The Trees Are Blooming




Hello Everybody!

This week wasn’t that exciting other than the fact that it was sunny and in the 70s all week! Also the trees are blossoming.

On Monday we had a pretty relaxful uneventful preparation day. We went out to lunch and went shopping and just kind of took it easy. We had our appointment with the Martin’s and it went really well. They are definitely progressing.

It was my 5 month on Tuesday! I cannot believe I have been out for 5 months. It has been long, but short at the same time. I got my Valentines day package and it made me feel so loved! We went to service, so much fruit. I enjoyed the nice weather, I didn’t have to wear a jacket. The warmer weather is better for contacting. We saw this active family. She just had surgery and we shared Ether 12: 6 with her and it really touched her, it was great. We had dinner with a semi active/ Part member family. I had tri-tip for my first time.

On Wednesday, we saw one of our investigators. We really didn’t get much of a lesson in, she just likes to talk. We saw our investigator, Willie. He told us his story of how he found God. He just doesn’t believe in denominational church, so we are just going to visit him every once in awhile. We tried potentials and saw the girls. It was pretty uneventful today.

On Thursday morning we had our district meeting. It was about personal revelation. It was very good. We went to service and we chucked expired yogurt and chocolate milk at the dumpster and we missed a little bit. We have bad aim and chocolate milk went everywhere and we got a yogurt shower. We saw this less active old lady. We went out to this little section of country, it reminded me of Lodi. We had a lesson with Joe and his family. His dad will be getting baptized on March 4th. They really like to talk. Our Sister Training Leaders came for a visit.

Friday means weekly planning. We then went to the not as nice part of our area. There were some crazies out today. We saw this girl smacking a lemon tree with a baseball bat like a pinata, it was random? We talked to her and she was interested though. We had our lesson with Joe and our ward mission leader, Brother Bramell came. He is the best. We had a short meeting after.

Saturday was really nice outside, but really windy. Surprisingly not that many people were out even though it was nice outside. We did service for the lady with cancer in our ward. We saw this lady, Sister Ortega. She has been through a lot. She is very inspiring and she knows that the Lord is looking out for her. We had dinner with this awesome family. A lot of people weren’t home. We just saw this old couple.

Happy Valentines Day! We had stake conference again. It was a broadcast. It was so good and one of our investigators came, Marcus Martin. It was great for him to be there and what they said was so great for him to hear. We came back and finished studies. We talked to a lot of people on the bike path and saw this less active lady. We had dinner with this awesome family and some of our investigators, Kaleigh and her mom also her brother and dad came and we had a lesson with them, it was awesome! On the way to our appointment I got a flat tire. I ran over a glass bottle. We had our lesson with Joe. His Mom loves us. She always tells me that my hands are cold. Sister Sheffer (Emily) came and visited! It was great.

We are probably going to play sports the rest of preparation day.

This week wasn’t that exciting, but hopefully things will pick up and get more exciting.

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn


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