Riding In The Rain Is Not My Favorite Thing





So today we are going to Big Trees! I’m super excited! So this letter will be short!

We went bowling last Monday in Tracy. It was super fun. It was so funny they rented out a lane in between us all to these random people who had beer. It was quite funny with all of us missionaries around and they ended up moving. We had our lesson with Joe and turns out he drinks coffee. I don’t think we were direct enough a few weeks ago when we just mentioned it so he did not get baptized on Saturday.

Tuesday we had zone conference. It was so awesome! We had it with the Modesto and Turlock stakes. We talked about Christ’s pattern of leadership and 3 Nephi 11. So good, I learned so much. There has been some changes. They are no longer going to be doing departing testimonies, that’s church wide. Also Elder Lopez, the one who was going to have to wait for his visa came back! He was only gone for 2 weeks. It was supposed to take 3 months. Crazy how things work like that! The work was slow and some appointments cancelled that night.

On Wednesday we saw a less active name Teresa. She lives in a not so nice part of town.  So we have been helping her all week. We had an appointment in the afternoon with this dropped investigator who we probably are going to drop again. It started raining. Riding in the rain is not my favorite, but I don’t really have a choice. It was a slow day. Elder Moreno and Elder King nearly ran us over. They took our bikes back to the Brooksby’s and gave us dinner (they scheduled 2 dinners by mistake). We are still not sure what it was? Our appointment with Maritza cancelled very last minute, so we went to mutual and got to know the Young Women better. We want them to come teach with us.

We did our studies at church on Thursday, so Sister Sheffer could work on some my plan stuff because she leaves next week. We had our district meeting. Sister Hogan and I did a training on Revelation through the Book of Mormon. It was a good, but very long district meeting. We went to Chipotle afterwards. We went out trying drops and potentials. We parked our bikes at the church and it just started pouring. We still went out in it. Poor Sister Hogan has a cold, so it was no fun for her. Our zone leader, Elder Moreno and his companion Elder Bonola came and gave her a blessing. It was such a cool blessing and they did the anointing in Spanish. We had the Law of Chastity lesson with Joe.

Friday we did our weekly planning and it took forever. We went down in our red area, it’s the more sketchy part of my area. We don’t go there at night! We tried drops and potentials and saw Teresa and Breanna. Dinner has been a struggle all week, so I had my first Taqueria! I really don’t know Spanish, so it was kind of a struggle! We went and saw a less active family. He said that I have a good Spanish accent. He is from Mexico and helped me with my Spanish.

Saturday morning was kind of rough and windy. We were also trying to figure things out with Teresa. We walked ALL DAY. We walked for over 4 hours. Never doing that again. We tried potentials and dropped in the nicer part of my area. We didn’t get in to see anybody. We went to a baptism at the Spanish branch in Tracy. Joe speaks Spanish and so we thought it was a great opportunity. He came! I didn’t understand what they were saying, but you could feel the spirit even with all of the little kids running around. It was also President Palmer’s birthday, so they sang to him. It was a fun evening.

Yesterday we had church. It was good. We didn’t really see to many people because we have so many meetings and studies. We had a lesson with Joe. He is doing great. He wants to be baptized on the 30th. We are just hoping that both of us don’t get transferred during transfers. We also biked in the pouring down rain and it was actually kind of fun.

It was a hard week because a lot of people cancelled and we didn’t get into see a lot of people. That’s just part of missionary work, though.

I hope everyone has a great week and thank you for all of the support. Sorry this is so short, but I don’t have a lot of time today! So excited for Big Trees!

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn


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