Sister Lynn Takes Mountain House!



So we got transfer calls last night! I was on the verge of crying all day because I did not want to leave Mountain House. Looks like my Mom predicted right because I get to stay in Mountain House!!! 6 months in  Mountain House!!! I will be the longest Sister ever to serve here. Sister Turner and I are still companions. We are on fire! Sister Lynn takes Mountain House!

We played ultimate rugby and basketball. Sister Turner got her free slurpee. We had dinner with the Fobert’s, this awesome family with 7 kids. We had FHE with them. The rest of the night was slow.
For studies on Tuesday I read “Stay by the Tree” by Kevin W. Pearson, I love that talk. We got a new investigator! Her name is Armster. Sister Arevalo and I met her at this English class a few months ago. Sister Turner and I later knocked on the wrong door and turns out it was her. She has been out of town and we tried her on Tuesday and she was home! We taught her a lot of the restoration and about the priesthood. She had really great questions. She thanked us for telling her about Joseph Smith and she wants to know more! It was so awesome! I felt the impression that she is going to get baptized! I am so excited! We saw Sister Nawahine and read 3 Nephi 11 with her. She is battling cancer and is doing much better. We had dinner with the Gehmlich’s. The rest of the night was slow.
On Wednesday in Studies I read the talk, “Be an Example and a Light” by Thomas S. Monson. I love that talk. “Bravely let your light shine for all to see!”. We went to service at Grandpa’s Orchard. We washed windows and weeded. I killed a black widow. We helped Sister Waltz set up for her daughters camping themed party. We had dinner with our relief society president. We saw our ward mission leader. He got me a hand gripper for my birthday because he says I have a weak handshake. He said I really left an impression on him when I said that we need to repent daily of the little things, that made me happy!
Thursday was our last district meeting of the transfer. I had a great district and I really felt the spirit! It’s important to be confident in the Lord and in myself. We ate lunch as a zone. It was Hot. We saw a few families and we saw Sister Brown, she always gives us so much food. We had dinner with the Schenck’s, she’s the young women’s president. Her daughter’s love me. We read scriptures with the Sorenson’s and saw a less active.
Friday we did weekly planning. We tried people in Bethany and one of my zone leader’s and my district leader dropped off mail. We saw this non-member who is in to family history. She is so nice. We had dinner with the Sales’s, and she made me grilled cheese! We went to the high school with her because the football boys were having an ice cream social and we helped with that. I was in charge of the whipped cream! We saw the Adams-Hart’s and read scriptures with them. Nobody else was home.
On Saturday, our ward did service at Tracy Interfaith. It was nice without all of the people there. I sorted baby clothes. It was hot. We tried people in Bethany and Questa village. We saw the Carlton’s. We had dinner with the Higgenbotham’s. They have the cutest baby tortoise, I got to hold it! Their kids love me. We tried a few other people and saw this less active family. We shared Moroni 10:32, I love that verse. It really helped her. She told us thank you for bringing light into her home! It was awesome! It was super windy and my allergies were really bad, at least I hope it’s allergies and not a cold.
It was a rush to get ready for ward council. Sacrament was good. I taught gospel principles to my companion and one other lady. It was on the Holy Ghost. I think it went well. Sister de St. Jeor taught relief society. It was so good and I really felt the spirit. We talked about the parable of the lost sheep. We had studies and then we taught Michael at the park. The lesson was the best one yet, he will be slow to progress. We tried people in Bethany and had dinner with the Webb’s, they are a great family. We saw the de St. Jeor’s and read scriptures, so sad they are moving.
Elder Hopkin called us last night around 9:55. I was so relieved when he told us we were staying. I am so excited to continue to serve in Mountain House! We are going to have a baptism!
There are so many changes. I’m turning 21 this week and I found out I will be the Aunt to a baby girl!!! I am sad people are leaving, but excited to meet the new missionaries. 17 Elders came in and 2 new sisters. I love being a missionary!
I’m excited for this week and for this upcoming transfer!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

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