21 on the 21st!



Hello from Hot and Windy House! I hope I don’t melt this week because it is going to be hot! 107 on Thursday, bring it on!

It was sad on Monday saying goodbye to some of the missionaries that I served with, especially Sister Clifton (Amber!), but I am excited for the new changes. We played so many sports and I love chair soccer! We had dinner with the Watson’s. They have some family visiting. We played a game for FHE and you had to act things out and one of the words was Eagle and I got it, it was so funny. So happy I didn’t have to move and that I am staying here in Mountain House!
We went to Tracy Interfaith on Tuesday and sorted baby clothes. We tried people in Bethany village. A lot of people weren’t home. We did see a less active and their niece wants to get baptized. We had dinner with the 1st counselor and his family, the Kusuda’s. They are great! They made brownies and ice cream, my favorite! We had a lesson with Monique and Sister Sales came. It was really great. Probably the the best lesson that we had with her. We talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy and she said she learned a lot and was going to try to come to sacrament. It was great! The full moon was so pretty! We saw a less active. I made homemade blueberry muffins. I also finished journal #12 in the past 4 years!
On Wednesday we helped the Bishop family pack things up. They are moving this week too. So many people are moving.  We saw Sister Brown. A lot of people weren’t home and it was hot. We went over to our Stake President’s house, President Maxfield, for dinner with all of the missionaries. It was so fun! President and Sister Palmer were there. When we were introducing ourselves, Sister Palmer sat next to me and she made sure everyone knew that it was my birthday the next day! It was so funny! I also started journal #13
Thursday was the big day! My Golden birthday! 21 on the 21st! I can’t believe that I am 21?! We had our first district meeting of the transfer. My district is a little quiet, but I am sure that will change. We have 2 new missionaries. We led a training on D&C 50:10-22. We also did roleplay’s, not my most favorite. We had lunch at the church. I got 2 birthday cakes! I only ate one and shared the other one with another Elder who’s birthday was Friday. We did service almost all day. We helped the de St. Jeor’s pack and helped the Bishop’s. We had dinner with the Sales’s and she made grilled chicken and Caesar salad, one of my favorites. We had sparkling cider, to celebrate! I felt so loved. We had a lesson with Sai. He wants to get baptized, but due to circumstances he can’t, but still wants to learn more about Jesus Christ. We went to the Osburn’s and celebrated mine and Molly’s birthday! It was fun. It was a good day! I can’t believe I am 21?!
On Friday, we had our call with our ward mission leader and weekly planned. We had a lesson with Armster. She understands so much and had so many great questions, it was awesome. We are going to show her the Restoration video next time we go over there. The zone leaders came by and I got a package! I got my Killer Brownies, so good! I did share them! We tried some less actives and had dinner with a less active part member family. It was a long day.
Saturday was a long and hot day. We have been doing roleplay’s in studies. I dislike roleplay’s a lot, but it has really helped. We gave a potential a Book of Mormon. We saw our middle eastern neighbor and had an interesting lesson with him. We tried people in Bethany and Altamont. A lot of people are gone. We had dinner with the de St. Jeor’s. We also saw the Grant’s, they are the best! It was a long day!
Sunday was a good day. We had ward council. The talks in sacrament were really good. One was about overcoming adversity. We had a combined 3rd hour for 5th Sunday, which is next week, but our ward mission leader who taught it, will be out of town. We talked about member missionary work. It was so hot. We taught our investigator, Bryant. We taught him the Restoration and it went really well. He is so prepared, just really busy! We had dinner with the Bolla’s. They are getting sealed on Saturday! We had a lesson with the Basurto’s and gave them the kids Book of Mormon. Sister Kusuda came and gave us a treat and we saw the Vocana’s. It was a long, but good day!
Today we are going to Manteca to play sports. I am excited. Things are moving along here in Mountain House, it is so cool to see where the work was when I got here and where it is now! I hope it can continue to progress!
I hope this is a great week for everybody!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

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