Crazy Week



This has probably been one of the craziest, adventurous weeks since I have been on my mission.

On Monday, we went to Target and then came back and played Volleyball. Apparently, I am the greatest volleyball player ever! I just know what I am doing and I have all of the bruises on my wrists and arms to prove it! We also played dodge ball. I felt so bad, I accidentally nailed Elder Grover in the face, I wasn’t aiming it at him, it was meant for somebody else. That evening we went out on our bikes and tried a few people and got in to see two people. It was a cold night.

It was raining on Tuesday morning. We tried dropped investigators in the morning. Mornings are hard because we don’t have that extra hour of study so we go out at 10. We went to service and sorted oranges or as Elder King likes to refer to them as pumpkins!? It was pouring so hard when we were in service. We walked in the rain and none of our appointments were home. We did talk this guy and he had great questions about the Book of Mormon. We had an appointment with a less active family. We also had an appointment with our investigator Maritza. She had some really interesting questions but is open to the idea of baptism, she just needs to come to church.

It was raining again on Wednesday morning. We got a call from Sister Palmer that she was going to join us for companionship study and go out with us in the morning. She said we could drive because she didn’t want to get wet twice. She goes out on bikes too. We tried some potentials and dropped investigators. She said it was cold, so guess where she took us to go contacting… Starbucks!!! We went contacting at Starbucks!? It was so funny, she told these people, “We’re Mormons, but we’re not drinking coffee, we are drinking hot chocolate and herbal tea” It was so funny. She definitely misses Seattle. I also taught her how to use the gas card. It was an eventful morning. We had 3 appointments in the afternoon. The appointments were at the other side of the area, so we decided to bike there… in the rain. Not the most fun thing that I have ever done. Everyone we went to was either not home or cancelled. We did meet this lady and scheduled an appointment with her. Our back ups didn’t work out either, it was a rough and soggy afternoon. We went back home and got a few of our potentials lists. The zone leader dropped off some packages. We headed to the our green area and I did it. I had my first bike wreck. Sister Hogan stopped in the road and I kept going because I didn’t realize she stopped and I crashed into her and fell off hard. She asked me if I was okay, but I just quickly picked up my bike and ran across the street. I scraped my knees really bad and was bleeding, but I did not rip my tights, a Christmas miracle! I didn’t realize I was bleeding until later. We saw only one other person besides our dinner appointment. It was a super long, rough day.

Thursday’s are probably my favorite days because it is district meeting. Sister Palmer came to our district meeting. It was cool because a few of the YSA recent converts came and talked to us. We briefly went to service because the Hermana’s had an appointment. The YSA Elders came and fixed my bike from my wreck. One of them is a mechanic. The brakes got messed up and it was squeaking so bad, but it’s fixed and it doesn’t squeak anymore! We tried potentials in green and had an appointment with a less active family. We rushed back home so we could get to a baptism for the YSA. We were supposed to have Maritza come, but she didn’t. Neither did Lathrop’s investigator, so I didn’t feel as bad. So when we were biking back home to get to the baptism, I heard something crash and asked Sister Hogan if she dropped something, but she said she just ran over a can. Turns out she dropped the phone and we had to go searching in the dark and fog for it, but luckily we found it! It felt like stuff like that happening just never ended this week. It was another crazy day.

What a day it was Friday! We weekly planned. We had lots of appointments in the afternoon. The first one wasn’t home and the second appointment it wasn’t a good time. The zone leaders had my new Rx’s so they let us take their car to Walgreen’s, while they biked to our next appointment.  Then we went to our appointment. This lady’s husband majored in biblical studies and knew so much about the old testament and the great apostasy. It was crazy. They are orthodox Christians. We had him read Moroni 10:3-5 and he didn’t know how to respond, he was at a loss for words. It was nice because he wasn’t bashy! It was crazy. We invited them to church and we have a return appointment with them! Our dinner was very interesting. We tried some people and had our appointment with a family in the ward. Today was just a struggle, so has been the whole week.

Saturday marked my 4 months!!!! I can’t believe I have been out that long? We tried people in the morning and our appointment fell through. We went to Applebee’s with the Hermana’s and just got dessert. Sister Sheffer had gift cards. We also took a bunch of pictures of us on bikes, it was fun. We tried a referral and got her number. We saw the girls we have been teaching and Alexis, one of them who never seems happy to see us, actually seemed happy to see us! Their great grandma also says she wants to come back to church and get ready to go to the temple! We tried people all around that area. For a Saturday, not too many people were out and about. The YSA Elders came and fixed Sister Hogan’s bike this time. Elder King made us sit in the warm car and we got to listen to Josh Groban. We worked on stuff in our area book and then we went to stake conference. This has been my 3rd stake conference in the past 6 months! It was very good. We had Elder Pimentel from the area 70 come and speak and talked to us about prayer. Definitely something that I needed to hear.

We had Stake Conference this Sunday. It was also very good. Joe came and so did the girl’s great grandma and Aunt! Mom, you should be happy to hear me say this, I love playing the piano and I wished that I had never stopped. It is so relaxing and some of it’s coming back to me. I am starting to be able to just see the music and tell what note it is. We finished up our studies and went out biking around trying dropped investigators. It was a surprisingly warm day, not too cold. When night came around it was cold though. We had waffles for dinner, so good! We tried some less actives and got to see one. We also met with our relief society president to discuss things going on with the Sisters. It was another long day.

I got my laundry done by 9:07, a new record! We had our studies and then came to email. We are going to the store later and we might go bowling later today in Tracy, we haven’t decided.

I just hope that this week is better than last week. Last week was hard, but I never reached a point where I felt like giving up. I continued to be diligent and strong, even though it was rough. I know that if I am obedient and be anxiously engaged in a good cause and give my will over to Heavenly Father, great things will happen.

I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the weather wherever they are. It’s supposed to rain on Wednesday, that’s all I know.

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn


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