I Had No Fear, Just the Spirit!




Hello everybody!

This week was a pretty good, interesting week!
Monday we went bowling. I almost won, until the last frame. I had 89, but Elder Roudabush beat me with a 99! So close. We came back to the church and played Kid History. We did FHE with the family we had dinner with. I also got new bike tires.
On Tuesday we went to Tracy Interfaith. This was an even more humbling experience than the last time. The place was just crawling with people and they were just taking clothes out of our hands. We had to wait for our ride outside and beforehand I would have been scared. The people are a little rough around the edges.We were talking to this lady outside. She asked us about our church and I told her about the Restoration. I taught the first lesson to a homeless lady and I had no fear, just the spirit! It was a very cool experience. We helped a member box up some items because they are moving this week, just down the street! We talked to this LA/PMF family. The wife is not a member and is really into family history. We had a good talk. We saw a few other people.
We went on exchanges of Wednesday. I went to Ripon with Sister Winn. My district leaders fixed my bike. It needed some things adjusted after I got new tires. We did some service for this crazy lady and then Sister Winn had an interview with President, so I just got to sit and talk to Sister Palmer. It was really nice. Ripon was having a baptism on Saturday and so the baptismal candidates got their interviews. One of them had to be interviewed by President. After, we all had this blueberry dessert that Sister Palmer made. We taught a lesson at the park with the people getting baptized. Elder Bancroft broke my bike. He broke the axel. So he is now going to fix it. I learned a lot from my exchange. We saw this lady with crazy kids. It was nice to have a bit of break.
Thursday we had district meeting. It was the most interesting district meeting I have ever had. I don’t really know what happened? Hopefully things will be better this week. We all got lunch, at In N Out of course and came back to the church to eat it. It was the last day of school. We went to this after school/ end of summer party that a member was hosting. They had a big water slide and tons of food and the fireman came. It was really fun. There were lots of ward members there, but also a lot of non members. It was great to talk to everyone! I drew the plan of salvation in side walk chalk and we made CTR bracelets. We saw this less active and talked to her for a while and went to dinner. She took us to the Chester ward mutual. We were invited to talk the girls about missions and answer any questions that they had. It was fun. It was a long day.
We did our weekly planning on Friday. It started off pretty well. We changed the way we weekly plan and first set the goals and then make the plans. It is actually a lot easier that way. We were texting Amber to see when she could meet with us and then we got the text. She dropped us. It was so disheartening. We had made some solid plans for her this week and everything. She was our most promising investigator. We prayed about it and she is just not ready yet, but she will eventually. After planning, we did some service for Sister Gehmlich. She teaches Gospel Principles. Her son is having a Harry Potter birthday party and she really decked out the whole house. We helped her set up. It was super cool. The zone leaders came by and gave us our sister bars and a present from the assistants. They got me an 8 pack of Gatorade and they got a 12 pack of Mtn Dew for Sister Turner. We tried a few people and had dinner with the Oppenheimer’s. Their dinners are always so good. They also gave us 2 referrals. We invited Monique to Ripon’s baptism and she said she would come! Long day.
The good thing about it being summer and a Saturday is that people are home! We tried this potential. He is normally not home, but someone opened the door. It was his parents. We asked them when might be a better time to stop by. He told us weekends are best. We walked away from there house a little to check our next plans and he came back out and asked about what we teach. So we taught him the restoration it was awesome. We plan on stopping by again! It was awesome! We tried to contact the referrals. We got invited to a member’s BBQ. We couldn’t stay for too long. A less active we have been trying to see took us to Manteca for Ripon’s baptism. On the way there Monique said she couldn’t come, but we were already on our way. The baptism was good. It was really hot. We had dinner with this LA/PMF we have been trying to have dinner with the past 3 weeks, but they keep canceling. We did a Book of Mormon read with this awesome family, the Osburn’s. It was such a hot and long day.
Church was good on Sunday. Our Bishop announced that he is moving in Ward Council. It was sad, he is a great Bishop. So many changes, at home and here. There was a farewell testimony. He is going to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We left during 3rd hour to go to service in Manteca. It was for this Memorial Day event to celebrate Gold Star families. We just watched their memorabilia. It was cool. I got to see some people from Union ward. We went back to Mountain House and did our studies. We had dinner with the Grants and had a lesson with the lady. We had an appointment to teach her sons a few weeks ago, but it fell through. So we went over with the Primary President and one of her counselors and went over details of the baptism. She gave us a ride home. It was a long, interesting day.
We might go to Manteca today for sports, but we aren’t sure yet?
This is the last week of the transfer. I have know idea what will happen and don’t really want to think about it. Wherever I go, I know it is where the Lord needs me!
Enjoy Summer everybody!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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