I am Being Transferred!!!



The verdict is… I am being transferred. I am leaving Lodi and going to Manteca in the Manteca stake and going to be in the Union ward with Sister Hogan. I am so excited because I love Sister Hogan, we were roommates in the MTC. Sister Clifton is also being transferred to Tracy, also in the Manteca stake. They are putting in Elders and the ward is not happy about it. I am so sad to leave Lodi, but Manteca is where the Lord wants me. Also it is a full bike area! No car! So I don’t have to worry about Tiwi yelling at me to watch my speed!

So Monday after emailing we played minute to win it games. Someone had to stack cookies on my forehead. We tied. There were so many fun games. I have pictures. We also played this game called “Do you love your neighbor” (appropriately) It is so fun, we played that for over an hour and a half. I am bruised because of it. So our first lesson we taught Seth the first half of the plan of salvation. Our second appointment cancelled and they were supposed to feed us. Bishop felt bad, so he took us to Costco and got us dinner. Our 3rd appointment cancelled as well. It was a rough night.

Tuesday was a busy day. We saw a lot of different people. We talked to this man on the street. He said he was having a hard day and after we talked to him he felt so much better and liked the light that we brought! We had our appointment with the Bowen kids. We had a lesson with Bishop and his family. I still feel sick.

Today was my 3 month!!! I did not feel that great on Wednesday. They changed ranch service to the afternoon. So we did that from 12-130. We tried people out in the country. We saw the Jim and Lynn Bowen.  Luckily, the Jackson Elders needed us, so we had an excuse to leave. Poor Elder Roudabush was home bound. He has been sick with what I have but a fever. Being home bound as a missionary is not fun.

It rained on Thursday morning so we did stretches, abs and legs for morning exercise. I felt horrible. We had district meeting. Our district leader was late and he was”Soory”. Don’t you just love Canadian accents! It was the last district meeting with my district. We sang “More Holiness Give Me” for the 6th week in a row. I have learned so much. Elder Laubman told me that he definitely saw my confidence increase! That made me so happy because I have been working on that! The Newcum’s, the Senior Couple, provided us with lunch. It was fun. I sat with the Zone leaders and Ethan would appreciate that we crack puns all the time together. We went back for 12 week. I found out that I had a doctor appointment in Turlock at 730ish. We saw some people out in the country. I did not feel good at all, so Sister Clifton made me call Sister Palmer and she told me to stay in. I was not happy about it. It is so hard to stay in. I felt so bleh. Death had triplets, ugh 1, ugh 2, and ugh 3! We had to get permission to get up before 630. Rough day.

We got up at 6 and left at 630 for Turlock. It’s over an hour drive. We waited forever. It turns out that I have an upper respiratory infection and possibly strep throat. I had to get a penicillin shot. It hurt so bad and the needle was so big and it took almost 2 minutes to inject. We stopped by the mission office to see Sister Palmer and Sister Gilbert. Elder Murdock made my day he said, “For not feeling good, you look great!” It made me happy, because I didn’t think so. Elder Murdock is going home on Wednesday. He has been as assistant since I got here. Everyone is going to miss him. He reminds me of Ethan. Sister Palmer was so nice and told me if I wanted to I could take an extra hour to rest. I also got my Christmas package. It was so funny, Sister Palmer asked me if it was heavy and it wasn’t. “Is that heavy? Elder Murdock, go take that out to the car for her” She will not let Sisters do anything! I opened my Christmas package and put it by our tree. I LOVE my stocking, it’s so cute! We did studies and weekly planning. We went to Walgreens and the Ham building to get other packages. We went to the church to set up for the Christmas Party. I already felt horrible and the decorations on the table were real Christmas tree branches, just my luck. It was a rough day for me on Friday.

On Saturday we had our coordination meeting with Brother Lichty. We saw Sister Pazo. We watched the district for 12 week. We saw some people in the afternoon. We tried other people and then we saw the Campbell’s, I love them so much. Brother Campbell reminds me of you, Dad!

Sunday was when found out about transfers. They called us at 11:11 p.m. I heard something, but it wasnt our normal ringtone. People at church were not very excited about it. We had to prep the area for the Elders. We had to make lots of notes. I am officially done with 12 week! We had our missionary meeting with all of the auxiliaries. Things are so great in the Lodi 1st ward with the missionary effort. I don’t want to leave, but the Lord needs me in Manteca. We tried to see some people. We had our lesson with Sister McOmber and the Goodman’s. Long day.

Today there is so much to do. I am so sad to leave Lodi and leave everyone, but I am needed in Manteca. We will see what happens.

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn


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