am staying. There is so much work going, I couldn’t leave. I guess I own, Ione! The ward will be so happy, they didn’t want us to leave!
On Monday we taught Crystal the Restoration and she committed to coming to church. It was raining really hard, so we drove. We saw a less active family and shared a message with them.
It was pouring rain and windy on our walk on Tuesday morning. We tried to see people in town and then tried to see people in the country. We had a good lesson with Ella and Sawyer and with Heighly. She is on date for March 11th! We had dinner with Ryan and Britten Gold. They were going to invite Ronni and Cody, but they couldn’t do it. They felt bad, but it was the fact they made the effort. We taught them the Restoration and then taught Sister Rowert the Plan of Salvation.
On Wednesday we helped a LA/PMF pack because they are moving. It was rainy on and off all day. It was a slower day and not a lot of people were home. We helped the YW with their camp fundraiser. We had an FHE with the Tresner’s and their non-member friends who go to Jackson. It was a very quick lesson about Jesus, but we got to talk more in depth to the parents, especially about the Atonement, that was great. We played Mormon Bingo. It looks like the one we use at Christmas. One of the little girls was just focused on eating the M&Ms. The other little girl has so much energy. Brother Tresner forgot about dinner because his wife was at work before and had just gotten home when we got there. It was pretty funny. We tried some people and then saw the McDermed’s and we shared a message about the Holy Ghost. We got heart attacked by the activity day girls!
Thursday marked 17 months out on my mission! We had our last district meeting of the transfer. Sister Palmer was there for part of it. I led a training on “Live What You Learn” from Preach My Gospel chapter 2. It was really great and I could really feel the spirit. I loved my district! Ella and Sawyer had their baptismal interview and they both passed. We had our last lesson after. I am so excited for those girls! It’s been so fun to watch them grow and to teach them! We went out to the country and taught the Whitmer’s who always want to give us Ghiradhelli chocolate. I love when my companion and I teach with so much unity and we can both really feel the spirit and teach by the spirit. It happens all the time and it is so great! I feel like that’s how it should be. We taught the Ray’s the Restoration and they are going to invite a non-member friend next time, it’s awesome! We had dinner with the Robert’s and taught them as well. We met with Brother Johnson about details for the baptism. It was another, icky rainy day. It was a busy day.
It was absolutely pouring on our walk on Friday. We were going to walk one direction, but it was flooded so we had to go the other way, so crazy. We did weekly planning. The sun actually came out! We went and taught the Pederson’s. His records just came in and it’s a LA/PMF. We taught all of them including their kids. When we shared Moroni 10:3-5, we asked what is this talking about? And the girl responded, “baptism!”. Yes, ultimately that is what is was talking about! It was so awesome. They all want to get baptized. It is so great! The work of Salvation is the happiest thing in the world! We tried to see some other people, but a lot of people couldn’t meet. We had dinner with Sister Rowert and we had spicy Thai food. I love thai food, but not too spicy. I think I now know what heartburn feels? We taught her the restoration. I just love teaching! Some of the water was unsafe to drink in Ione. Luckily ours was okay. It would be like getting the experience of serving in a third world country. We taught Sister Stowell the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was an awesome day! 3 new investigators!
What a day it was on Saturday! We went to the church to set up for the baptism. In typical Mormon fashion, people showed up at the last minute. President and Sister Palmer came! Everything went well and Ella and Sawyer looked so cute. The talks were so good. It was so exciting when they got baptized. They shared their testimonies and Ella’s was so sweet, it made us cry. It has been such a joy to teach them. President and Sister Palmer took us and the San Andreas Elders out to lunch. It was so much fun. We aren’t supposed to eat with Elders, but I guess when you are with the mission president it’s okay! We did studies and tried to see people throughout the afternoon. For a Saturday, everyone was busy or not home. We had dinner with Sister Hendrickson and then taught them a lesson, it is always super fun with them. The night was kind of slow, so we helped clean up after the Valentine’s dinner and dance at the church. It was a great day, definitely a happy day that I will remember forever!
It was ward conference on Sunday. We had a training from the Stake President. I totally could see myself being in a meeting like that in the future. Ella and Sawyer got confirmed during sacrament meeting. We went to gospel doctrine and went for a minutes to a primary class to talk about Jesus. We went to relief society. We did some studies. It was such a nice day. We had dinner with the Cramer’s and shared the Plan of Salvation. We saw the Eckhart’s and tried a few other people. We saw the Jenkin’s and taught them part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We finished 12 week! Hallelujah! I made banana bread and just prepped myself for transfer calls. Elder Grover called us and told us we are staying. I am so excited.
We got a lot done this morning. There is probably something fun planned!
I am so ready for what the next 6 weeks has in store. I am ready to finish strong!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn