Something is Starting Happening in Mountain House!


On Monday we played ultimate rugby. It is so fun, it should be called “Butterfingers”! We also played this game called Kid History, it like Apples to Apples, but with funny things kids say and events in History. We had FHE with the Elder’s Quorum President and his wife who is the gospel principles teacher. We acted out Captain Moroni and we were the people. I have pictures, it was quite the production!
On Tuesday, we did service at this place called Tracy Interfaith. We sorted clothes and had a fun time doing it. It was a real humbling experience. I didn’t realize that people could just get those clothes for free. I made me so thankful for all that I have. We biked around a lot in the afternoon, it was hot! I’ve got quite the farmers tan going on! We saw this Less Active/PMF and set up an appointment this Thursday to start teaching her boys! We saw this single women in our ward and she gave us a referral.
On Wednesday, we tried people in Bethany village in the morning. I have been making Sister Turner lead out. It has tested probably both of our patience. We were going to do some yard work for a less active lady, but ended up folding laundry with her. We saw this lady, Sister Brown. She is the oldest person in the ward by far. She gave us chocolate covered Twinkies. I told her I didn’t want them, but she insisted I took them. She is so funny! We met the referral from the lady we had seen the night before. She actually is a member, she teaches in Mountain House during the week and goes to Modesto on the weekends with her family. We also contacted the referral we got from our Stake President. Her name is Amber. She is so nice. She is 19 years old. Her friend from the Chester Ward is on a mission and thought she would benefit from seeing the missionaries. She is interested in the lessons. We are so excited. Something is starting happening in Mountain House!
On Thursday, we had our district meeting. It was pretty good, a little more spiritual than the last one. We watched a few Mormon Messages. My favorite one we watched is “Our True Identity” form President Uchtdorf. I have always loved that message. We went out for sushi district meeting, not too happy about that, so I ate when we got home. We biked around a lot that day and it was a hot day. we had dinner with this awesome family. I love brownies and ice cream! We saw this semi-active and shared a Mormon message with them. We invited Amber to the Tracy Elders baptism on Saturday and she said yes! That is so exciting because we just met her on Wednesday!
On Friday we did our weekly planning. We read scriptures with this less active girl. We painted with this less active/PMF family. We painted their living room. It was fun. We had dinner with our relief society president, she always cooks us healthy food. I like Edamame noodles! We shared a Mormon message with this family. It is the one about Moore, Oklahoma, they helped with the cleanup efforts.
On Saturday, we got to go to the Tracy Elder’s baptism. Amber came and it was so awesome. She said she felt the spirit. It was so awesome. I am so excited to teach her. We did studies at the church and then met the zone leaders, the assistants and Union Ward Elders at In N Out, it was fun! We came back to Mountain House and biked around for a lot of the afternoon. We saw this couple that is working towards the temple. He is a musician and gave us some of his CD’s. Our dinner cancelled so our young women’s president invited us over. We tried some people, but a lot of people were not home. We saw this family. They have a son on a mission and they like to talk.
On Sunday, we had a missionary themed ward council and talked about the missionary vision of Mountain House, it was good. Church was good. We did studies. We saw a few people. We went to our ward mission leader’s house and he had some neighbor’s over and we had a good discussion. It was super windy. We saw this family who is about to move. It was a long day.
Today we are going to Manteca to play sports, so excited! I hope this is a great week.
Sad to hear about the ward changes, but it is all in the Lord’s plan. I have loved being a part of Cherry Grove Ward, but am looking forward to going back to the Eastgate ward. I move wards all of the time and it is so nice to get to know new people.
I hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Roudabush says hi!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

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