It’s Going to be a Hot One!





Hello everybody!

What a week! I can’t wait to say what happened.
We got kicked out of our family history center and had to go to Manteca. We had a Nerf ward, it was so much fun! We had dinner with the newest family that moved into the ward. They are awesome, the only problem is they are cubs fans, haha! We tried to see some people but people were not home. It was SUPER WINDY! It was a long day!
On Tuesday, we went to Grandpa’s orchard and trimmed branches and dug weeds. It was so much fun. I love the people I am serving with, we had a lot of fun. Lots of puns. It was so windy in Mountain House, there was dust flying everywhere. We had to wear our sunglasses to protect our eyes. We went and saw the Grant’s and made lemonade with the fresh lemons we picked at Grandpa’s. We had dinner with Sister Alexander.
On Wednesday, we read scriptures with an LA/PMF. We saw a girl who is not a member and a newer family that moved in. We made an appointment with this girl. We had dinner with Sister Brown. She is awesome. She says that we need approve of the guys that we marry. We saw the Waltz’s and we saw the Bolla’s. They gave me a 2-pack of peanut butter because they know about my obsession!
On Thursday, I started the Book of Mormon again and I am planning on reading it slow this time. We saw that girl that we made an appointment with. She is a YSA and needed help with an institute assignment. We did weekly planning because we had a zone conference on Friday. I also had my eye exam and “eye” passed! We finished weekly planning. We had an appointment with our new investigator Damon, but he wasn’t home. We talked to this other family. We had dinner with this family, the Kusuda’s. They are so great. We had our missionary coordination meeting at Brother Alt’s house.
On Friday, we had to wake up super early to drove to Turlock for our zone conference. It was so nice to see all of my missionary friends and people I came out with. Elder Evans from the 70 came. It was awesome. He shook all of our hands and asked us where we were from. He talked a lot about repentance. The whole theme of the conference was teach repentance and baptize converts. He said that repentance in a change of heart. Sister Palmer had some encouraging words she told us not to give up, the Lord is with us and wants us to succeed. She reminds me a lot of you, Mom! Sister Evans spoke and Elder Evans continued. We had lunch and then went back and continued talking about repentance and finding people. He went over half an hour, but that was okay. It was so awesome to be spiritually fed for 6 hours. We drove back to Mountain House. We had dinner with the Oppenheimer’s, they are the best! They always give us referrals. We made an appointment with a LA/PMF. We read scriptures with the Hambly’s. Long, but good day.
We decided to walk on Saturday morning. We got a few referrals from some potentials. We saw this potential and we had a lesson with him and he became our new investigator. We have an appointment with him on Saturday! We tried people in the Questa village, nobody was home. We had dinner with Sister Hambly. Her kids are so funny. We also had Ben & Jerry’s, I was happy. We helped assemble the treats for Father’s day, it was fun! We briefly saw the Bishop’s wife and the zone leaders dropped off a package. Very long day!
We didn’t have ward council on Sunday. We got a new Bishopric today. Our Bishop is moving. He was only the Bishop for a year, when the ward split. Church was great. We did studies. We went and contacted a referral and he was interested in learning more and we have an appointment with him on Tuesday! The work is moving along! Having faith and prayer have really worked. We had dinner with the Davis’s. We saw the de St. Jeors. It was a great day. Happy Father’s day to all of the dad’s out there.
The zone leaders came late this morning so we went shopping already. We are going to play sports soon. I am looking forward to this week!
Have a great week! It’s going to be a hot one!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

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