I Got to Use a Machete!




After emailing on Monday we went shopping. We also shopped for the zone leaders because they had to stay at the family history center. We also had to wash their car. We went to Manteca and played scatter ball and basketball with the assistants, it was super fun. We had FHE with the Waltz’s and shared a Mormon message. It was a long, but fun day!

It was pretty warm on Tuesday. I read President Palmer’s letter during my studies. It was really great. It talked about how we don’t have to be perfect missionaries and how we need to love ourselves and know that we are doing a good job. We went to Orchard Service on Grandpa’s Orchard. Grandpa is a member of Hidden Lake ward and everyone calls him Grandpa. I got to use a machete! We didn’t really get in to see anybody and it was really hot, I drank like 4 bottles of water. We did meet this guy who we have been trying to get a hold of, he is less active and we have a dinner scheduled with him and his wife next week! We had dinner with the lady who does our laundry. We talked about cool spiritual experiences, but we were there way too long.
It was really hot on Wednesday. We did service for a family in the ward. We did household chores. My district leaders surprised us and brought us Ben & Jerry’s. It was so nice. We saw this less active family and shared a message with them. We had dinner with this cute family. Their almost 8 year old shared a missionary moment where she taught her friend to pray, it was cool. We went over to the Sales’s. Their other son Cameron just came back from his mission in Taiwan. We met him while he was still Elder Sales. He got home at like 7 in the morning and didn’t get released until 8 at night. I don’t think I could do that, too many temptations. We went and saw our investigators Manuel and Megan. It was really cool, I used the gift of discernment. He said, “We haven’t read the book yet and we will call you when we do” in a kind of rude way, but he made his kids tell us that. I knew that they aren’t ready at this time, it hurts but I just felt the spirit and knew that they are not ready right now.
There was a vast temperature difference on Thursday than the day before. Instead of district meeting, we did weekly planning. There was a leadership meeting with some visiting 70’s. My companion was having a hard time, so our district leaders came and gave her a blessing. We saw this less active lady. It was EXTREMELY windy. We had dinner with this lady in our ward, Sister Brown. She is the oldest member by far. She really likes to feed us. She made us take food home. She is so funny. We went to the relief society activity and thankfully got a ride home because it was so windy.
On Friday we had our zone training. It was really good. Our leaders are divinely inspired. A scripture that I found in the footnotes that really stuck out to me is Matthew 18:14 
14 Even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish.
The footnote for little ones is “children”. So as missionaries we are called to do the will of the father and that is to bring His children back to him. It just really made an impression on me. We also talked about planning and goal setting. I am definitely going to change the way that I plan. It is going to be different, but I know that as I make this change it will make a difference in my work. After zone training we went to In N Out, our usually hang out and brought it back to the church. The assistants came too and we played a little bit of basketball. We tried a few people before dinner. After dinner we tried a few people and did a Book of Mormon read with a family. It was a long day. I also got my GPS, so James will lead the way! We have it set on UK English and James is the one who speaks!
We had a slow morning on Saturday. We did pray with this random guy on the street. We met with this family who is really missionary oriented. It is so awesome when the members are missionary oriented. They also gave us a lot of stuff. All we wanted was paper towels. We went to the Sales’s homecoming party. We saw a few families. It was kind of a slow day. Our dinner cancelled. So we asked Sister Sales to put on Facebook that we didn’t have a dinner, but she told us to come back. We were doing them a service by eating their food! We did a Book of Mormon read with a family. We saw the family that their mom has valley fever. We had a good talk with her. Her brother called in the middle and he is our doing summer sales in Columbus. He said he goes to UDF everyday to get ice cream. He is going on a mission soon. She gave us a ride home. Long day.
We had ward council in the morning on Sunday. The Sales twins gave their homecoming talks. It was so good, something I needed to hear. Kalvin talked about “The Lost Sheep” and Cameron talked about how members really help in missionary work. It was really good and has been in big focus in Mountain House ward. We didn’t have anybody for gospel principles so we went to gospel doctrine. The relief society lesson was good. We got a ride home with this awesome couple, the Oppenheimer’s. After lunch we did studies and went and got our bikes. We tried to see this less active family, but they weren’t home. We had a lesson with this less active girl. We had never been able to get in and have a lesson, it was great. We had dinner with this awesome family, the Merrill’s. They had just back from New Zealand where she served her mission. We went and saw the Bolla’s, they are working towards the temple. They always have the funniest stories. We watched President Uchtdorf’s talk from this past conference. Another long, but pretty good day.
Today we are going to go bowling, it should be fun!
I hope this next week goes pretty well. I just want to keep trying to be a diligent servant of the Lord.
Have a great week!
Also, congratulations Grant on receiving your mission call. The people of Peru are very lucky to have you!
By the way, the Elder’s say hi Mom!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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