The Answer to Someone’s Prayer!


California Modesto Mission

Happy Independence Day!

This week was pretty good!

I don’t have too much time because it’s the 4th of July and we have now been limited to 2 hours of email time!

We did our shopping on Monday and played basketball. It was fun until I go hit in the stomach, I was done after that. We had dinner with the Vocana’s and had FHE about baptism because their daughter, Karlee, is getting baptized on Saturday. We also saw our ward mission leader.
On Tuesday, we went to service at Tracy Interfaith. It was super hot. We saw a LA/PMF and talked to our Iranian neighbor. Later in the evening we read scriptures with this family, the Sorenson’s.
On Wednesday, we saw a less active and scheduled dinner with her. She’s getting us Chick-fil-A. There isn’t one in the mission! We saw another less active and saw the Waltz’s. We had dinner with the de St. Jeor’s and saw a less active lady. It was actually kind of chilly at night.
On Thursday, we had our district meeting. They are always so good. We had lunch at the church. We had 3 appointments! We had an appointment in the afternoon, but they were gone. One of our other appointments cancelled, we were kind of bummed. We were trying this potential and we turned the corner and saw a family moving. I just asked them if they needed help and she started crying. Apparently, she had just prayed that someone would come to help. It was so neat to be the answer to someone’s prayer! We helped them load up the truck and the Elder’s met them in Tracy at the storage place to unload it. It was so awesome! We had dinner with our former bishop’s family, the Ross’s. So sad they are moving. We had an appointment with Sai, but his mom wasn’t home so that cancelled. It is hard when appointments cancel. We saw the Lammi’s and the Grant’s. It was a long day.
On Friday, instead of weekly planning we did service! 2 sets of Elder’s came and we helped that family load their stuff in the truck. It was so fun and just really nice to help those people. The Elder’s went to the storage place and then when the family came back we loaded up the truck with the Sales’s. They are so great! We met with a less active lady. I got a package! I’m going to be so stylish! We had dinner with the Oppenheimer’s. They are so great! I can officially say that I have had Indian food! We had a good conversation about the plan of salvation. A lot of people weren’t home. I suggested that we go and see this potential named Bryant. He is hard to catch because he is busy with work, but he was home! We had a good talk with him and his wife and planned on coming by on Sunday afternoon!
Since we didn’t do weekly planning on Friday, we had to do it on Saturday. It was actually really quick. We saw the Sales’s, and a less active. We made bread with Sister Davis and made scones. We got air in our tires at the Fauchier’s. He’s the bike guy. A lot of people are out of town. We saw the Osburn’s.
All of the new bishopric was out of town this week, so President Maxfield, our stake president presided over the meeting. President and Sister Palmer came to our sacrament meeting, that was a surprise! I love them! It was a good testimony meeting. Sister Turner taught gospel principles. Relief Society was good. The Oppenheimer’s gave us a ride home. We did our studies. We met with Bryant and he is so prepared. We taught him and plan on coming back next Sunday! I can’t believe that Mountain House has 6 investigators! When I got here, there was maybe 1? A lot of prayers have been answered! We had a ward break the fast at the Taylor’s house. It was so fun! I love Mountain House ward! They have a pool and sure enough, some little kid jumped in and they all jumped in. My bike was making funny noises so we went to the Fauchier’s and The Blue Stallion got a bath. Not a lot of people were home. That is kind of hard. We saw the Fobert’s, they are an awesome family! We sang all 13 articles of faith!
I determined I want to come back next summer and have a little open house at someone’s house so I can visit all of the families! I also have determined I should just come back and babysit everyone’s kids all summer! Mountain House is my favorite area I have served in so far!
Today, we are going to have zone BBQ and have a nerf war, Patriots vs. British and play ultimate rugby! It is going to be so much fun! Since not too many people are in town, it was hard to find somewhere to go tonight, but we found somewhere! It is illegal to set off fireworks in Mountain House, so we probably will not be seeing any. We have to be in by 9 tonight, anyway. Plus, missionaries can’t use fireworks either! It should be a super fun, patriotic day! I am super excited!
I am excited for this upcoming week. The weather is supposed to cool down a little and we have a big teaching pool now!
I just love serving in Mountain House and I just love the people here!
Have a great 4th of July everybody!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

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