Not as Shy as I Used to Be




Hello from Windy House!

This week has been an interesting week. It’s been different with a new companion.
Our zone leaders, have fought for us to get a car, so we can go to Tracy for church and service and preparation day! They have been so nice to us! We are very limited on miles and can only drive it to Tracy! I wouldn’t drive around Mountain House, it would be pointless! We should be getting it on Tuesday or Wednesday!
Monday was good. We played sports. We had dinner with this family and this other family who moved on Friday. Our Bishop wanted to have us over for family home evening, it was nice. I was sad Sister Arevalo was leaving, but she is needed in Ceres.
Tuesday is transfer day! I helped Sister Arevalo finish packing, man she had a lot of stuff. We got up to the mission office and I hung out there a little while waiting for Sister Turner. She is small like me and has brown hair and brown eyes. She just graduated in 2015, I graduated 3 years ago! She has only been out 3 months. It feels weird being out longer than my companion. We went back to Mountain House and the zone leaders and district leaders came by to meet her. We tried some potentials and we met some of the ward members and auxiliaries. It was so windy and she is not used to riding a bike that much.
On Wednesday morning, I read my dad’s conversion story during personal study as part of our prepare to learn. It was so neat to see how he joined the church and I want to find other people like my dad because I know that my family has been so blessed by his decision to be baptized. There was a small thunderstorm in the early afternoon. We met a few members and did service for a less active lady. It felt so good to serve. We found out we were getting the car! We went to the stake presidency dinner at one of the counselor’s house. His is my favorite because of the message he shares. He talked about how we can be better missionaries. It was a pretty good, but long day.
On Thursday, we had our first district meeting of the transfer. We only have two districts now. I have had new district leaders every transfer. My district leaders are both going home at the end of this transfer and are extremely trunkie, it should be interesting. We talked about conversion stories, it was cool. We saw a few less actives and the relief society president. We had dinner with the new family that moved into Hansen Village. We read scriptures with a few families in the evening. It was a long day.
We had an appointment with Monique on Friday, but she cancelled. We did weekly planning. It was so windy. Something I have been doing lately is really trying to follow every prompting. There was this man who was standing on his front porch and the old Sister Lynn would have been too scared to talk to him, but I did and he was really nice. He is a Christian and really appreciates what we do. We gave him a pamphlet and hope to see him again. I have seen such a difference in myself. I am not as afraid anymore and not as shy as I used to be. I have taken the lead and it feels weird, like I initiate things now and before I was too shy to be the one to speak up at first! We had dinner with the Sales. It was windy and freezing and I didn’t have a jacket. It was kind of a slow night.
Saturday was our big day of service. Our ward was cleaning up a park. We couldn’t go until 10 and they finished before 930. Tracy and Chester wards finished early too, but Hidden Lake didn’t so we went and did service with their ward as well as the Tracy and Chester missionaries. We made a baseball diamond at a school. It was so windy. It looked nice at the end. We played kickball with the kids after, it was fun. I kicked a home run! After, we went to In N Out with the Elders and then back to Mountain House. We helped a lady in our ward set up for a vendor’s fair at one of the elementary schools. She owns her own online bakery and was selling cupcakes. It was so fun and I wrote on all of the chalkboards. It pays off to serve because they were having a color run while we set up and they played some really good music, got to love tender mercies! We read scriptures with this less active family. I have seen such a difference in myself. I can actually take the lead and I am confident. We had five minutes before we had to be at dinner and so we tried this potential. I have really been trying to use every minute and fill it with something productive instead of going to places early. Well, he wasn’t home, and I saw this man washing his car and felt prompted to go talk to him. We started talking and turns out he is not real happy with his life right now and said he needs to find a church. We invited him to church, it was so cool. At dinner we had this cake that had obnoxiously blue frosting. I got some on my lips and it looked like I had frost bite. We did a Book of Mormon read with a family, but they are moving soon. I was so exhausted, but it felt so good to serve!
Church was so good on Sunday. Testimony meeting was so good. I love the Mountain House ward. We had a lunch instead of a dinner at someone’s house. We got to roast s’mores, it was so yummy! We stayed out and met a few families. I got to use a little of my Spanish. Pequito espanol! Allergies were killer yesterday. We finally got to have a lesson. We haven’t had one all week and we talked to Megan about the Restoration and she wants to read the Book of Mormon, but we forgot one. We are going to meet with her Wednesday! I am so excited. It felt so good and so natural to teach. It was a hot, but beautiful day!
Today we borrowed the Elder’s car and went shopping. We are planning on going to Manteca to do sports. I hope we can have more lessons this week!
One thing I really want to do this transfer is get Mountain House a baptism. They haven’t had one since January and haven’t even had one since becoming the Mountain House Ward in August! I just have to keep pressing forward and being diligent and have faith! I know that anything is possible!
Have a great week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

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