My First Baptism



Hello from sunny California!

I had my first baptism on Saturday! It was such a neat experience. He literally was glowing and I am so happy that he made this decision. It was so neat to watch Joe progress!

After emailing on Monday we went to Tracy and ate Thai food to celebrate Elder Bonola’s birthday and to say goodbye to Elder McKay who left for Thailand last night. It was fun, I love being with other missionaries. We sort of played sports and just all hung out together. We went to the store and then we went to the Ghirardelli factory and had ice cream sundae’s for dinner. I am definitely taking my parent’s there when we come back to visit! It was kind of a slow night and we had to say goodbye to Sister Sheffer.

It was so foggy on Tuesday morning. We tried a bunch of potential investigators and had to bike to service. I love service, it is so fun! Everyone tells me that I have really good fashion sense! In the afternoon, we tried potentials in red and saw the little girl, Breanna. We had dinner with the Zaragoza’s they are so funny, and I wish that they would come to church. We rode our bikes a lot today and I didn’t have to wear tights in the day time, it felt so liberating!

On Wednesday we went to the relief society lunch bunch and talked to a bunch of different people. We saw this lady, Sister Surenok. She has cancer in her spine and can hardly do simple easy tasks. So we vacuumed for her. She is a great example of someone staying positive in such a hard time. It is really inspiring to me. We saw Joe and had our appointment with the Martin’s. It was a very intense lesson and I hope we are getting through to him. We had to rush over to the Stake presidency dinner. We followed Lathrop and we went on an adventure trying to get there. It was fun and I enjoy being with other missionaries. I have definitely developed some friendships that will go beyond my mission! So I will have friends when I get back!

We had our first district meeting of the transfer. There are now 3 districts. Elder Grover is not my district leader, Elder Hopkin is now my district leader. I was a little bummed because they broke up the dream team, but I’m sure there was a reason my old district was placed in different districts. Elder Hopkin is great! He has only been out a transfer longer than me. He asked me to lead a training on John 21:15-17 and it went very well. I love when people participate. After district meeting, we went to service and sorted oranges. We got a ride back and then went and tried this referral. We went to dinner and had our lesson with Joe. He is so prepared for baptism! We came in right in time and just beat the rain!

I was so tired on Friday. We did our weekly planning in the Brooksby’s living room. After we finished, we went and tried Willie. He said that the Restoration pamphlet we gave him really helped his friend and that he want’s to give his friend a Book of Mormon. So basically, we are indirectly teaching his friend, what the heck? We tried dropped investigators all day and rode our bikes for basically 3 and a half hours. Luckily we got someone to come with us to see Joe. He got us cake, it was so nice of him! It was an early night… until Elder Moreno called us about 30 minutes after we went to bed and woke us up! We forgave him though!

I had a really good study on Saturday morning. I studied Alma 17, it’s about Ammon. He’s my favorite! We tried potentials in the morning. We saw Breanna and tried Maritza. We went on splits with the sister training leaders. I was with Sister Winn. I love her, she is so awesome. I determined we can’t be companions because of our last names, Lynn and Winn! It could work! She said peopke always mistake her for me! We went out with this semi-active part member family. They took us to this Hillbilly themed restaurant. It was so hillbilly, Tyler would love it! They give you a tea glass and all the decorations are so hillbilly. The french fries are about the size of dollar bills. If it is your first time, they make you try all of the BBQ sauces, it was quite an experience. We went over to the church and no one was there. We were starting to panic. Luckily Joe’s parents and his friends came! In typical Mormon fashion people showed up a little after 7. President Palmer wanted to be there, but he had to meet with a general authority so Elder Moore and Elder Lopez came (The Assistants). I was so cool. It was so neat to watch him progress and enter the waters of baptism. He hit his head a little when he went down. It was such a great experience. It was a super long, but super good day!

Joe got confirmed on Sunday! Union ward hasn’t had a convert baptism in a while, so I hope the ward can see that it is possible for that to happen. Everyone left after church so it was just us and Brother Bramell for our missionary meeting. We said goodbye to Elder McKay before he left for Thailand. We had Ward Council. It was the longest ward council ever. We went out and tried some referrals. It was so Windy! I was pedaling so hard, but I wasn’t going anywhere. We had dinner with this great family and I actually like cauliflower mashed potatoes. We went and saw this less active family and went back to finish our studies.

Today we are planning on having a hot dog eating contest! I jokingly said I was going to win. Then I texted the zone leaders saying I was just going to watch. Elder Grover told me he would do it if I would do it and I thought I was shaking his hand because he was leaving but then he said we shook on it so now I have to do it!?!? I don’t know?

This week has been a little slow and it’s been a little hard, but everyday is a new day!

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn


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