Last Week of the Transfer


Hey Everybody!

I can’t believe it, this is the last week of the transfer, it’s so crazy!

So last Monday we played basketball with the Elder’s from our district after we emailed. I also got my flu shot. Normally Monday nights are the hardest for missionaries because it’s hard to go out and proselyte. That was not the case. We saw a family who’s dad works a lot and Monday nights are the best time to meet them. Their last name is Taylor. They have a 3 year old daughter who is so sweet and they are a really great family, they are also huge baseball fans! They suggested we go see this new family that moved into the ward, so we did. They are the Brown family. They had both been married before and got married this summer. They are super nice and she is up for going out with us, which is great. He has a son that’s serving in the Cincinnati Mission, but he couldn’t remember the name of the place he’s currently serving and we also set up an appointment with a less active cat lady!

Tuesday I woke up with the stiffest neck because I slept weird because of my flu shot, it’s amazing what modern medicine can do because after taking some I felt so much better and could actually move. We had a new missionary meeting in Modesto with all of the new missionaries and their trainers. It was so nice to see everyone again. It was really nice because we got some one on one with President and one of the assistants where all of the new missionaries could ask questions we had and they would give us answers. It was so helpful. After that, we went to In N Out with a bunch of missionaries. Then we made the long drive back to Lodi. We had another lesson with the Bowen kids and they are doing great. Unfortunately, they will not be able to get baptized until the end of January at the earliest because their Mom is still recovering from back surgery. We had dinner with the Poblano’s, we had dinner with them my very first day and he told me I have come so far from that day. He said that he was afraid to say boo to me. We had chili and I don’t really like chili, but I ate as much as I could and of course I put a lot of cheese in it! The rest of the night was slow. By the end of the night I was exhausted.

On Wednesday we did service at a ranch that a member owns in Galt, which is just north of Lodi. I don’t trust myself with a hammer or saw, so I just pulled weeds. In the afternoon we had an appointment with the Kimball’s, but they left a note saying they weren’t home. So we tried the Bowen’s grandparents who live in the same neighborhood. We were with Sister Brown. I am so thankful she was with us, we basically played psychologist rather than missionaries. She was going on and on about her problems, in detail. She asked me why I wasn’t saying anything and it was because I really didn’t know how to respond to what she was telling me. We were there way too long and we didn’t really fulfill our purpose as missionaries. It was kind of tough. When we went back to our car the Kimball’s pulled up and we got in and out of there is less than half an hour because we had our dinner appointment, that’s a new record. It feels like though that we just go over there to talk with them and not really about the gospel. I kind of forced the things that we taught them, just to mark down that we had a lesson with them. That was tough too. We had dinner with another awesome family, the Perkins. They are big into Dr. Who, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and so is Sister Clifton, so I just kind of sat there. They mentioned baseball for a brief moment, but that was it. They still are an awesome family. We went to mutual. It was a scavenger hunt to find bread making ingredients that all related to getting a patriarchal blessing, it was cool. It also marked 1 month that I have been in Cali!

Thursday, the Sister Training Leaders joined us for studies. Then we had District Meeting. Again, I love my district we are all trying to build each other up and I believe that we are one with the savior in doing the will of the father, our mission vision. The STL’s were going to go out with us, but had to go up to Galt for an emergency exchange. We saw Sister Edgerly, she’s doing well. We talked to Sister Bowen about the Harvest Fair. We also met this kid on street who has seen missionaries before and we looked in our records and his mom is a less active, what is the likeliness of that? We had dinner with the STL’s at an active part member family’s house. They have two teenage daughters and she is from Argentina. Her husband was watching football, I hope one day he joins the church. We went on exchanges with the STL’s. I went with Sister Allen. She was in Lodi the transfer before I was, so it was nice. I enjoyed it. I have been in Lodi 1 month!

Friday means weekly planning. Not my favorite activity. After our new missionary meeting, I now understand better how weekly planning works. During weekly planning we also do companionship inventory, which we didn’t do so well in the past.  We had our appointment with the cat lady, Sister Lewis. She is a very nice lady. Sister McOmber went with us. She had a cheese platter prepared for us and fruit and nuts and mint tea, it was so crazy. We had a good lesson with her, but no why she doesn’t come to church. Sister McOmber’s pants were covered in cat hair, it was so funny. I mean they were covered. After dinner, we met the Killian’s. They are a super nice family. Their kids are struggling a bit, but they are trying. Their disposal was broken so they were trying to fix it. She is also a huge baseball fan, she has season tickets, so we got along great. I can’t wait to come back here with my mom and dad and have them show me San Francisco. It’s so close to here, but we can’t go! We also met with an older couple, the Persson’s. They let me recline the chair and put my feet up, it was nice and they gave us Guiradelli chocolate. It was a pretty good evening.

On Saturday we had an appointment with a less active, part member family, but they weren’t home. We met with the Clark’s they are a cute newly wed couple. They are in charge of the Halloween party and we stopped by to get invitations. He served his mission in Louisville and knows Devere! He also dresses like Ethan! We went out on the bikes and met with Brother Seale, he has such a strong testimony. His wife died a few years ago and that was hard for him, but he found the church. He is the nicest old man. We had another appointment, but they weren’t home, it was tough because no one was home. We had our mission coordination meeting with Brother Cox, they are the best! We went to the Round Table, a pizza restaurant with the members who were feeding us dinner, she doesn’t cook on Friday or Saturday nights. They are a great family, who are just a real family. We met with this lady, Sister Manwaring. We have been trying to find her daughter. Her grand kids are crazy and it was hard to talk so we just left. Saturday was very slow and I was exhausted. It’s hard having slow days, but I can’t let that drag me down, I got to keep trying hard. I also got my package! I have the best family!

Sunday we had ward council. That’s always fun. Church was good. there was a Mission farewell. His name is Elder Hampton and he is going to Irvine, CA, he is so excited, it was fun to see. The rest of church was good. We tried other people, but no one was home. We met with the ward secretary. We had dinner with the Franks, he is familiar with Cincinnati and loves Graeter’s. We had our lesson with Brother Wyant. He got off topic a little and I barely got to say anything in the lesson. The Campbell’s are trying. We saw Sister Pazo again. It makes me really appreciate my family and our circumstances and situation. I was so exhausted last night.

This morning we cleaned, We went over to Sister McOmber’s to do laundry and study. I read all of Jacob today, I still don’t get the olive trees, though. We went to Marshall’s and Target. We went to the post office and we went thrift shopping! We might go play sports, we haven’t decide.

That has been my week. I hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for all the love and support!

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn



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