Be Diligent



What a week is was. Living with 2 other sisters is very different and can be difficult.

Evening time is very slow. No one wants to answer their doors. That has been hard. The work has been very slow in Lodi, but we are working hard at trying to make the work pick back up. It has been hard because our appointments keep cancelling, but I am trying my best to stay positive and be diligent. I keep remembering the scripture D&C 58: 27 about being anxiously engaged. That was the theme of President’s letter last week. I have come to love that scripture since I have been on my mission, it has helped me be diligent and really work hard.

On Tuesday we tried people on our potential pages that live in our apartment, no luck. We had to give our car to the Lodi 3 elders. They had to go to Modesto for a temple recommend interview. We met with a few families. The Bowen’s cancelled the appointment we had with them. We met with another family and she gave me chocolate chips! We got our car back. We went out for chinese food with a less active lady.

On Wednesday morning I went running with Sister Gunderson, it was nice. We had to give the Elder’s our car again for service. We went and did service at the ranch again. We painted this wagon. The Bowen’s cancelled their appointment again. We talked to someone on the street. We really didn’t see anyone today. We went by the Cox’s, Sophie is such a great doctor/beautician! There wasn’t mutual, so it was another slow evening. I made pretzel chocolate chip cookie bars and we finally got bed frames.

Thursday morning was another morning that I started off running. We had our district meeting this morning. Things have been pretty crazy in the zone this week. Our poor zone leaders, they have been awesome! So we got a new district, it’s still going to be a very good district. I did a teaching on Mosiah 28:3. Which led into a good discussion about the atonement. It was really great. After district meeting we went and got lunch with the other missionaries. We met with our Sister Training Leaders briefly.   We saw sister Edgerly and we had an appointment but it fell through. We got locked out of the apartment and our dinner cancelled so we called Sister Cox and she fed us. We had German pancakes. Sophie wouldn’t let me leave, we played with little animals and we pretended we were bats. it was so fun and after the day we had it was nice to play with little kids. We had our Missionary Coordination meeting and our bishop is on fire about getting the missionary work in Lodi 1st ward, we are stoked about it. I had a good phone call with the Sister Training Leaders. The district leader, Elder Laubaman called me and said I did a good job with my teaching and I guess I started off the meeting with some of the comments that I made. I have been really trying to overcome my shyness and really speak up.

After weekly planning, we did some service for an elderly lady in our ward. We moved some things and boxes around in her house. She gave me two old Polaroid cameras! One of them still has film, they are so cool! Again our appointment with Jose cancelled. We went to the Golden Ox again with the Pishos.

On Saturday morning the Sister Training Leaders joined us for studies. They are really helping us out with the things in our apartment and came up with some goals. We had interviews with President and Sister Palmer. I was so happy that we had interviews. It was really great to talk to him and tell him about my concerns. He said that I have the neatest planner that he has ever seen. He said that he expected it, but was very impressed! That made my day. He gave me some really good words of encouragement. I don’t know why, but I kind of have a feeling that I might be a Sister Training Leader and it might happen sooner than later. I don’t know why I feel that way but I do. We didn’t see anyone we tried that afternoon. we had stake conference. President Palmer and Sister Palmer spoke and we had a 70 come speak, Gary B. Sabin, it was really good. President and Sister Palmer came over to our apartment and helped us with the apartment. We moved some beds and Sister Palmer made my bed, it reminded me of you mom. They are so funny. I love them so much, they are truly supposed to be my mission president and his wife.

On Sunday it was raining. We had Stake Conference, it was really good. It was nice not having stake conference. We actually had studies in the morning too. We saw the Barrette’s the old couple we used to live with. We saw this girl. We had dinner with the Goodman’s, we had authentic Japanese Curry. It’s official I love Japanese food! We made some calls to make appointments this week. We saw Sister Pazo. I was so tired by the end of the night.

Today we did laundry and went to Target. I got some boots and some tights. It’s starting to get colder at night. I hope this week will be a better more productive week.

I love you all. Thanks for everything!

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn


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