“Obedience is a Liberating Path to Our Divine Destiny”




Hello from the newly determined windy city, Mountain House, California! This week was a pretty good week.

On Monday we played volleyball and basketball. It was super fun. We saw this less active family and did some service for her. We saw this other less active lady and visited with the lady who does our laundry. It was a fun, busy, day!
On Tuesday, we had our first member present since I have been in Mountain House. We read scriptures with Monique and it was so great to have that third witness to testify of the Book of Mormon. We tried some potentials. We tried a lot of different people. I got scratched by a fat pug, my legs have just been taking a beating. We were trying to see this less active and her Mom was there and she shared with us her conversion story. It is so neat to hear how people come to gain a testimony of the gospel. We saw a few other people. Planning was pretty quick which is always nice. Hay fever is the worst.
On Wednesday we were supposed to do some service with a less active family, but she forgot. We went over to the lady who does our laundry and she needed some service done. We did some yard work for her and my allergies were so bad after that, but it was all good because it felt good to do service. That is something I have been praying to find. It feels so good to help other people. We tried this less active and some potentials. We did some more service and baked bread with a member to give to people. We made scones (fried bread) with the leftover dough, so good. I got my bike tuned up and now it rides so much better. We read scriptures and said a prayer with an active family. We do that at night a lot, so at least we are doing something productive. It is hard sometimes to see non-members at night. We also saw a less active lady. It was a busy, but good day!
On Thursday we had a zone training. That is different than a zone conference because it is just our zone counseling together. It was such a great meeting and I learned so much. The main theme we talked about is that we need to love ourselves and see ourselves as God sees us so that we can love other people. It was so powerful and we talked a lot about charity as well. It was something that I needed to hear. I love the spirit that I feel at those meetings. It was extremely windy. Everyone we tried wasn’t home, that happens. I know that it is important to stay diligent and faithful and work hard even when days are like that. The point is that we made an effort and Heavenly Father is aware of our efforts. We had to go get warm clothes and went back out and saw an active family and had our missionary meeting at our ward mission leader’s house. We got a ride back, because it was so windy. It was a good day, minus the wind!
On Friday we were supposed to have a lesson with Monique, but she cancelled. Our ward mission leader called and we did weekly planning. It was such a beautiful day. We did get in to see this less active family. We had dinner with this family who’s son is on a mission in Mexico. She really likes to talk. We went to try this former and she wasn’t home. We ended up talking to this guy who was out playing basketball with his kids. We had such a good conversation about Jesus Christ and he really tries to put God first and be an example for his kids. He wasn’t too interested, but it was still so awesome. His son gave us juice pouches! We saw this active family who are really missionary minded.
Saturday was the first day of conference weekend. The people we were going to watch it with in the morning thought we were going to watch it with them on Sunday, so we watched it with the family we visited the night before. I really liked Gary A. Steveson’s talk about Priesthood keys. The priesthood keys will help us return back home to our Heavenly Father. I also loved the theme that we are children of our Heavenly Father. We quickly did studies between sessions. The family we were going to watch it with was sick so we really had to scramble to find a place to watch it, but we found a place! It was so good! I liked Mervyn B. Arnold’s talk and how he talked about coming to the rescue and helping those come unto Christ. Elder Bednar’s talk was good as well. It was relevant to what we teach as missionaries about baptism. We saw a few people in the afternoon. We saw a few families in the evening. It was another long day.
On Sunday, we watched the morning session with the family we were supposed to watch it with on Saturday. I was suffering bad with Hay fever and they gave me Flonase! It is so nice when the members take care of us. Each talk kept getting better. From sister Oscarson’s talk I like when she said “It is a choice we make daily to choose faith over doubt”. I loved the reoccurring theme of the temple. I loved President Uchtdorf’s talk. I think it was my favorite one. I love how it talked about obedience and faith. “Obedience is the process of when we discover what we are truly made of”, “Obedience is a liberating path to our divine destiny”. I can’t wait for the conference issue of the Ensign to come out. The afternoon session was great as well. I liked Elder Kent F. Richards talk about temples. Even though I am unable go to the temple due to circumstances, I still loved the message he shared. I really loved Elder Holland’s talk. What a powerful speaker! I love how he talked about how we need to remember what we learned today, tomorrow, and the days after. He also said, “We get credit for trying, even if we don’t succeed” and “The Lord blesses those who want to improve”. It was so great!  We saw some people in the afternoon and in the evening. It was a great conference weekend.
We went to the store this morning and Bath and Body works! We are going to play sports today.
I hope everyone has a great week and remembers what they learned from conference!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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