Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving!

This week was much better than last week, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t crazy, because it kind of was. After I sent my email, I found out we were moving to another apartment on the other side of our complex. The Palmer’s were not happy with our apartment so it is being renovated and the Hermana’s will be moving back hopefully by tomorrow. Sister Clifton and I have the new apartment. it is going to be so nice just to be the two of us again. It can be kind of distracting with two other missionaries.

Monday night we actually had an appointment, it was with an older active lady. we tried to teach a lesson, but she just wanted to talk.

On Tuesday, we tried some people on our former’s list who live in our apartment complex, but no one was home. We talked to this super nice lady, Sister Killian. She’s in our ward and a huge Giants fan, she has season tickets. We had our appointment with the Bowen kids. We taught the last 5 of the 10 commandments. We had a team up with Sister Simmons and her 12 year old daughter Bianca. It ended better than it started. We had dinner with the Burke’s. They are such a cute family. It was their son Carson’s 6th birthday, so we had m&m pancakes. I think I like chocolate chip ones better, but it was fun. We saw a single mother who is a member she is so funny and just tells things how they are, she’s cool.

On Wednesday we did service at the ranch again. We dropped our car off with the Lodi 3 Elders and headed to Gault. I really love doing service it is so fun. We painted again, my hand had so much green paint on it, it hasn’t fully washed off yet. It’s john Deere green too. We tried people again in our complex and saw a girl we are going back to see sometime later this week. We saw the Bowen’s grand parents and helped her sort yarn. We didn’t get a lesson in, which is unfortunate and she didn’t follow her commitments. We are going to give her one more chance. We ran into the old couple, the Kimball’s and set up an appointment for tomorrow. Our dinner was brought to us. An Elder, Elder Vonk, bought me ingredients to make him this cake. It’s called Better Than Whatever cake. I have never made it before, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out? We had an appointment with a couple we haven’t met yet. It’s funny because they lived in San Francisco and moved to Mesa, kind of like you Mom and Dad. Cold night.

Thursday was a crazy day. We did yoga for exercise. We had our district meeting and the Newcum’s got us lunch and Elder Vonk shared the cake I made. It was really good, I had no idea what I was doing, but everyone said it was so good! We went back and packed because it was moving day. The Elder’s were in a meeting that took a while, so they came later than we had planned. We shoved everything in our cars and drove it over. Since the Hermana’s apartment is being renovated they had to move stuff too. The best part of this move is that we got rid of our big clunky desks and got tables for studies. We also got new mattresses and bed frames and dressers. What I had, had been pretty beat up and a bunch of Elders had carved their names in it. The hard part is that we can’t be in the apartment when the Elders are in there, so it made moving difficult. So basically what I did was hand my clothes on the hangers to Elder Rasmussen and he put them on my bed. He was probably thinking that I have way too many clothes, it was funny. I just kept handing things to the Elders and told them where to put it. It is just really funny. We had an appointment at 4, so we had to get changed and go over to find out he was sick and his wife was just going to tell us when we got there. We were right in the middle of moving, it was rough. I wasn’t mad, I was just very inconvenienced. We did whatever else we could, luckily the Elders cleaned up after themselves and assembled everything for us. We had dinner with Sister Edgerly and had an appointment with the Franks, he’s going to have his daughter bring me Graeter’s when she comes up for Thanksgiving. They sell it at her grocery store! We had our Missionary Correlation Meeting with Brother Lichty. We got mostly unpacked. It was such a crazy and long day, but no more apartment that millions of Elders have lived in!

My new mattress was amazing, I slept so good and didn’t want to get up on Friday morning. We now have a nice study space and no more clunky desks! We did weekly planning and saw Brother Seale, the nicest old man and talked to him for a while. He is going to go teaching with us tomorrow. We ran into this guy named Fermin, he was interested and we were going to teach him on Saturday. He want’s to come closer to Christ and that is our purpose as missionaries. We had dinner with the Jovel’s. We jammed out to Josh Groban Christmas, it was so fun. We taught the Restoration to Sister McOmber as a practice lesson and it was really good practice. We met this Lesbian couple in the ward. Her son is leaving on his mission soon. They were really nice. They have the fattest cat ever! She’s like 30 pounds! I tried to get a picture, but it turned out blurry. My Friday night was made because I have the best parents in the world who sent me a package. I was so happy to get everything and so happy I got my tights, pea coat and North Face. I love my new skirts also, and they all fit! Getting the package made my day! I felt so loved.

On Saturday I wore my new bird skirt, I love it so much! Not too many people were home today. it felt amazing outside. It was November 21st and I was walking around in short sleeves! I can’t say that every year! We tried Fermin, but he wasn’t home. We talked to this potential, Jennifer and we had a lesson about the Plan of Salvation and she said we can come back. That means we now have a new investigator! That made me so happy because the work has been so slow. I wasn’t feeling to good as the day went on. The Hermana’s have been sick and one is really sick, she has such a deep cough. So we sat in the car for Angel’s We Have Heard on High by Paul Cardall and went back to work. It’s hard not feeling good when you’re a missionary. Having dinner with the Campbell’s made me feel better. She let me dip the buckeyes in chocolate! I didn’t really like the grits, but was so happy we had buckeyes! We saw Sister Crickette, her husband was still sick. We got permission to go out after 9 to get Hermana Gunderson some medicine she was super sick and such a high a fever. We played doctor and now the doctor is sick. It’s so hard not feeling good when you’re a missionary.

We had to rush out the door for ward council. By the end of ward council my chest started to hurt, which wasn’t good because that’s what happened to Sister Gunderson. Church was good, but relief society took forever and we got out late. We taught Victor and I lead the lesson! We went back and now on Sunday’s we have to do all of our studies. So we don’t get to go proselyting in the afternoon. We had dinner with the Boren’s, they have 3 boys and it felt like I was right at home! We went to Sister Pazo’s and played Farkle. I did not feel good last night. After I took my hot shower I felt better, but finding a comfortable position to sleep without my chest hurting was hard. Finally at 2 a.m. I got up and took some medicine. It was a rough night.

This morning I felt better. We went to do our laundry at Sister McOmber’s. I did not feel great. Sister Gunderson wasn’t feeling great, so Sister Clifton stayed with her and Hermana Maya and I went to Target and did everyone’s shopping, by the end I felt horrible. I hope I get better soon. Being sick as a missionary is hard, but I just have to keep going. This week we have lots of appointments! I am excited and hope the work continues!

Thank you for all of the love and support and I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn


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