I Like Biking So Much Better




Hello everybody!

This week was pretty hot, but I did not melt! I consider that a success!
We went to Manteca on Monday and played sports. We played volleyball, soccer, and basketball. Right after I said “I’m not good at this game”, I scored a goal! It was so fun! We had dinner with the Osburn’s and had FHE with them. I took one for the team and ate jello, I don’t like jello, but I ate it! It was a good and long day.
Allergies have been a little killer this week. In companionship study on Tuesday, we watched the Restoration video and that just magnified my testimony of Joseph Smith. I know that he is a true prophet and he did indeed restore the gospel. We talked to this potential in the morning and man, does he like to talk. It was so hot. We helped the de St. Jeor’s pack and clean things. They moved this weekend. We had dinner with the Grant’s. We went to mutual and we did Book of Mormon cakes. The funny thing was only one of the cakes was a story from the Book of Mormon the rest were from the bible.
On Wednesday we saw a less active family and helped another family who is moving pack some boxes up. Everyone is moving. We saw Sister Gomez and read scriptures with her. A lot of people were not home, which can be hard, especially when it’s so hot. The Alexander’s took us to In n Out for dinner. We had our lesson with Monique on the Word of Wisdom. It was a very great lesson and I know that she trusts us, something that is very good to establish with an investigator. She will eventually get baptized!
On Thursday we had a zone training. I love zone training! Sister Palmer came. The Sister Training Leader’s talked about having urgency and not being idle. It was something that I needed to hear. Elder Ahau talked about gifts of the spirit. It was so good. There was a big focus on the Atonement. We also talked about our mission vison, “We are one with the Savior in doing the will of the Father”. I think that is so inspired! It was a really great meeting and just made me want to change and to become a better missionary. We came back to Mountain House and tried some potentials and less actives and saw the lady with cancer and shared a message with her. We helped the de St. Jeor’s move things and the Sycamore Elder’s came to help. A lot of people were not home. We had dinner with the Whatcott’s and he gave some really good tips to help us become better teachers. He gave us some practice for our 3-5 minute lessons, which we will be teaching in Priest quorum next week. Our lesson with Sai fell through. We went back and helped the de St. Jeor’s move. I love seeing everybody there to help. It was an exhausting day.
Our Ward mission leader called and we did weekly planning on Friday. I made some really good goals this week and I really want accomplish them. I want to be better, especially at street contacting. We had a lesson with Armster. We gave her a Book of Mormon and she was so excited to read it. We also showed her the Restoration. I felt the spirit so strong. She always asks such great questions. I got my package! I have the best parents in the world. The zone leaders were on exchanges with the assistants and so Elder Hopkin was there. It was nice to see an old friend. We had dinner with our Bishop and I have now been exposed to Magnum Bars, super good! We helped the Bishop’s move too. Everybody is moving. We went our exchanges. I was with Sister Webb in Yosemite YSA. It was a long day.
On Saturday, we biked around a little and then we drove the car the rest of the day. I found out that I really don’t like being in a car. I like biking so much better. I feel like when you bike you can be seen more and do more. We drove all over the place in the Manteca stake. Sister Webb and I had some fun conversations. We did some tracting. I don’t like it, but it was good practice to talk to people and we did get some referrals out of it. We also contacted some lady named Princess, and no I did not make that up! We exchanged back. I learned a lot from my exchange. Our dinner took us to Olive Garden and I got to celebrate my birthday. It was fun. We tried a bunch of people in the evening, but a lot of people weren’t home. It felt so good to bike!
Sunday morning is always a rush to get ready for ward council. This was the first time that all of the members of the new Bishopric were there! The talks and lessons were good! 2 new families are moving in. We have really been working on roleplay’s in studies and it has helped me so much. We had an appointment with Bryant, but he had to cancel. We tried people in Questa. We saw the Lawson’s. They moved in about a month ago. We had a lesson with Michael. It was interesting, they always are. Cameron and Kalvin Sales came. We talked about repentance and the Atonement. He is just going to be slow to progress. We saw Brother Bolla. They got sealed on Saturday! I am so happy for them and so thankful for eternal families! Planning on Sunday night is the best! it was a long day.
Today were are going to play sports here in Tracy.
We have a few appointments this week and I am so happy the work is moving along. It is so great to be a part of it! It should be a bit cooler this week.
I hope everyone has a great week. It’s the last full week of Summer here in Mountain House, they go back to school next week?! Crazy?!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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