A Savior is Born


Hello Everybody!

I can’t believe how fast this transfer has been? We are going to be starting our 11th week of my 12 week training this week! I will be celebrating my 3 month anniversary next week too! It’s crazy how fast everything has gone, but it has felt slow at the same time!

The rest of the day last Monday we had a appointment with a member. They made us dinner and thank goodness because she made chicken noodle soup and that was just what I needed, I was not feeling too hot at all, but I still continued to work.

On Tuesday instead of talking our morning walk we just stretched. I did ballet exercises. Again I was feeling sickly! (The ly is a joke that an Elder does, he adds ly on to things like muchly, it’s fun!). The Hermana’s have helped me with my Spanish, No hablamos espanol muy bien! It was raining in the morning. We saw Sister Edgerly. We had our appointment with the Kimball’s, the very old couple. Brother Seale came with us and we did not teach a lesson. They would not stop talking and when one would say they needed to let us talk, the other would start talking. We asked them to come to church and they said they go to mass. We decided we were not going to continue seeing them, we just are not fulfilling our purpose as missionaries especially because they are not interested. Our appointment with the Bowen’s cancelled, it’s hard when that happens. We rescheduled for Wednesday. I was feeling sickly again and my chest really hurt, but I still kept going. Don’t worry I am taking care of myself! We had dinner with the Willes’s, a great family. She made me an enchilada without cheese and it had green chili on it and mom you should be proud because I liked it! We had an appointment with one of the members of the bishopric and his family and we talked about service.

Wednesday marked one month until Christmas! We did ranch service. We raked some grass with garden utensils. My chest was already hurting and one of the Sisters dropped her rake and it hit me in the sternum, it hurt so bad. We had fun doing service. We quickly ate lunch and the Zone Leaders and Assistants came by to help us move the Hermana’s into their apartment, our old apartment. Elder Murdock, one of the assistants let me drive the pick up! It doesn’t have a Tiwi box so it doesn’t matter who drives it. It took forever to adjust the seat and by the time I did. they needed our help so I didn’t get to drive it 😦 We did 12 week and went to our appointment with the Bowen’s with Sister Mariana our primary president, but they weren’t home. That’s twice, that is so hard as a missionary. We saw another family in the ward. We tried this referral, but he wasn’t home. We saw this lady with the craziest grand kids, but actually got a lesson in this time! We saw another lady in the evening. It was our first night alone in the new apartment.

Happy Thanksgiving! We did weekly planning on Thursday instead of Friday. Holidays are prime proselyting days according to the missionary handbook, but no one wants to see you and they want to be with their families. President was in the area and dropped by a letter for Sister Clifton, it was weird to see him in casual clothes. The zone leaders called me twice, they were making a pie and had no idea how to fold the cream cheese in and why it wasn’t whipping. It was funny. Just call me Sister Betty Crocker! We went to the Frank’s first, they had a lot of people over. I said the prayer. We ate light because we had 2 other dinners to go to. We had another dinner at 3. I hardly anything on my plate and just ate a roll. I was so full and I had one other dinner. Surprisingly I did not get homesick. We had one last dinner at 6 with the Jovel’s. It was just their family. At 7:30 we had our correlation meeting with Brother Lichty. His kids were awake and they were so excited because they had put up all of their Christmas decorations.

It was weird not weekly planning on a Friday. The zone leaders made us a pie, the one they had so many questions about, questionable?! We talked to this man named brother Leach and we are going to teach his grandson! We had a zone training. it was so good, you could really feel the spirit. President wants us to have a goal of baptisms in the month of December, an individual goal and a companionship goal. It took me a while to come up with 4 personally and so as a companionship we are going to have 8 in the month of December! We are going to have 8 baptisms! This is going to make me work hard and really increase my faith! Every time I have any doubts I remind myself that this can happen, because miracles do happen! We also got the cards for the new church Christmas video “A Savior is Born”. I recommend that you all watch it and share it with everyone, it’s so good! It’s going to be such a great missionary tool! The Sister Training Leaders met us back at the apartment and I rode to our dinner with Sister Allen. We had dinner with the Pishos at their house with a family that used to be in the ward. She gave us a big box of granola bars from Costco, paper towels, cuties and a 3 pound jar of peanut butter and was afraid we were going to go hungry. She gave me peanut butter, how can I argue with that? The day after Thanksgiving is also a hard proselyting time.

It was freezing on Saturday morning. We got a ride to Modesto to attend a baptism of one of Sister Clifton’s former investigator’s. He forgot to say her name and so right before he dunked her they caught it. I am so sick of feeling sick. We tried a few people and saw Sister Bowen. We tried this one family and she was drunk she was not looking us in the eye and she stumbled. Apparently, we are her good Mormon missionary friends. Her friends were drunk too. It was so funny, we needed a good laugh. We also love Josh Groban Christmas! We met with Brother Lichty again.

It was so cold yesterday morning. Church was good. Victor wasn’t there and so we went home. We did our studies and drove out to the country for dinner. It is about as far as we can get in the ward boundaries. It was pretty to see all of the stars. We tried some people and saw an older couple.

Today we did laundry and studies and went shopping. I am still not 100 percent, but I am still working hard. We are going to get 8 baptisms! I would ask that all of you share the video “A Savior is born” it has such a great message. Hopefully things will pick up here in Lodi.

I love you all!

All the Love,

Hermana Hanna Lynn


Here is a link to the video “A Savior is Born”





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