Hello From Mountain House California




Hello from Mountain House, California!

I am loving it in Mountain House. It is a community of just houses. There are 4 “villages”, villages are the different areas. We live in a tiny little casida. It is so small, but it works. We live in Wicklund village. There is Bethany, Altamont and Questa villages also. You have to go to Tracy for anything, it’s all residential, there is not even a store or gas station. I love it here in Mountain House. The work is slower than other areas, but that is going to change!

On Monday we went to Ghiradhelli and we went bowling in Tracy. We saw these eternal investigators, they were sad that we were leaving. We saw a few other people. They were all sad that we were leaving, but we are both needed somewhere else.

Tuesday was kind of a crazy day. we finished packing and got a ride to Modesto. We got all packed up and headed to Mountain House. We looked at all of the notes and tried to figure out the area. Hermana Arevalo spent her first 6 weeks in Mountain house so she knows the area. I was so thankful for that, because Mountain House is so confusing. We went and tried to see some people. We had dinner with our ward mission leader. It was a long day.

Wednesday marked 6 months of being out on my mission! Crazy?! So much has happened and so much has changed, but I am loving it. We unpacked. I love my companion, I have already learned a lot from her. It’s nice because she is older and we have been out the same amount of time. I finally finished unpacking at lunch. We had 2 lessons with some former investigators, but both of them are moving. We had dinner at the Stake President’s House. My Zone is going to be awesome! There are so many great missionaries here. we went and saw a recent convert family who is working towards the Temple. They are so awesome. Great things are going to happen in Mountain House.

Thursday morning was our first district meeting. The districts stayed about the same, just different people. We are the only sister’s in our district. I have such a good district too. It rained on Thursday and I really dislike biking in the rain. No one opened their doors. I have found that to be a trend here. It’s a commuter town. We went to a relief society dinner and it was so nice that I got to meet a lot of the ward members before church on Sunday. The ward reminds me a lot of the Cherry Grove Ward, lots of little kids! I love Mountain House!

I finished the Book of Mormon for my 10th time on Friday morning! I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It is a testament of Jesus Christ and I know that he lives. I know that by reading and praying with real intent that anyone can know that the Book of Mormon is true. This book has changed my life and helped my testimony grow. I love the Book of Mormon and would invite everyone to read it and share it with everyone. It has the power to change lives. We did part of our studies in Spanish, it was cool! We did our weekly planning, it’s always interesting the first week in a new area because we are still learning things about the area and the ward. We taught one of our formers who is moving, but she wants to go to church when she gets to where she is moving to. I hit a bush and fell off my bike one again and fell into a pile of leaves. Helmets save lives. It’s a good thing Sister Missionaries can’t show our knees because my poor knees have really taken a beating. I am okay though! We had dinner with this awesome family, they are inviting their whole street to church on Easter, so awesome. A lot of people are not home on Friday nights. Long, but good day.

I started the Book of Mormon again, on Saturday Morning. I love that I can learn something new every time. We met this active family and she referred us to her neighbor. I love how missionary minded Mountain House is. We tried people all day and no one answered the door. We did get to schedule an appointment with a part member family, which was nice. We had dinner with the Relief Society President. She actually made us healthy food. Her kids are so funny. We talked about how we can help the Relief Society. It rained again. We saw a lady in the ward and a less active/ part member family and they took our bikes home. Super long day.

I don’t like daylight savings as a missionary and especially ward council at 7:30. It was raining. Ward council wasn’t too bad and people stay on topic. I really like the bishop, he is very missionary and family oriented. Sacrament was good, just noisy. It’s weird not having investigators in class, that will change. Relief society was good. We came back for lunch and got a ride to our appointment with that PMF. They are awesome and we shared with them the new video. I love the new Follow Him video. I get chills every time I watch it. I know that Jesus Christ died for me and that I can be forgiven of my sins and that we should follow him. I would invite you to share it with everyone. It is so sad that some people don’t about the Atonement and what Jesus Christ did for us. What a blessing it is to know that. We had dinner with this great family. They are all missionary minded. We had to go finish our studies and we planned. Long, but good day!

The members in Mountain House are so great, some member is doing our laundry and we might go to Manteca to play sports. It is going to be great here in Mountain House.

The members have said that people really like us and they like the spirit we bring. They said there is something different about us and they are excited to work with us. I am so happy!

Got to go! Have a great week!

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn


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