Great Week


Hello Everybody!

So this was such a great week!

The rest of Monday we finished laundry and checked out our new apartment and it is so nice! I couldn’t wait to move in! We saw a few family’s in our ward. It’s really difficult right now because the kids are off on a 2 week break so everyone will be gone.

So on Tuesday we had packed up a lot of stuff to bring to the new apartment and after bringing it up from the basement and packing it in the car, our zone leaders called and told us we might not be moving there. So we had to take everything out and we were not happy about that. The Zone leaders would be moving in the apartment that we were going to live in and we moved into theirs. It’s closer to their area and later we found out that Sister Palmer wants us to live upstairs and the other apartment was on the bottom floor. We are just upset they have a washer and dryer and we don’t. Our RS President is letting us do our laundry at her house, we also keep our bikes there and get water there. That afternoon we taught the Bowen kids and they committed to baptism! We just don’t have a date yet. It was a long and tiring day on Tuesday.

On Wednesday- Moving day! At 7 in the morning just after exercising we found out we would be moving around 8 and we were not ready. So we got ready really quickly and packed all of our stuff. Instead of Elder Gilbert (Sr, missionary) and the assistants coming at 1, the zone leaders who were on exchanges came and helped us. They were taking all of the furniture to their new apartment and we went to their old apartment. It was hard because we couldn’t go in their apartment while they were in there so we just sat on chairs and waited. Our new apartment is nice, it’s not as nice as the one we were going to live in, but it still has 2 bathrooms and a separate study room. I can’t complain because you can flush the toilet paper and leave the water on when you shower and there are windows, there are windows!!! It smells like boy in there though. Sister Clifton couldn’t smell it because she only has sisters, but I definitely could! we unpacked a little and went out on the bikes and saw some families in the ward. we had dinner with our ward mission leader, they are the cutest little family. It was a bad day for allergies, but I have just learned to deal with it!

On Thursdays we always have our district meeting. We are the only Sister’s in our district. There is Elder Rasmussen and Elder Perry, the district leaders. They are Spanish speaking. Elder Perry is from Indiana, close to Louisville, he says warsh not wash! Then there is the zone leader Elder Laubman and his companion Elder Wardle. Elder Laubman is Canadian and we all like to tease him about it! By the way happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Then there is Elder Vonk and Elder Farrell. Elder Farrell was in my zone in the MTC and its weird because Elder Vonk just turned 21 and we graduated in the same year, yet he looks so much older than me. I really love my district, this week we really became unified and everyone is coming out of their shell and we have the best time and we could also really feel the spirit. In the afternoon, Sister Palmer came to visit us and she went crazy telling us all of the things wrong in our apartment. She made me clean out all the expired food and sister clifton had to write a list to the land lord and to Elder Gilbert. The Elder’s were supposed to deep clean and get rid of all unnessary stuff on Monday, we all were, but looks like they didn’t. Sister Palmer can really get things done. She reminds me of you, Mom. We also had an appointment with a referral. They just moved from Elderado Hills and have been seeing missionaries there. They love to talk! That is an understatement! We barely got to teach, but they love our religion and values. Sister Palmer went with us too. I got a package from the YW, it was such a nice surprise! I think I might be developing a dog or cat allergy because around certain pets my nose gets stuffy and itchy and people have a lot of dogs and cats!

Friday! I made it one month!!!! I have been out on my mission for 1 whole month, just 17 more to go! If I can do 1, I know I can do 17 more! We did our studies and weekly planning, which is so boring. We met with the Bowen’s grandparents and the kids were there. They are really great kids who love us so much. We met with a referral who is older and is really into family history. We are going to be doing some service for her. We had dinner with Pisho’s again, it’s become a Friday night tradition. We met at their house and man do they have cats! They don’t even know how many they have, that’s so crazy! She gave us a huge box of Fiber One granola bars because she was afraid no one would feed us, they are 48 in the box! She’s in charge of the missionary calendar.

On Saturday we had our Missionary Correlation meeting at Brother Cox’s house and he made his famous Grilled peanut butter and honey sandwiches and they were so amazing. You have to have thicker, denser bread and creamed honey and put a lot of Peanut butter on them. We rode our bikes all day and it was pretty hot, but we survived. To celebrate my 1 month we went to In N Out and I got animal style fries, super good! We saw a few other families that evening. It was a good but tiring day!

Sunday we had to wake up bright and early for ward council. Then we had church at 9. The Lodi 1st ward is a lot like the cherry grove ward, old people and lot’s of young families. There are some pretty cute kids! We had a recent convert lesson with a kid who just got baptized a month ago. Then we tried to see people all day. I thought I stepped on a leaf, but it was too loud to be a leaf, it was a snail, keyword was. There are lots of snails and frogs around. We had dinner with the Goodman’s. She’s from Japan. They have the cutest kids, because they have the Asian face, but have light skin and almost blonde hair. She made us authentic Japanese food, it was so good. I didn’t like the seaweed though. I also like their dog, she is a chocolate lab, she’s not all in your face. We taught a recent convert at the Campbell’s and we cut him off before we got too off topic. We met with a less active sister Pazo, we do that on Sunday nights. I was so tired last night. I am always tired, so it’s nothing new. It’s just I am always on the go.

Today we did our laundry at sister McOmber’s and went and did some shopping. I finally have a bed spread. They gave me a blanket that’s warm and big, but it sheds a lot.

Being a missionary is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. People said that it’s hard, but you don’t realize how hard it is until you become a missionary. I can say that things are getting better and I am starting to really pick up on things. I am actually really happy!

I have another busy week ahead of me. We have a zone conference in Stockton on Wednesday. We are doing exchanges on Thursday, I am staying in Lodi this time. I am so busy, but there is nothing I should be doing except being here on my mission right now. Thanks for all of the love and support.

If you want to send me emails, I would love to get them. My email is:

I also would love to receive letters to. My address is:

Sister Hanna Lynn

California Modesto Mission

4300 Dale Road

Modesto, California 95356

I am not giving away my apartment address because it is easier to send to the mission office because of people moving all of the time, sorry.

Enjoy the cool fall weather in Cincinnati, it’s an Indian Summer here, it’s been so hot. Hotter than normal. Have a great week!

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn



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