Hello from sunny and windy California! This week was a good week! I already have a really bad sock tan already and a watch tan and it’s only March! Hay fever is not my friend, but other than that it was a pretty good week!

On Tuesday, we had an appointment with a former investigator, but she thought it was on Wednesday. We saw some other former’s who are moving this week. We saw this non member who’s husband is less active and had a really good talk with her. We were the first missionaries that she has ever let in. She is really in to family history. One thing about Mountain House is that it is really windy! We tried to visit a lot of people. We went to mutual. We didn’t know that the activity was going to be a dart war, so I felt kind of bad because it wasn’t spiritual, but I just determined we were the fiery darts of the adversary! It was a long day.
On Wednesday, we went back and saw the former investigator, Monique. We had a good lesson with her and I am excited to work with her. During lunch, I made these really yummy gluten free cookies, but I have been sworn to secrecy not to share the recipe until I get transferred! We saw some people at central park and saw this Filipino guy that we had talked to the week before. We tried some potentials and saw a new active family. We biked a lot. We had dinner with our relief society president and she always makes healthy food, which doesn’t happen a lot when you are a missionary. It was kind of a slower evening. Another long day.
Thursday mornings are probably my favorite part of the week because we have district meeting. I love district meetings! I have loved all of the districts that I have been in, but I think this district is my favorite. It is small and it is just a great group of missionaries. We talked a lot about faith and charity and had so many good discussions. You could really feel the spirit so strong. You could just feel the love in the air. My companion and I led a training on the companion section of the missionary handbook. Our district leader didn’t know why he felt that we needed to study that, but it really tied in to our discussions about charity. It was just such a good meeting. We got a ride back. We tried some actives and less actives. We met a less active girl who has been really hard to get a hold of. We just talked briefly. We saw this active family who lived in Dayton! We had dinner with this awesome couple and I ate pork chops without ketchup! We finally got in to see this less active family. They are a great family and their son is turning 8 this year! It was a good day! I also am learning how to pray in Spanish. I can start my prayers in Spanish!
We did weekly planning on Friday. It was so nice outside on Friday. I was on fire talking to people on the street. I have seen my confidence increase so much these past few weeks, it’s been incredible. We met this family who moved in, in December and they want us to come back. We met this active family and then we went on exchanges. I was in Mountain House with Sister Neeley. This was her first area. You think you are safe when you go to a members house, but that isn’t always the case. So they told us it was tea and we were thinking it was herbal tea. We both poured it in our cups, but it wasn’t herbal tea, it was ice tea. I pretended to drink it. When they weren’t looking, we poured it back in the container, it was so funny. Sister Neeley and I were dying! we tried to see this less active. The zone leaders came by and finally got us a cookie sheet and I got my package. It was so nice. My family is the best! I also got something from Asher Alder and Sister Vandemeerwe, I feel so loved. It was another good day. Also, that day marked straight 4 years of writing in my journal everyday! What an accomplishment!
On Saturday morning our ward mission leader called. We tried some less actives. We went to the Mountain House Easter egg hunt at the park thinking it would be a good opportunity, but people really weren’t interested. We saw this less active man, unfortunately he is not interested in ever coming back to the church. Everyone else we tried wasn’t home. It is hard when that happens. it was also really hot. We exchanged back. We went to the broadcast. It was so good. I loved the theme of service. I am not sure which was was my favorite talk, they were all so good. I liked President Eyring’s commitments. I just really love the theme of service and charity. Love is making space in your life for someone else. Service is an opportunity to learn what love really is. It was just so good and I can’t wait for next week for general conference.
Happy Easter Sunday! What a great way to spend Easter than serving as a representative of Jesus Christ! Monique our investigator came to church! The talks in sacrament were so good. All of the lessons I had were so good. We came back and had studies and went to someone’s house for Easter lunch. We came back and finished our studies. We saw a few less active families and met with our ward mission leader. It was so windy last night, there were times where we didn’t have to pedal. The zone leaders came and dropped off some cookies. It was a good long day!
I am looking forward to this week and for the work in Mountain House to continue. I am truly loving my mission.
All the Love,

Sister Hanna Lynn


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