Happy 10 months!




Hello Everybody!

I had an awesome 4th of July! We had our zone BBQ and President and Sister Palmer came. We played Ultimate Rugby and had a Nerf war, it was fun. We spent the evening with the Bolla’s. He straight up burned the hamburgers and hot dogs, it was so funny. So they made turkey burgers and I actually really liked them. We saw the Ross family one last time before they moved. It was a good day! We even got to see some fireworks from our neighbors, illegally of course!
On Tuesday we did some service for a less active in the Spanish ward. We weeded on his farm. He had goats. It was super fun, but I found out I am allergic to thistles, that was not fun and they were everywhere and my body had a slight reaction. We got in to see a less active family in the evening, which is great because they are really hard to get a hold of.
We had President Interviews on Wednesday. It was great, I always love interviews with President. He always has great things to say. I also met with Sister Palmer, she is the best! We saw Sister Brown in the afternoon and made an appointment with a less active family. We also saw another less active family. They have had a hard time keeping appointments, so we didn’t remind them and just showed up,and it worked! We read 2 Nephi 31 with them. It’s all about baptism. They have a son getting baptized in October.
It was so windy on Thursday morning, the wind pushed us when we were out on our walk. We had district meeting, it was really great. We ate lunch together as a zone after. We also got these awesome zone shirts. They are camo, because we are in the Camo mission, California Modesto! We had an appointment, but it cancelled. A lot of people were not home. We did have a conversation with a potential. We had dinner with a less active and they got us Chick-fil-a! We went and saw Sai and he is in 2 Nephi already. We read with him and explained parts of the plan of salvation. It was awesome and he wanted to come to church on Sunday! We had our coordination meeting.
We did our weekly planning on Friday. We had an appointment, but it cancelled. Our ward mission leader got a picture of us by the Mountain House sign. We did service for Sister Alexander. We had dinner with the Oppenheimer’s and the YSA Sisters and 3 YSAs. It was fun. We had our exchanges. I stayed in Mountain House with Sister Winn. We saw the Sales’s. I love them. The zone leaders dropped off some mail.
Happy 10 months! I have officially been out 10 months on my mission! On Saturday we had an appointment with our investigator Michael. It was so interesting. We taught him part of plan of salvation. It will take him some time to progress. We saw our middle-eastern neighbor and his wife. They were in an argument about how princess Diana died, it was so funny! We did service for Sister Alexander again. We tried people in Altamont and Questa. We had dinner with the new family that moved in 1 week earlier, the Lawson’s. We exchanged back. We tried people in Wicklund and saw the Bolla’s. We helped him with his lesson for Sunday School on the sacrament. It was great because I had studied that earlier in personal study. Read D&C 27:2, so good! Gave me a new perspective about the sacrament. I was so tired, so I just went to bed at 10, it was so nice!
On Sunday, we had ward council. Just our 2nd counselor was there. We sang “Press Forward” with the youth during sacrament meeting. Church was good. We got a ride home with the Sales’s. Our investigator Bryant wasn’t there, we texted him and he said he was busy but want’s to meet with us. We saw the Larsen’s, he is the 2nd counselor. We had dinner with this awesome family, the Merrill’s. We saw this family, the Bishop’s. They are moving soon. Everyone is moving. We saw the Grant’s. Sister Larsen dropped off some homemade french bread, so good! Again, I went to bed at 10! So nice!
This is the last week of the Transfer. I want to make the best of this week and really continue to work hard in Mountain House!
I was reading the new Ensign. I read this super good article about missionaries coming home early and she said this really great quote, “As long as you are trying as hard as you can to live your life righteously, it’s always a step forward no matter what happens outside of your control”. I love that! I feel like anybody can apply this. It is so true!
I hope everybody has a great week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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