Coming Around the Mountain House




So we got our transfer calls last night and both Sister Hogan and I are being transferred and they are putting Elder’s in. I am going to Mountain House and she is going to Modesto. I’ll be coming round the Mountain House! It’s the second richest area in the mission and it’s small. It’s still in Manteca zone. It’s also biking. So The Blue Stallion is not going to be going into retirement any time soon. My new companion is Sister Arevello. She came out with me and she is Spanish so I hope I will be able to speak Spanish by the end of the transfer.

Last week we played Nertz and it was so awesome! I won twice! We set up an appointment with a less active lady and saw the lady with cancer.

Tuesday we were supposed to have a busy day with 3 appointments with our investigators, but 2 cancelled. It was disappointment, but that happens. We did service for this lady in Northland and at the food pantry. The Diaz’s committed to baptism on March 20th. It was a long day, but super nice outside.

On Wednesday, we tried dropped investigators in the morning. Sister Hogan got a really bad flat. Sister Brooksby took us to Chipotle for lunch. We did service for Sister Surenok. We tried this less active and some potentials who were not home. We had a fancy dinner with people in the retirement community. We went to mutual. We worked on the area book.

We had a zone training on Thursday. President came for part of it. It was so good. We talked about the missionary handbook and President’s letter about unwearied diligence that I shared last week. My zone was incredible, I have learned so much from all of the missionaries. We tried some people in our red area. We met with one person and it started raining. We saw this less active lady, she gave us girl scout cookies. We saw this other less active family. We just beat the rain.

We had weekly planning and got a lot done with the area book. We tried the Diaz’s and we had our lesson with the Vataur’s. It went well and they are progressing. We had dinner with the Hermana’s. We saw this less active family. It was rainy and that means there are snails everywhere. I may or may not have stepped on a few, I’m a snail murderer. It’s impossible not to step on them.

Saturday was a bit of a rough. It rained almost all day. We got some news that our miracle investigators dropped us. I have never been dropped before, but I told myself that it was just not their time and that we planted a seed. We worked more on the area book. We got a ride down to our red area. We saw the Martin’s briefly. We tried some less actives and some referrals. It was super windy. We saw the less active lady with alzheimer’s. The Bramell’s, (ward mission leader) took us out to Chili’s for dinner. It was so nice. I love that family. We saw this less active lady who is bedridden. It was crazy windy and rainy.

On Sunday morning during my studies I was reading Ether 12. I love that chapter. It’s all about faith. It mentions the word faith 39 times. It mentions charity and love 10 times, hope 9 times and humility 5 times. This time reading the Book of Mormon I have been studying the Christlike attributes. It has really helped me become more Christlike. Church was good. The testimonies were great. We finished studies. We went out contacting and some guy called us long haired hippies. We had dinner with the Papworth’s and taught the Vataur’s the word of wisdom and they committed to follow it. We saw the relief society president. It started raining. We got calls about 9:35. I am so excited to go to Mountain House! I knew in the back of my mind that was where I was going and I know that is where the Lord needs me.

Today we packed and cleaned. We are going to have a nerf war, go to the Ghirardelli factory, and just have fun today. I’m so excited to see what happens this transfer!

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn


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