A Week of Rememberance




I don’t know about you? But I’m feeling 22 weeks out in the mission! I can’t believe I have been out on my mission for 5 months. It so weird to think that I left 5 months ago? I have been so busy, seen so many miracles and have changed so much! I can’t wait for what the 13 months has in store!

So the the theme of our zone training was Remembrance! This week definitely was a week of remembrance!

It all started on Monday with the zone hot dog eating contest, that I somehow got myself entered into. They didn’t cook the hot dogs properly, they just threw them in a big pot and turned on the heat and let them boil. The hot dogs were only 68 cents a pack, which came down to 8 cents a hot dog. Anyway, they smelled so bad, like wet dog. Elder Hopkin had the best description, “They smell like an aquarium”. I couldn’t do it. I had the help of my two surrogate stomachs eat 4 of them for me, so nasty. Elder Baird won with 8 hot dogs, so crazy! We did our shopping and went to this store called World Market. We had our appointment with the Martins and it actually went really well. We had a member come and he said exactly what they needed to hear. We saw a less active family and somehow I got the conversation of horror films relating back to charity. It was definitely by the spirit that I was able to do that.

Tuesday was pretty cold and windy. We went to service, it is so much fun! We tried a lot of different people, mainly dropped investigators. We had dinner at Joe’s house (our recent convert) and his Dad wants to get baptized. After going to his son’s baptism, he saw how much he has changed and wants to get baptized too! That is so awesome! Him and his dad haven’t had the best relationship and now they have become closer. He also committed to baptism! I was able to teach by the spirit, it was so great! We visited this less active family and we talked to this dropped investigator, who is now our investigator.

So on Wednesday, our zone leaders forgot to tell us that we were having apartment inspections. We had to change our plans and find something productive to do until they came. Luckily, Sister Brooksby came back, so we could still go out for a little in the morning. I made Ethan and Felicia’s granola recipe and it is so good! We saw our investigator, Willie. He believes in the Book of Mormon, just not in denominational churches. We are going to continue to work with him. We tried a lot of people. We had dinner with this fun, part member family. We went to the church because it was the Pinewood Derby. The family we saw on Tuesday was going to be there and another family we are teaching was there and their son is going to join scouts. We went with the young women for a bit and then had our lesson with Joe and his dad. We really emphasized keeping the Sabbath day holy in hopes that they would come to church!

Thursday was a day to remember! We had our zone training. I love zone training’s! It is where we get together as a zone and council together and learn from each other and how we can become better. We were talking about the doctrine of remembrance and Mormon 9! I want to challenge everyone to find 3-5 scriptures about the doctrine of remembrance and to read Mormon 9. I instantly thought of the Sacrament Prayers and that it is a time of remembrance and to think about the savior and remember the covenants made during baptism. Also, remembering the Sabbath day and to keep it holy and why it is such an important day. Those are just a few of my thoughts. To me Mormon 9 is talking about Miracles and that God is a God of Miracles. I have seen so many miracles since I have been out on my mission, it’s incredible. It also talked about not doubting your doubts and to have faith. Something I want to do is not only share what did during the week, but I also want to use this time to teach as well. So I would invite you to accept this challenge and tell me what you learned and any insights you might have gained from this! The power I have now, being set apart as a missionary, doesn’t last forever and I want to use this sacred time to do as my calling says and teach.

The meeting was so good and I learned so much. After, Sister Spilsbury made us grill cheese sandwiches and we hung out in the kitchen. We got back and tried this referral. Too bad it was just outside of our area. So we went to go try this potential investigator and that is when all of the fun began. So I was leading and there were these kids on the sidewalk and being the nice person I am I got on to the street instead of running them over. When I went back on the sidewalk, I missed the curb and completely ate pavement. I hit hard on my right side. Normally I just shake it off, but I couldn’t get up. People stopped and helped me. I just really cut up my knees and bruised the back of my right leg and I have a sore tailbone. It honestly is a miracle that I wasn’t more hurt than I am. The way I fell, I should have not been okay. I am still a little sore now and have cuts and bruises, but I am okay. I had someone looking out for me. It was quite an interesting day.

I was pretty sore on Friday. We did weekly planning and then did service for a lady that has cancer in the ward. It felt so great to serve her. We also talked to her a little and kept her company. I love doing service. We tried some potentials and drops and then we had our lesson with Joe and his family. We had a family come with us. It was a crazy lesson, but we did get some nice fellowship out of it. After that, the family who taught with us, took us to In N Out.

On Saturday, we did our studies with the Hermanas. We sang happy birthday to Elder King and gave him this Alpaca figurine and maracas. We tried potentials in their complex and ate lunch at the Hermanas house. We did lots of street contacting and found 4 referrals. For Elder King’s birthday we tried to find him YSA referrals and we found him 2! It was so nice on Saturday, I didn’t even have to wear tights! We also ran into a bunch of Spanish people and what was weird is that I understood what they were saying and I haven’t really been study my Spanish that much!? It was a long, but productive day.

Yesterday was a super nice day. We had church and we had a really good fast and testimony meeting. You could really feel the spirit. Joe was also ordained to be a Priest! We had our coordination meeting and ward council. We finished studies. It was hard trying to find people to teach. We had to strategically plan on people who were not watching the Super Bowl! We didn’t have a dinner and this one couple found out and let us come! We had breakfast for dinner so we literally broke our fast! We saw this SA/PMF. The dad was given a blessing. We are really working with this family and great things will happen for them! It was kind of crazy outside after the game ended. I know the Broncos won.

Today is such a nice day outside. I am not sure what we have planned today, but I am sure it will be fun!

Thank you for all of the love and support!

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn


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