What a Crazy Week



Hello Everybody!

What a crazy week!

It was funny last Monday, I played the song “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” to Elder Vonk! He’s going home in like 10 days! Sister Gundersen and I played basketball with Elder Laubman and their recent convert who got baptized the weekend before. It was 2 on 2, it was very fun accept I couldn’t breathe. I also got to play the piano, it felt so good. I want to be able to play just as good or better than I did before by the end of my mission. Sadly our appointment with Jennifer, did go through she wasn’t home, but we did talk to her daughter, Jazzy.

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I had had the craziest dream. I dreamed that I got transferred to San Andreas up in the foot hills. That means I would possibly get to see snow and drive a pickup. Who knows, it could happen?  We got the bikes again. We saw a member in our ward who gave us the address of a potential, they attended church a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, they live in 3rd ward. But one of the things I love about missionary work is that we, as Elders and Sisters, want to help each other out, so we weren’t mad that the 3rd Elders got them, they’re in good hands and I want to help them reach their goal too! We saw an older lady in the ward. She has got a funny sense of humor. We helped put up her little Christmas town. We biked over to our appointment with the Bowen kids. We met this man named Dave, he tried to sell us his Christmas tree. We invited him to church. He was interesting. It is so much easier to street contact people with the new “A Savior is Born” cards. Our lesson with the kids was good. We taught the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity. It was so funny, they all at one point covered their ears at the same time! So funny. We had the relief society progressive dinner. We were going to have a potential investigator from 3rd ward come but she wasn’t feeling well. It was still fun.

On Wednesday, we did service at the ranch. We had to organize a bunch of stuff. When he asked who is good at organizing, everyone pointed to me. It was funny, I was going to boss the Elders around and tell them what to do. We killed a few spiders and it was so dusty. Apparently One of the Elders (I won’t name names) is pregnant and it’s name is Bertha. I just love the Elders, fun times! It reminds me of being with Ethan and Tyler. The Sister Training Leaders came and we went on exchanges. I stayed in Lodi with Sister Allen. I love her, she is so great! We biked around and unfortunately all of our appointments cancelled and no one was home. Our dinner appointment forgot, so she made us dinosaur chicken nuggets and a dairy free protein shake it was so good. Sister Allen and I loved it because neither of us had had a milkshake in so long (We’re both Lactose Intolerant). We went to mutual and tried to see some people in the country. We also had some fun conversations, I really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, our exchange was cut short because they needed to go to their own district meeting. I love district meeting, it’s my favorite part of the week. Apparently, again I started a really good discussion about repentance. I got the recipe for banana chocolate chip bread! Elder Rasmussen had made some, I was so proud of him because the week prior he didn’t even know how to fold stuff in or how to whip cream together. It rained. We went and saw Sister Edgerly. She gave us In N Out gift cards. When we walked out there was a rainbow! It was so pretty! We taught Seth. He is the 9 year old grandson of a member in the ward. The lesson went really well and when we asked about the Book of Mormon he said, “I just love the Book of Mormon, it just touched my heart!” He is so prepared!! He reads the Book of Mormon every morning. At 9 years old, I didn’t even read the Book of Mormon! It was so great! We went to In N Out because we didn’t have a dinner. We saw a less active, she is struggling with her testimony, but she is really cool. Unfortunately my cough came back and I started to not feel good again. It was a good day though.

It’s Friday, so that means weekly planning. We actually had a lot to plan for! We had lunch with the Hermana’s at our apartment. We went out biking and tried some people, but they weren’t home. We saw the Cox’s and helped them make ornaments. For dinner we had fried chicken. I am not an expert at chicken, because I picked the wrong pieces. She gave me a bucket of Nutella! A Bucket! It’s 6.6 pounds of chocolate hazelnut spread! I looked kind of ridiculous riding my bike with it, but luckily it was dark outside. We had a meeting with Brother Lichty. They tried to give us their old Christmas tree, like the one we used to have that you have to put up branch by branch and color.

Saturday we went to the memorial service for Jim Wyant, one of our recent converts who passed away a little over a month ago. His Sister might have been drunk? Luckily, no fights broke out because apparently that could’ve happened. Apparently Sister Clifton and I are legendary in the Oakland mission! This man from a ward there, who is handicapped in a wheel chair told us that! He said if I ever get to the Freemont ward, they better watch out because we are going to take them by storm with baptisms! We saw this woman on the street, she told us we were very well dressed and then went on and on about HSN and QVC and she told us the prices of everything. it was so funny. She sounded Irish, but was from Trinidad and Tobago, the British side. She said she was interested. She said that are parents dress us very well, and that they should be proud! I still felt sickly. Our dinner cancelled, so we called Sister Pishos and she let us come. We can’t leave her house without taking anything home. She gave us tea, lemons and English muffins. We are going to have a Proper British tea party! We talked to a family briefly. We try them all the time and never get anyone so it was nice. I felt so sick, I thought I was getting better, ugh. Long day.

I did not feel good on Sunday morning. I made cookie dough in under 5 minutes, a new record. We went to ward council and gospel essentials and relief society. Seth came to sacrament! That’s my first investigator at church! Elder Rasmussen asked me when I was sick, “Does it feel like death crawled inside you and reproduced?” (Don’t ask!) Yeah, it did and I think it had twins. I called Sister Gilbert, the mission nurse and she told me to take some Delsum. I hate being sick as a missionary, it is so hard and I know that it is Satan that is trying to bring me down, but I am not going to let him. I asked the District Leader, Elder Laubman to give me a blessing.  We tried some people in the afternoon. We didn’t have a dinner so we called Sister Crickette and she fed us! We taught Sister McOmber the Plan of Salvation. The ward council is having us teach 5 lessons in 5 weeks to the auxiliaries so we can have appointments and get good practice. It went well.

This morning I took some Delsum and it really works. I got my hair cut too. As Elder Vonk likes to say, got my ears lowered. We did our shopping and all of my Christmas shopping is done! I will send it out soon. Today we are going to have a zone Christmas party around 3. Tonight we have 3 appointments!

This is the last week of my second transfer, so crazy. I have no idea what the future holds, but I know that it is in the hands of the Lord and I’ll be where I am supposed to be.

Thanks for all the love and support and I hope everyone has a good week!

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn



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