Mountain House is Not Getting Rid of Me Any Time Soon!

So we got our transfer calls last night, and looks like Mountain House is not getting rid of me any time soon! I am staying for another 6 weeks!

I survived the heat this week! It has been so hot! In the hundreds!

It was a pretty quiet Monday last week. We went shopping around the mall. We didn’t have enough miles to go to Manteca! We had dinner with our Bishop and his Mother and Father in law. It was Sister Ross’s Mom’s birthday, so we had a small party. We also briefly saw the Bolla’s and the dad wants to come back to church!
The Elder’s fixed my bike on Tuesday. It was a hot one. We helped the Bolla’s pack up their stuff because they moved on Thursday, just down the street. I drank so much water and the down side to drinking so much water is that you have to go to the bathroom all of the time. It was a slow evening. We saw the Adams-Hart’s. Their son is about to leave on a mission. We read scriptures with them.
On Wednesday we had a lesson with Monique. We brought one of the Young Woman with us. It went pretty well. We invited her to be baptized, but she said that she is not committed, that is so hard. We packed more at the Bolla’s. It was so hot. Being that it is so hot, people feel bad and let you in. We just went in to this LA/PMF to cool off and get water and ended up having a little lesson. It was great. We had dinner with Sister Brown. She laughed when I said I only wanted 2 ribs! She feeds us so much! We tried a few people. We saw this family named the de St. Jeor’s and shared a message with them. I noticed if you don’t complain about the heat, it really isn’t that bad!
Thursday was my last district meeting/zone training of the transfer. In my studies, I finished the Book of Mormon for my 11th time! I can’t believe that I have read it that many times. Every time I read it I learn something new. I know that it is true and can’t wait to read it again. After the meetings at the church, the Elder’s came by and fixed my bike again, it was having more problems, but it is fixed! Elder Bancroft and Elder Yuson are going home on Wednesday. They gave us some good advice. They told me for the Atonement to change me and not my mission change me. Reflecting back, I have used the Atonement to become better and it has changed me. Since I have come out on mission, I have really used the Atonement so much in my life. We helped the Bolla’s move. Everyone in the ward came and helped, it was so awesome to see everyone help out and serve. We had dinner with the Alexander’s and their AC was broken and it was so hot. Long and hot day! Also, it marked the year anniversary of when I got my mission call!
On Friday, I started the New Testament for my 3rd time! It is different than the Book of Mormon, but I feel that I need to learn more about the Bible as well. We weekly planned. I didn’t mind it because it kept us out of the heat! We went out and it was so hot. We tried some potentials and former’s. We rode passed the Grant’s and they had a water slide in their driveway. They gave us water and Popsicle’s. A lot of people were not home. It was so hot. We had dinner with a family named the Woods. Ice Cream is so good on a hot day! We saw Sister Gomez, she is so nice and we had a good talk with her. Long day!
It was cloudy on Saturday, but still hot. Not too many were home on Saturday. We saw the Waltz’s. I broke their Mason Jar water dispenser and it broke all over the floor and glass and water were everywhere. I felt so bad. We saw this lady, Sister Nawahine. She has cancer and is not doing too well, but we had a good visit. I have been drinking so much and I really had to go to the bathroom and nobody was home. After the 5th or 6th house we tried someone was finally home. A less active took us to dinner at a Hawaiian restaurant. We read scriptures with this family named the Chapman’s. We also talked to a few people. It was a long day.
Church was really good on Sunday. It was super hot outside. We tried people in Bethany village. We saw Sister Oppenheimer. We had dinner with the de St. Jeors. We saw the Lammi’s and had a really good scripture study with them. We got our calls at 9:40 and I was so happy I am staying. Sister Turner is staying as well. This is the longest I will have stayed in an area. I am so excited to see what happens this transfer!
We are going to say goodbye to people today and play basketball.
Have a great week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

Hanna’s district


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