Time is flying and I am loving it!






Hello everybody! I hope everyone has had a great week!

On Monday we played basketball and volleyball. We were all on our B game and could not stop laughing. We were biking and we saw these random bunnies that were on the grass, they looked like pet bunnies. We had dinner with a less active family. We couldn’t really talk too much about the gospel, but just being able to meet with them was a good start.
Tuesday was a super good day! We got to see a few less actives that we have been trying to see since we got here. Almost every door we knocked on people were home! That never happens. We did some service with this less active family and helped her kids sew a blanket they are going to give somebody. I made us some Skyline chili and it was so good! I don’t even really like it, but I have been craving it since I have been out on my mission. I documented Sister Arevalo trying it. She didn’t know what to think of it at first, but later on she told me she liked it. We got invited to go to activity day girls. They had been studying family history and shared some stories of their ancestors. We also helped with Mutual. They did a mock MTC. It was so cool, they had mission calls, language study, preparation day, cooking and laundry and we were in charge of the scripture chase. We got a call from President and Sister Palmer. They wanted to take us out for ice cream, but we were busy. It was just such a great day!
Wednesday was a little different than Tuesday. My allergies were so bad and I was a little trunkie and tired. We tried so many people that afternoon and no one was home. That happens. It’s not always easy, but I just have to keep trying. We did some yard work for the lady that does our laundry. It was pretty hot, it was almost 90! We read scriptures with this family who are about to move to Utah. We were reading in Moroni 10 and talking about the gifts of the spirit. It was nice. It was a long day.
Thursday was pretty good. I have been teaching in my sleep again, got to love being a missionary! District meeting was so good. Sister Palmer joined us for the meeting. I led a training on Patience. The definition in Preach My Gospel says the ability to do God’s will and accept his timing. It was helpful for everyone. We also studied the Christlike attributes, Humility and Diligence. I strive everyday to be a diligent missionary and to work hard. It was just so good. We also talked briefly about the gifts of the spirit. It was cool to read about all of the gifts of the spirit in Moroni 10. We took a missionary survey because in June, Elder Evans is coming to speak to us. I’m excited. I think someone else is coming in May. We got a new investigator! This Filipino man who we had been talking to earlier, it is so exciting! He is a member of the Filipino Church of Christ. We saw this family. The Mom has Valley fever and they have been through a lot. We had a really cool discussion about holding onto the iron rod. We talked to this German lady who we think has Alzheimer’s. She kept saying, “There is only one God, I’m sorry!” It was funny. We saw some other families. Long, but good day.
On Friday during my personal study, I was reading my patriarchal blessing. I have such a strong testimony that God knows us individually and loves every single one of his children! We had an appointment with Monique and she has been reading. We taught the plan of salvation. We did weekly planning. We went to the newest village, it’s called Hansen Village. A new family in the ward moved there, the first ones in the ward to live there. We had dinner with Sister Sales. She is in charge of our dinner calendar and she has three sons out on missions and the twins come home in May. She takes such good care of us, we call her Mama Ames! It rained a little. We set up an appointment with a less active and saw this less active lady. I also finished journal #11! That is my 11th journal in the past 4 years. Busy day.
I have been out on my mission for 7 months. It literally felt I was just at my 6 month mark. Time is flying and I am loving it! I love being a missionary! It rained all day! We had an appointment with Bert, our new investigator and his wife. We had a member come with us, but Bert wasn’t home. We saw our other investigator, Latisha, but she was busy. We talked to this less active that we have been trying to see and had a good conversation with him. We walked around all day and at one point it just poured. We saw this family in the evening and read scriptures with them. We didn’t get in to see anybody else. We got a ride home and they thought we were crazy for walking out in the rain. Started journal #12! Although it rained all day, it was a pretty good day!
It was a rush on Sunday to get ready for ward council. It was a full house at church. That’s what happens when their are two baptisms and a baby blessing. The testimonies and lessons were so good. We got invited to go to the 5 year old primary class because they were talking about missionaries. I miss primary so much! We did studies and then went out. We saw this potential and talked to him about the restoration. We tried some other people. Brownies are the best! We tried some people, but they weren’t home. We saw two families and had great discussions about the gospel and conference. Good day.
Today we went to the store and I finally got a haircut. We are probably going to play basketball and volleyball.
This week would have been the last week of the transfer, but because the stay at the MTC got extended to 3 weeks, we have a week extension. I’m excited to be in Mountain House for an extra week at least! I’m excited to see what happens this week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

It’s “Skyline Time”


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