Letter 1


Letter 1

Friday, 11 September 2015


It’s day 3 here at the MTC! I’ve barely survived living the trenches, the rations are horrible and my companion is a cubs fan! Just kidding the MTC is actually really awesome!

So, on the first day Ethan and Felicia dropped me off. My host came and got me right away. I got my name tag and everybody was like go here, go there, follow this person, follow that person. It was madness! I got to my room and dropped off my stuff and immediately headed to class. My teacher in the afternoon is Sister Vahee. I’ve learned not to make a pregnant woman angry! My companion is named Sister Parke. She is from Drummond, Montana. She is a farm girl and I am definitely a city girl. She went to BYUI , but its true that she is a cubs fan! After we all got together we had a meeting with the MTC president. We sang armies of Helaman, but changed the words to “And we are now the Lord’s Missionaries” It was really cool. Everybody says welcome to you because we had red dots on our name tags, “Dork Dots”!

After the meeting we had dinner, but I wasn’t hungry so I just ate ice cream! After dinner we did this people and my purpose activity where they had investigator scenarios. Let’s just say people were trying to hard and I just watched it all go down hill. After that, we went to our classroom and then to our rooms. In the MTC you have no time to do anything, it’s just you got to be here, but then you have to be somewhere else in 2 minutes. it’s frustrating and I was very frantic. You have like no time to eat either.

Nobody in my room slept on the first night. I was so frantic on Thursday morning and we are in class a long time. Our morning teacher is Brother Swenson, he is always really happy and excited and enthusiastic. This is definitely like a fire hose blowing at you. At some points in the day I am really upbeat and excited, but other times I feel discouraged and wonder why I am here, but I am not giving up! I’m taking it one day at a time. We have 9 days left! For lunch they have this sack lunch thing where you pick 4 things you want and put it in a brown bag. THEY HAVE PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY!!!!!! Yesterday for exercise we ran around the track. It’s difficult not being able to run outside and in the clothes that I want to and run with music, but we had fun. Our classroom is on the top floor of 5 flights of stairs and its killing me because of the elevation. As a district we are super close. We had 2 other sisters and everyone that’s not going to Modesto is going to Long Beach! So cool. We are all just really close and have a lot of fun together and we help each other out even if they are a bunch of 18 year old boys fresh out of high school! I am the oldest girl in the district and in the zone. We had a zone meeting yesterday and I like my branch president and counselors, but man can they talk. I have received a calling, I am the online coordinator along with my companion and a few other elders. Yesterday we ended at 10 and we have lights out by 10:30. I was really freaking out because I had to eat, write in my journal, shower and brush my teeth. I decided that I needed to pray that I would be able to get it all done and not feel so frustrated. Somehow I got everything done by 10:24! That truly was a “miracle” considering I was so frantic all day!

Today was a much better day. It’s always better when you start the day with Nutella toast! I was ready early and got to class early. We had personal study this morning and then we learned about companionship study and how to plan. Brother Swenson is a very good teacher. There is an Elder is my district, Elder Hathaway from St. Anthony, he has the funniest laugh, its impossible not to laugh when he laughs. We were doing investigator scenarios and he was just dying laughing because he had a son named Moses! It’s a good thing he’s going to Long Beach! His laugh could really become a distraction.

So districts are like a ward and zones are like a stake. Just to clarify. I didnt know that until wednesday!

We studied a lot this morning. We became frustrated because we are teaching an investigator tonight and we feel that we are trying to hard and trying to force things too much. Sister Parke is a little nervous when she teaches and I hope she can overcome that, because she has really good stuff to say.

I am a pretty shy person, but district doesn’t believe me. I have just been able to open my mouth and talk without being shy or nervous. Talking in front of my zone is a different story, I get nervous and I really want to work on it.

2 of my roommates are going to Modesto and 2 are going to Farmington, New Mexico! It’s crazy because I just met everyone, but I already feel a love towards them.

Today is my P day so I get to write and I am currently not in a skirt, I get to wear shorts and a t shirt.

I am actually really enjoying my time here. This is such an incredible experience, it’s a lot of hard work and it’s a full 16 hour day, but I will never get this opportunity again. I am also having the hardest time not saying dude and guys. We are catching each other and correcting it to Elder or Sister.

9 more days and 7 until the next P day (Preparation day!)

All the love,

Sister Hanna Lynn


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