Anxiously Engaged In A Good Cause


Hey Everybody!

The rest of Monday was very long. We made one appointment, but that is all we got after knocking on everyone’s door that we had planned for the evening. Monday’s are very exhausting, but Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked always makes things better.

It was SO HOT on Tuesday. It got up to 98. Our Relief Society President, Sister McOmber -She is the best! She made us come in at 3 from riding our bikes, because of the heat. We saw the Lichty Family. They are an active family with really cute kids, Easton, Hawke and Grey. She let us come in and cool off! There has been a pattern this week of almost every door we knock on no one is home. It’s hard when you know they are home, they just don’t answer the door. We went out after dinner and I wasn’t feeling too great, so we got to stay in for the evening. I was well taken care of though!

Wednesday I felt much better. We had a Zone Conference in Stockton. It’s true, Stockton is pretty ghetto! The conference was really great, I learned so much. Our Mission President is truly an inspired man. I encourage everyone to watch the video, “Dayton’s Legs”. I had seen it before, but it impacted me in a different way. It reminded me of working in a companionship. Please watch it! We were also challenged by the assistants to choose and attribute and a scripture to go along with the attribute to use during planning. We chose Diligence and our scripture is D&C 58:27 and I want to challenge anyone, to become “Anxiously engaged in a good cause” no matter what it is you do. I have seen it make an impact on me. They served us lunch, “Cafe Rio”. I sat with some Sister’s and one of the assistants and President and Sister Palmer. I love them so much, I am so happy they were called to be my mission president and his wife. It was so funny, Elder Murdock got up and they had ice cream and brownies for dessert and we saved him one. When he came back, apparently he already had two but then he was like, “It’s a corner piece, the church is true!” and he started eating it. Everyone agrees that the corner piece is the best part of the brownie, so that definitely makes this church true! It was so funny! It was fun to be with all of the other Missionaries, I love the spirit that they all bring. We made the short way back to Lodi and continued on with our day. The family we ate with was great, she fixes certain things to please everyone in her family, just for one kid. They have a fun little black boy they just adopted and he is just part of the family. It’s great when you can see the love a family has for each other. You should be proud, I ate Lasagna! It was actually really good and it was made of rice noodles because the mom is gluten free. We went to mutual and hung out with the activity day girls and decorated pumpkins. It was fun, they all have sweet spirits. I went to bed at 10 it was so nice!

We normally have our district meeting on Thursday, but since we had Zone Conference the day before we didn’t have it, so our studies were not interrupted. We saw Sister Edgerly as we do every Thursday, she is an elderly widow who needs a visit. She’s got a lot of health problems and her family situation is not the best. We had a lesson, well we tried to have a lesson with our investigators, the Kimball’s. They just wouldnt stop talking so I just stepped in and ended the lesson, because we had been there too long. We are working on cutting people off. We had dinner with another crazy fun family. It’s just great to see. We met an older lady in the ward who sews, so she is going to hem some of my longer skirts so I can wear them!

Friday we do daily planning which is probably my least favorite part of the week. Luckily we got to take a break in the middle to help a lady in our ward move some furniture from her truck to her garage. Her friend in Turlock is moving and needed a place to keep his furniture. The Elder’s in Turlock helped her put it on the truck. We finished planning and headed out. The Bowen’s appointment fell through, she forgot and the kids were at their grandparents house, so we just talked to her for a while. Again we went to the Golden Ox restaurant, I did not get french fries! Friday evenings are tough.

Saturday I got a card in the mail from Kaley Greenwood and it had a picture of hot sauce on it, fun times! It made my day! We had our missionary coordination meeting at our ward mission leader’s house. We decided to venture out to the country and it really was the country. We saw a man who had 10 acres and llamas and very fat goats. I liked the country it was quiet, but I don’t think I could ever get used to the smell! We saw the Campbell’s, they are the best! We didn’t have dinner so we went to 5 guys! This lady came up to us and sure enough she was from San Andres and was a member up there, so random! We saw a family, but we were interupted because the Zone Leader needed the extra mattresses we have under our beds. So we went back, one of the Elder’s had a mishap and let’s just say Abraham (the car) and the front gate of our apartment complex weren’t in the greatest shape. We felt so bad. Our Zone leader can’t drive and the reason actually is because he is canadian, so the other Elder can still drive. Very unfortunate situation.

We got to sleep in (6:30!) because they had PEC before ward council. There are too many cute kids in sacrament! We went into primary and taught them how they can prepare for their missions, it was great! Just like old times, every primary is the same! Things got pretty crazy in Relief Society, it was the law of chastity lesson. That should explain itself. Victor wasn’t at church so we just went home after church. We met the other Campbell family in the ward and they have 6 kids, they gave us flowers. They are a fun family. We had our dinner with the Boren family. He is in med school and they have the cutest little boy, Hank. He gave me a Lego, friends for life now. we taught Jim and he likes to talk. We saw sister Pazo, her daughter just had a baby he’s so tiny. it was a busy week.

We’re going to go play sports, so I got to go. Thanks for all of the love and support!

All the love,

Sister Hanna Lynn



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