I Am Just So Happy




This week was a pretty good week. It’s been windy and warm!

We played basketball and volleyball again. I love playing sports, it’s such a great outlet on Monday’s and really prepares me for the week. The family we had dinner with, the Mom served a mission in New Zealand. Dinner was ready right when she said it would be and we were in and out in an hour. It is so great when people realize that we can’t be there that long. We read scriptures with a less active family and saw this part member Guatemalan family and prayed with them.
On Tuesday, we tried something new. At the library, they have this conversation group for people who want to improve their English. There are people from all over the world and it is cool to watch them learn basic skills. It is part of our service. We tried potentials, former’s and less actives. We had dinner with our Bishop. Who can argue with cinnamon rolls for dinner? We read scriptures with an active family and prayed with this family who is struggling right now. It was good for them. It was SUPER windy today!
On Wednesday, we had our appointment with Monique. We finished teaching the plan of salvation. There were lots of distractions. We invited her to be baptized, but now is not the right time for her. We had made some appointments with members and we got to see all of them. We visited this very less active and read scriptures with her family. It was neat and she wants us to come back this Wednesday to do it again!
Thursday was such a great day. We had District Meeting. Something we had to study was “I am a Child of God”. It made me really think. I thought of this as an investigator talking to a missionary, because we have the way that will get them back to Heavenly Father. We also talked about that it is important to live what we learn and that it is important to treasure up the word that we receive because it helps with our personal conversion. I love my district. My district leader is actually called as a Laocean speaking missionary and it was Lao New Year, so we had snacks after. We had President Interviews, so since the zone leaders had to be there all day they let us borrow their car so we could come back later for our interviews. It felt so good to drive. We jammed out to this dance version of “I Hope they Call Me on Mission”. It’s my new pump up song! We did service with our relief society president. We helped out this family in the ward and organized and cleaned their house. We drove back for interviews and they were an hour behind so we all went around the piano and sang primary songs and hymns. It was very spiritual. It was so nice to talk to my mission president. He is the best mission president that I could ask for! He told me that when he first met me he knew my heart and my desire. He could tell that before he even talked to me! He also told me that he appreciates the way I dress and present myself. He wishes other sister’s would do the same, that made me feel so good! I also talked to Sister Palmer, she is the best and makes the best cookies! We got a ride back to Mountain House and went and tried a referral. They weren’t interested, but are very devoted to Christ. We visited a few families in the evening. It was such a great day and I am just so Happy!
We had a visit with a less active on Friday. She told us some experiences that she had and how they have increased her testimony. I wish she would come to church. We weekly planned. By the end, we were dying of laughter! We had fun. We tried some potentials and less actives. We saw this LA/PMF and had a good talk with them. Their son is turning 8 soon and they want us to start teaching him! We had dinner with this awesome family. It was probably the best dinner I have ever had on my mission! She made this cilantro pesto and I can now say I am a fan of Quinoa! I am going so California! We didn’t get in to see anyone else. Good day!
It was super nice on Saturday morning. We talked to this guy named Manwell and he wants us to read scriptures with him and his family! Our dinner was at 7 and we had no set appointments until then, so that meant we had 7 hours of straight proselyting. Normally in the past, I would have complained or wondered how we would fill that time because we didn’t have any set appointments, but I had a positive attitude about it. It was hot on Saturday. We didn’t get in to see that many people, but I felt very accomplished. We talked to our middle eastern neighbor and when we told him God has a body of flesh and bones, his eyes lit up and it was really cool. That was about the extent of it. Some friends of his came over and one of his friends started getting in a debate about religion with his wife and I totally lost the spirit and knew we had to leave. We got out of their as soon as we could. We plan on going back to talk to him when his friends are not there. We went to our dinner and her son was asking so many good questions about the gospel. It was so great to answer them and help him feel of the spirit. The zone leaders came and finally gave us our March Ensign. They told us we are their favorite Sister’s! I know that they were not making that up, because one of the Elder’s doesn’t sugar coat things to make people feel good! I was so tired. It was a long day.
We didn’t have to go to Ward Council so we got to take our time and get some studies in before church. Church was good. We finished our studies. It was really hot today. We tried a bunch of people. After knocking on her door so many times, we finally saw this potential, but she is moving. We finally got to meet her though! My Mom would be so proud of me, we had the Costco version of Stoeffer’s lasagna and I ate it. I didn’t like it, but I ate it! We saw this family and said family prayer with our relief society president. We talked to this other family, that we are trying to get to come back to church so they can go to the temple. It was another long day.
Today I had really great studies. I studied 2 of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. Alma 17 and 18! Ammon is such the prime example of a diligent, obedient missionary! I want to be like him, but I’ll let people keep their arms! We went to Target and we are planning on going to Manteca and playing sports with everyone. It should be fun!
This is the last week of the transfer. I have loved being here in Mountain House! Whatever happens I know that it is up to Lord and I want to enjoy the time I have here in Mountain House!
I have a request. I would like for people to send me their testimonies. So anybody reading this, I want you to send me your testimony of the truthfulness of this gospel and how you came to know it’s true. I love hearing other people’s testimonies and it helps increase mine.
Thank you for all of the prayers and all the love. I hope everyone has a great week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

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