Halfway Home




I have made it! I have been out on my mission for 9 months! I can’t believe that I have made it to my halfway mark! I am halfway home, but I still have got a lot of work to do! It has gone by so fast! I have grown so much in these past 9 months!

I have definitely gone Californian! I eat organic food and I love quinoa. I am all about recycling and saving energy and I prayed for a baby bird the other day?! Crazy how much can change in 9 months?!
On Monday, we played basketball and said goodbye to people. So many changes in the zone, but I am looking forward to serving with everybody. We had dinner with a less active, which was super nice! It was a good day!
On Tuesday we went to Tracy Interfaith. This lady that was there last time was there again. She is our friend and I’m sure if anyone tried to mess with us, she has our backs. We tried potentials and less actives in Bethany village. We meant to knock on this less actives door, but knocked on the wrong door. Turns out, it was this lady who works at the library and she remembered me. We had a good talk and she is interested in learning more! We saw the Waltz family and read scriptures with the Alexander’s. It was a long hot day in the sun!
Wednesday was nice because we were in our service clothes almost all day! We helped Sister Gomez wash her car and then we went to Tracy and helped this family move. It was super fun. Then we had dinner with one of the counselors from the Stake Presidency, President Brown. His dinner is my favorite. It was 4th of July themed. We were at the cool kids table! It was so funny, we had pie for dessert and Elder Shepherd said, “Everyone is being so quiet since we got pie” and since I love puns I said, “Shut your pie hole!” And everyone was so quiet, it was so funny, everyone started laughing! Ethan should be proud of me, I am the queen of puns and jokes! President Brown had a really good message, he told us to never underestimate what we can do and the influence we have on other people! It was a very great day!
Thursday marked my 9 month mark! We had such a great district meeting. Elder Ahau is my district leader again, he is awesome! We had so many great discussions on how we can overcome distractions and become better missionaries, it was so great! We had lunch here at the church. So we were trying this former investigator and apparently he moved, but we started talking to the guy that lives there and we made a return appointment for Thursday! I have been praying so hard to fin people to teach! His name is Damon and I am so excited! We also had 2 lessons before dinner with 2 less actives. We had dinner with a less active family and saw another less active family and talked about the temple. It was such a great day! Heavenly Father answers prayers!
On Friday we had a call with our Ward Mission Leader and then we weekly planned. We tried some potentials and a less active. We had fun at dinner. We were telling jokes to the kids. We saw the Osburn’s, they are a great family.
Saturday was a hard day for me. I wasn’t feeling 100 percent. My throat was killing me and I think I had a fever. It’s not fun being in the heat with a fever, but I just kept moving forward. I wasn’t going to let that stop me from doing the work! We got some work done, just not in a progressing way. People were not interested and wanted to be do not contacts. That’s just missionary life! We saw the Grant’s, they are the best! We saw the Fauchier’s, they are a great family. It was a long day. We also saw this baby bird on our steps. He was so little. He was alone and so we prayed that he would be able to be safe and find his mom. California has changed me!
We had ward council on Sunday Morning. Last one with Bishop Ross 😦 Church was good. I had good studies. It was hot yesterday. We saw this potential and he wants a Book of Mormon. We had dinner with the primary president. We had Pho, it’s pronounced f-uh. It was good and we had the best sugar cookies ever! Their kids are so fun! We saw our ward mission leader. We saw a less active lady and read scriptures with the Gehmlich’s. Their daughter lost a tooth and she prayed that the tooth fairy would quickly make it to Mountain House!
Today we are going to Manteca to play games and have a nerf war!
Have a great week!
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

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