Answered Prayers


Hello Everybody!

Last Monday shortly after I sent my email, I got the package and I was so happy it included Busken cookies and my orange coat because I had to use it on Wednesday!

The work has been kind of slow here in Lodi and nights are are hardest time to see people. We got 2 referrals on Monday though!

Tuesday we saw an older lady in our ward and I’m pretty sure we made her day. She has a really fat dog, it’s funny. We taught the Bowen kids the restoration and they seemed pretty receptive and excited, which is so good! I went on exchanges in Modesto YSA on Tuesday afternoon. I was with Sister Maukeni, she’s from Samoa, but lives in Australia! While I was there we had In N Out, so good! We saw some people. It was a nice change of pace and it felt so good to take a constant shower.

On Wednesday, we did our studies and Sister Maukeni and I had a good talk. She is one of the sister training leaders. She had a leadership meeting that I got to sit in on, very fun! Some girl gave us a wrong address and it took us to one of the Real California Dairy farms, so random! I drove back to Lodi and we exchanged back. It rained in Lodi, they never get rain and it was super chilly. We went to YW and painted pots to look like candy corn with the miamaids.

Thursday started a new month. October, so someone better have woken up the guy from Greenday! (wake me up, when September ends!) We had a zone meeting and President Palmer came. It was really good and something that I really needed. We talked about our mission vision, “We are One with the Savior, in doing the will of the Father”. It was just really great! We went and saw an older sister in our ward and she just likes for us to visit and talk with her, she is very sweet and has lots of medical problems. I really wish I could speak Spanish, so Ethan I am requesting some key Spanish phrases that may help me out! We run into a lot of Spanish speakers. The rest of the night was hard because our appointment cancelled and we didn’t see anybody.

On Friday we do weekly planning which takes forever. I was kind of struggling because I feel so trapped in the apartment and was thinking I couldn’t stay here much longer when Elder Gilbert called and said that he found us a new apartment! The couple we are living with, their daughter and her husband got a job in Lodi so they needed a place to stay, so we are moving! I am so happy, it’s gated and in town. I am even more happy about the shower! The Lord really does answer prayers!

So President Palmer had been told by people that they never see missionaries out and about and it’s because we are in cars. So, in the afternoons we will be on bikes and ride in the car in the evenings. It has worked because we have talked to so many more people!

Craziest story, so we looked at the former investigators while we were planning and we saw someone that lived on the same street that we were visiting someone on, so we decided to go see them. They knew who we were and they kept saying that there grand kids were learning about the church and she was worried because she didn’t know the doctrine and then she said a familiar name and turns out it was the Bowen’s grandparents, the family we are teaching. She is not interested in being baptized but she is just wanting to know what her grand kids are learning so we have another appointment with her this week! It is a bit of a sticky situation and I’m not going into detail, but I hope things can work out and there will be no conflict between them. So we have 5 new investigators! We went to that same whole in the wall diner restaurant we went to last week with the same people. I have learned my lesson to not get french fries there, whatever they cook it with makes my stomach hurt really bad, so I have learned that lesson twice! Long, but good day!

Saturday we watched conference with the members we live with. They made us breakfast. Conference was so good! I love Elder Lawrence’s talk. My stake President at school always talked about, “What lack I yet?” In almost every talk he gave, so now i think that its time i listen! We also got 3 new apostles! After both sessions we rode around on our bikes and had dinner with a member.

Sunday we got to sleep in until 6:30 because we didn’t have ward council. We went to the church and watched both sessions with all of the missionaries. I loved Elder Keetch’s talk and I like Elder Durrant’s challenge, which I encourage all of us to do! I love that word, “Ponderize”! I am curious to see how well that translated. After we met with our Ward Mission Leader. We had dinner and it was the best dinner yet. She made pizza which I was really wanting, but she cooked it on her pizza stone on the grill. We met with a recent convert at the Campbell’s house and actually got in a lesson and kept him on track. We also saw a less active who we see on Sunday nights.

Today we had to wake up early to go to Modesto because I had a doctor’s appointment in Turlock. Sister Gilbert (She’s the nurse) took me to Turlock and we just waited forever. He is definitely a country doctor and was telling me stuff that was so off topic. Then after I saw him, it took forever to get my prescriptions, which was the whole reason I came. So while I was waiting they had music playing, it was pop music that I haven’t heard in almost a month and they played One Direction! I consider that a tender mercy, it made waiting forever not as bad! I reunited with Sister Clifton at the mission office. The mail had just arrived, so much mail! I can’t imagine what Christmas will be like! We saw president and he told me that I need to work on my handshake so I can scare the Elders! After that we went shopping. Man the people of Walmart. Some lady next me took a picture of these crazy people, they were dressed in crazy stuff and outrageous wigs. She was like “I had to” and honestly if I had my phone I would’ve taken a picture too, these people were freaks! After that I finally got everything taken care of with my Rx.  We still have some things to do today, the appointment took way longer than it was supposed to but we will get everything done!

Thanks everybody for all your love and support.

I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the fall weather!

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn

PS We will not be getting iPads, which I am okay with! Also my allergies have been so bad. On Saturday it was so windy and dusting and I was on a bike, not the ideal situation! I thought my allergies would get better, but I was wrong. Love you all!



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