The Work is Moving Forward

Happy Spring!

This week was good. It was the warmest week of March I have ever experienced. Mountain House is very different than any other area I have served in. It is very diverse. I also think I am allergic to Mountain House, my allergies are killing me.

On Monday we played basketball, it was super fun. We had dinner with this awesome family. Their little 3 year old, Sophie, adopted me. We saw a less active family and we set up an appointment.
On Tuesday we did service for a now former investigator of ours. She is moving to Texas and so we were helping her pack some last minute things and clean. The zone leaders came and helped. She is totally going to get baptized. We tried some potentials and less actives. We saw this less active and her Mom who is not a member and we taught her about Joseph Smith. Unfortunately, she lives in New York City. We had dinner with this recent convert family. We had corn dogs and I just had to take one for the team. We did splits with the young men. The people we tried were kind of busy so they didn’t get much teaching experience. It was a super long day.
On Wednesday, we had a missionary meeting with Lodi and Stockton zones. We talked about the new Follow Him video. I love that video. Every time I watch it, I get chills and I always learn something new. We had such a good discussion and you could really feel the spirit. On our way to an appointment we stopped and talked to this guy who told us we needed to be vegetarians! We saw this less active lady. She has this bird that can talk and it kept saying, “Hello” and “Happy Birthday”. We saw a semi active lady. The lady we had dinner with, gave a rotisserie chicken. Apparently that means she likes us. We met with this active family and set up some appointments.
We had our district meeting on Thursday. It was so good. My companion and I led a training on How to Begin Teaching. You could really feel the spirit throughout the entire meeting. I really love my district. It was Elder Shepherd’s birthday, so I made him cake and we sang happy birthday. We went with the Spanish sister’s and our sister training leaders and got Filipino food. It is so yummy. We tried some dropped investigators and potential investigators. Not a lot of people were home. We got in to see two people during the evening time. It was kind of a slow night.
We did our weekly planning. A member got me some Sudafed because I have been suffering so bad with my allergies. The members really take care of us. We had an appointment with this lady, but she wasn’t home. We saw a less active family and tried some potentials. We went to go see this less active, but we talked to their neighbor and she became our newest investigator! We found a new investigator! Her name is Latisha. I am so excited. We saw a few other families. The zone leaders gave us our mail. The work is moving forward in Mountain House.
We had an appointment Saturday morning with a former investigator, but she cancelled. Sister Arevalo got a flat, so we took it to a member and went contacting and tried potentials. We talked to so many people. It was so nice outside. We didn’t get in to see that many people. We saw a semi active family and an active family. The people who fed us dinner took us to Red Robin. Her husband is not a member and it was the perfect how to begin teaching. We tried a few families and saw the lady that we had appointment with on Friday. She is from Guatemala and she and Sister Arevalo were talking in Spanish. I just stood there. No hablo espanol! I got some Piano Guys music and we have been jamming out to that at night. Long day.
On Sunday’s we have to get ready pretty quick for ward council. Sacrament was good. I taught Gospel Principles. Relief Society was good too. It started pouring down rain in the middle of studies. My allergies were bad yesterday. We walked around because it was raining and tried some HQ referrals. We had dinner with this awesome family. We saw this less active and her daughter. We shared the Follow Him video and you could really feel the spirit. It was so windy.
6 months ago today I came to the great state of California. I came in not knowing much at all and in just half a year I have changed so much and have grown so much! I talk to random strangers and want to share my testimony with everyone I I meet! I cannot wait to see what happens this next year!
Today a member took us to Target and we went bowling. I love being a missionary!
Have a great week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

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