Letter 2


Hello everybody!

I survived another week at the MTC. Last Friday my companion and I escaped twice, but we didn’t have any govt. issued ID or money so we had to escape again to get a prescription.

On Saturday, we had class as usual. We had a different teacher who was amazing. It was the longest time that we were in class, but it only felt like an hour.

I survived and made it to Sunday. They say that once you make it to Sunday, it get’s better. We had sacrament at 8 a.m. and it was so nice because it was so quiet. It was like dead quiet. we were all so nervous because my branch president was going to randomly ask us to give a talk, but we all had to prepare. Luckily I didn’t have to. After that we went on a temple walk. it was so neat. It was such a beautiful morning and we got a lot of pictures. After that we had Relief Society and then we kind of didn’t do much during the day. We had our Sunday night devotional and it was so good. After that we had a choice of what video we wanted to watch so we watched “The Character of Christ” by David A. Bednar. It is only available at the MTC and wow, it was so awesome! We are going to see it again on Sunday! It was so amazing and spiritual.

Monday was a bit of a tough day. We all struggled throughout the day because we were nervous about teaching our investigators in the TRC. I’m not sure what that TRC means? One of the teachers shared a scripture with us that really helped us. My district is so amazing. I love them all so much. I feel like an older sister to them and they all ask me for things and insights and I just take care of them. We all take care of each other, it’s like we are a family. It’s going to be hard to say goodbye on Sunday night. Our investigator was eating a sandwich the entire time we were teaching him and it was difficult to teach him because he doesn’t believe in God. It was just a rough night, but we stayed strong and strengthened each other. We almost made our teacher cry, in fact we did!

Tuesday was much better. We had to do service and clean our buildings. Sister Parke and I had to mop the bathroom floor. I didn’t complain, but it wasn’t the most fun thing that I have done at the MTC. Then we played sand volleyball with our zone. It was so fun! Even though we can’t keep score, Team Cali totally dominated! That was my team! It was hard to go to class after that, class was so long. We had our Tuesday devotional and Sister Wixom came and spoke and did an incredible job. We sang Armies of Helaman altogether and it was so cool to see everybody sing it.

Wednesday, I forgot to set the alarm back so we woke up at 645. Somehow we all managed to get out the door on time! It was just a normal day of studying and learning. All of the newbies came in with their dork dots. On Wednesday’s they have BYU creamery ice cream, that is the highlight of the cafeteria! We also taught Ben again that night. He ate Oreo’s this time! He actually prayed, but we are still working on him. We were all so pumped because our lessons went well. The Elders have it tough, there was a mix up and they have to teacher altogether there is 6 of them! After that our Italian teacher, Brother Cena (Chen-a), who not too many people like because he is strict. Our district loves him, he is such a good teacher. He taught us more about the Atonement and our minds were blown. We made him cry and he smiled at us. It’s sad that not a lot of people respect him, because he is so amazing! Wednesday was a good day.

Yesterday we had in-field orientation all day. That is where they prepare more of what to expect while out in the mission field. It was just a really long day, but I ran into some people I went to school with. After that we had to frantically prepare our lesson to teach Ben. We are teaching him with the other sister’s in our district. They didn’t come with us before because they had to show the newbies around. Even with little preparation we touched Ben in some way and we know he felt the spirit. Mom, you need to learn to make Rolo cookies they are amazing!

This morning we got to go to the Provo Temple. The dressing room is HUGE. It was such a neat experience to go while I am on my mission. It’s sad that I might not be able to go for the next 18 months, even though there are 3 temples within 2 hours of Modesto. I have been having such a great time. I am so excited to leave the MTC, but sad to leave my district. Half are going to Long Beach and half are going to Modesto.

My district includes:

Sister Beaudette and Schwendiman- Long Beach

Elder Stacy and Grimshaw- Long Beach

Elder Ramsay and Jarvis- Modesto

Elder Hathaway and Brough- Long Beach and Modesto

My Roommates:

Sister Hogan and Smith- Modesto

Sister Westover and Monson- Farmington, New Mexico

I can’t believe I leave on Monday at 430 in the morning. Tomorrow is the last day of class. I am so excited. The church is true! My zone leaders always joke if the church is still true. Yes, the church is true.

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn

P.S There hopefully will be another email with pictures. We can’t send pictures only on the computers in the laundry room, which is our next activity!


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