Two Months in the Mission Field


Happy two month anniversary of being a missionary! I can’t believe that I have made it two months in the mission field! Thank you for all of your love and support this past two months!

So we now have Hermana’s living with us. That is interesting they are trying to teach us spanish, it is very interesting.

The rest of monday was cold and rainy. We talked to a potential we found in our area book. We just talked to her daughter and she wanted to meet with us. We had an appointment with her tonight but she had to cancel unfortunately.

Tuesday means transfer days and it is so crazy. All of the zone leaders are new at being zone leaders. The spanish sisters came out with me and they are training each other. This mission is crazy and a little unorganized, but it’s still a new mission so they are trying to get everything organized. We ended up moving our beds in the living room. It’s pretty crazy, but it was funny to watch the Elders move our beds! It was a really crazy day. Our appointment with the Bowen’s cancelled. Just a very interesting day!

Wednesday was chilly and windy. It felt like I was in Rexburg. We did service at the ranch. They have the cutest dog and her name is Liberty. She was so warm. I painted a wagon thing. Tyler and Ethan should be so proud of me, I used a hammer! I nearly hammered Elder Rasmussen’s fingers off, but I used a hammer and a saw! I was so proud of myself. In the afternoon we saw Jim and Lynn Bowen, the Bowen’s grandparents. We were going to drop them and I was so nervous because I had never dropped anyone before. Then she had a bit of a change of heart and has accepted the fact that her grand kids are joining the church. We are going to give her one more chance and asked her to pray. It is so crazy. We also had the an appointment with the Bowen kids too. It was a slow night, but I made cookies, so that was a plus!

On Thursday we had our district meeting. It was really great, I can feel the spirit so strongly in district meeting. Sister Clifton had a doctor’s appointment in Turlock so we drove there. I asked to get my RX and he said I was too skinny so he drew instructions to his house to get 10 pounds of hamburger!? We had to go do it. We called Sister Palmer to tell her where we were going and then President Palmer came on and said, “10 pounds of hamburger, that’s one big meatloaf!” It was so funny. It’s one of those stories that only happens on your mission. So we went to his house and got 10 pounds of hamburger out of his freezer. He also gave us yams, I don’t even like yams! Apparently, we were the funny story at the mission office! We went to Sister Edgerly’s and “Inside Out” was on, it was one of those tender mercies. It was at my favorite part at the end where it went inside the boys brain and it screamed “girl, girl, girl, girl”. Then we saw these people who go to church in Stockton. They are in our ward but don’t like our bishop. Then she started saying something about reincarnation and she thought she was scaring us. It was crazy. We ended the night by talking to this Spanish guy. We thought at first he was drunk, but then he spoke Spanish so I got to use my Spanish phrases. It was a long but good day.

On Friday we found out the Spanish Sister’s are staying. We did weekly planning. Sister Palmer told me that I made her day because I have been taking the lead as Sister Clifton has been sick. We walked around and waited for the zone leaders to give us some mail. My zone leaders are so amazing they have had a busy week and are really on top of things, it’s great. We met with a family that will be moving soon out of the ward. We had dinner, but then they cancelled, then they called it back on. It was crazy, they made us a three course meal. It was insane.

On Saturday we went to our wards super Saturday craft day. We forgot about it and got there towards the end so we just mainly cleaned up. We got the bikes and saw a few families. We met this guy on the street his name is Jose Gonzales and he had met with missionaries before but lost the pamphlet. He had been baptized in a church but the person was in it for money, but he never lost hope and faith in Christ. He had been looking for work and applied somewhere he felt like he wasn’t the best candidate, but he ended up getting the job. He knew that God was looking out for him. It was awesome. We didn’t have much luck seeing many people, we just had our meeting with the assistant ward mission leader.

Living with two other sister’s means very funny conversations and now they are teasing me about something we talked about, it’s fun, but annoying. We all sleep in the living room. it’s one big fiesta!

Sunday is crazy because we have ward council. Church was good. We spent the entire relief society talking about the new changes to the church handbook regarding gay marriage. When we got out of church it was pouring. We did 12 week. Sister Clifton wasn’t feeling well so I made her lay down during our studies and let me drive so she could rest. We talked to the Campbell’s and I led the spiritual thought! That is something I am really working hard on and has been a huge answer to prayer. The zone leaders, Elder Rasmussen and Elder Nielsen gave her a blessing. It is so cool to see your peers use their priesthood. When we walked out the fire department was there and some ward member came and yelled at us because we didn’t hear him. Apparently, he looked himself in a shed outside and he got so mad. It was the weirdest thing. By the way Mom, we love the Paul Cardell CD, it’s so great! So much better than the other music we have been listening to. We had our dinner and went to go teach Jose. He had to work so he just got home, so we rescheduled. We went to Sister Pazo’s and we were there for 2 hours, we were there way too long. I wanted to leave, but we stayed.

Today it was pouring. We did studies and laundry at Sister McOmber’s. We had to give our car to the Elder’s because there are not enough cars for everyone to get there shopping done. We went to Ross and I got a shirt that the Hermana’s have, just in a different color. We went to Target and I got a skirt and a really cool shirt. No luck with finding boots though. We went with a member, she is so nice. As soon as we got to the church building I went and changed. We are going to play games. Last week we played this game called Pandemic, it was weird. Who knows what we are going to play today?

I love being a missionary. It is so fun and so hard all at the same time. It’s hard seeing some of these people’s lives. I am so thankful for all that I have and that I have this gospel.

That’s all I have for today. I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys this fall weather. Thanks for all of the love and support!

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn



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