An Incredible Week For the Union Ward


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What an incredible week this week for the Union Ward!

Last Monday we played so many sports outside. I scored a goal in soccer, it was a Christmas miracle! Everyone we tried that night wasn’t home. Nights like that are hard.

I had a really good study on Tuesday morning. I studied President Palmer’s letter. It was talking about unwearied diligence. He talked a lot about Helaman 10:5. He posed lot’s of questions as to why are we not baptizing finding those that are prepared. He talked about the faith to drop an investigator. It is not their time, but you were able to set the foundation fro future missionaries down the road. That put it in a new perspective, it is not easy to drop someone. It’s also important that we remember that everyone is one of God’s children. For those that are not yet ready or receptive, we can set those spiritual touch points that will help illuminate their pathway of ongoing preparation. It was really eye opening and gave me a new perspective. President Palmer is such an inspired man. In the afternoon, we went to service. We sorted cabbage and it smells bad, but I still have so much fun serving. We tried some dropped investigators and Sister Hogan fixed another Sister’s bike. We had a lesson with the Martin’s, it was pretty good. Our appointment at 8 cancelled and we just saw an active family.

Missionary life is starting to really make an impression on me because I wake up now before 6:30, just right before, like 2 minutes. I guess my body is used to now getting up that early! We went to a relief society luncheon and all of our appointments in the afternoon were not home or busy. We finally got in to see this less active lady. We had chicken again for dinner. That was the 5th straight day of chicken and he was like, “opps I made double chicken” because he made 2 dishes with chicken. We went to the last part of the blue and gold banquet for scouts and the Vautaur’s came and their son Caiden is joining scouts! We taught Joe Jr. His dad is starting to loose interest and didn’t want to sit in on the lesson. That is kind of hard, but I have to remember everyone has their agency.

On Thursday, we had our district meeting. For the prepare to learn we were to read our Patriarchal blessing and focus on your divine nature and read D&C 18:10-16 and Helaman 10:3-5. It was really eye opening. I now have a better understanding of my divine nature and that is serve Heavenly Father and His children. He has called me to the work because he knows I can do it. I also learned that our testimony is led by our actions and not always by our words. It is important that we are examples to everyone. It was such a good meeting. We had lunch in the kitchen after and we helped a semi active, part member family move. We had an appointment, but they weren’t there. We got another Rotisserie chicken for dinner, 6 days in a row of chicken and 2 rotisserie ones in one week. No Mas Pollo! So here’s the coolest story. So I said the name “Evans” because that is who we planned for and Sister Hogan thought I said “Edmonds”. So she was leading and I just thought she was taking a weird way to get there. We saw this man standing outside his house and we are always hesitant at night, to be safe. He started talking to us and we told him we were missionaries and then he asked about Joseph Smith. He went and got his wife and we taught them the restoration. We set up an appointment for Friday. They said it’s been a while since they really made an effort in religion. So crazy how things like that happen! We saw these formers and they want to come back to church and we saw a less active family briefly. My allergies have been so bad.

We did weekly planning as always on Friday, but we stopped in the middle to meet with Jackie and David, the people we met the night before and went over the restoration again and any questions. They were so open and so happy that we came. We set up another appointment on Saturday with them and their 15 year old son. We finished planning. We tried some referrals and potentials and saw Joe. We went to dinner. We saw this less active and this other family. It was a busy day.

On Saturday I got to go to Lodi for the baptism of the Bowen kids. It was so great that they were making the covenant of baptism. I was so happy for them. It was nice to see everyone, but it kind of felt weird. Although I loved Lodi, my heart is in Manteca. I know I’m supposed to be here in Manteca. We had our appointment with the Diaz’s and Brother Bramell came. We invited them to come to church and they had such great questions. It was so great. We had an appointment with this guy at the park, he was kind of late. We taught him most of the restoration. We saw this referral. She’s a teenage girl, but her mom says she’s too busy to go to church, but she wants to go. We didn’t have dinner so we went to Taqueria La Estrella. Taco’s of the Stars! We biked from the blue area to the yellow a few times and saw some less actives and this active family.

Sunday was awesome. We had 6 investigators and lots of less actives come to sacrament meeting and it was such a good sacrament meeting. We sang 3 of my favorite songs and the speakers were incredible. The Diaz’s came and so did the Vautaur’s. Gospel Principles and Relief Society were good too. It was so great that people came. We had ward council and then we came back and finished our studies. We had dinner with the Vautaur’s and had a good lesson with them. The dad, Chad, read and prayed and their son was so excited when we gave him his own copy of the Book of Mormon. We also committed them to baptism on March 19th, I’m so excited. We didn’t bike yesterday because we didn’t feel like it, so we were walking. We got picked up by that girl who took us to Big Trees in her sketchy car. we tried some people but they weren’t home and we saw our primary president and she took us home. It was a great day!

I’m so excited to see what this week has in store. We have a busy day tomorrow. I am not even going to think about transfers and just focus on what’s happening now in the Union Ward.

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn


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