This Week was so Awesome! It was so Hot, but it was Awesome!




This week was so awesome! It was so hot, but it was awesome!

So the rest of Monday we played basketball. We had dinner with the Merrill’s and had white chocolate TimTams. We met with our ward mission leader.
On Tuesday, we had another Zone Conference. We met with Lodi and Stockton zones. It was so good. President Palmer is very inspired. He wants to help us endure to the end. He has decided to make a goal for each missionary to have 4 baptisms per year! It is definitely an achievable goal. I have already achieved this goal, but I know that I can do more. In order to achieve this goal, we need to be united as disciples of Christ! It was so great! It was so hot. We got a media referral requesting  a Book of Mormon. It was this 9 year old boy. We gave him the Book of Mormon and made an appointment for Thursday! We have been getting lots of referrals, it’s awesome! We saw the Waltz family! It was a really good, but long day!
It was super windy on Wednesday. We decided to walk in the morning and made some appointments. I made sugar cookies and brought some to Sister Sales. It was so hot! We tried some potentials. We saw a LA/PMF and set up a lunch appointment with them. Sister Palmer came and visited us. I love her! We saw this lady in the ward who has cancer and we read scriptures with her. We had dinner with the Osburn’s, they are an awesome family. We read scriptures with the Gehmlich’s. Their daughter Leah just cracks me up. She likes me a lot. Her prayers are my favorite, “Please bless that Costco will not be closed so Daddy can go get gas!”
On Thursday, we had our district meeting. It was so good, so much great discussion on how we can accomplish the goal of 4 baptisms per missionary! It was great! We ate lunch as a zone. We went on splits. I was with Sister Neeley and we had an appointment with a LA/PMF, their boys are getting baptized. It went pretty well. I definitely was guided to the approach that I should take with the boys. We had dinner with Sister Ross, our former Bishop’s wife and the Fobert’s. Both of their husband’s are gone, so many kids, but it was super fun! There are so many great families here in Mountain House! We had our appointment with the boy who requested the Book of Mormon! He has an Indian name that I cannot pronounce, but he goes by Sai (Si)! He had been reading and we shared the Restoration with him, it was great and we have another appointment this Thursday! We went to our Relief Society activity, Cupcake Wars! We were asked to be judges, it was fun!
We passed our apartment inspection on Friday morning! We did weekly planning. I got a package, I feel so loved! We some potentials. We tried a referral, he’s not interested but that’s okay! We had dinner with the Bolla’s. We read scriptures with the new bishop, Bishop Christensen.
We had an appointment with our investigator Michael on Saturday. We had Cameron and Kalvin Sales come with us. They just got back. The lesson was so interesting. I am not sure where things will go? No one was home in the afternoon and it was so hot. We went to the Larsen’s and got cold water and went to the bathroom. It was kind of a slow day. We went to stake conference. We rode with a few sister’s from the ward. It was really good. Some of it was about couples and marriage, but other than that it was good! The Elder’s like to ask me for fashion advice, I guess that’s a good thing? Long day! I had 7 bottles of water, a new record!
We had stake conference yesterday. They broadcasted it to our building in Tracy, but they had technical difficulties so we went to Manteca with our ward mission leader. Stake Conference was good. I got to see people from Union. We finished our studies. It was HOT! We tried to see a few people. We went to the Ross’s goodbye party, sad they are moving. We went to dinner and we saw the Primary President. Not too many people were home yesterday. It was a long, hot day!
Today we are going to play sports. It is supposed to be super hot this week. I’m ready for it!
I hope everyone has a great week!
The work is great in Mountain House!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

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