A North Face in August?




Hello everybody!

On Monday we played basketball, it is so fun! I love my zone! We had dinner with the Wagstaff’s. She made these super yummy blondie brownies. It was kind of slow the rest of the night.
In my studies on Tuesday I was reading Mosiah 4. I love that chapter, I just love King Benjamin’s address to the people! We went to Tracy Interfaith. We saw Sister Nawahine and shared with her the restoration. We had dinner with Sister Brown and this time I got to portion my own rice! We got invited to go to mutual where were judges in their Hollywood squares game.
Wednesday morning was kind of slow. In the afternoon, we visited a family and their grandparents. The little girls love me. We had an appointment, but the person forgot so we had to reschedule. We had dinner with the Larsen’s, they are a great family. We contacted this lady on the street and we have an appointment with her tonight, we are so excited! She is super nice and is looking for a church! We had another appointment, but the family wasn’t home. We saw the Bolla’s and shared with them Elder Holland’s video, “Like a Broken Vessel”. It was really good. We read scriptures with the Gehmlich’s.
We had district meeting on Thursday. The Palmer’s were going to join us, but there was an emergency so they had to leave. District meeting was so good, you could really feel the spirit. We talked about humility and yielding our hearts. It was kind of a slow afternoon. We had an appointment with a former, but when we showed up he wasn’t home. We had a lesson with the Waltz’s. Brynlee was getting baptized on Saturday and our bishop wants us to teach the 8 year olds the first 3 lessons. It went well. Poor Quinn had a bit of an accident, but she didn’t need stitches! We had dinner with the Alexander’s with the YSA Sister’s. It was nice. We took a priest named Thomas with us to go teach Sai. We read Alma 48 and 49. He is only 9 and is that far in the Book of Mormon! We asked Thomas if there was anyone he wanted to go visit and referred his friend. So we met him at the park and answered some of his questions and gave him a Book of Mormon. It was awesome, but super chilly.
Friday means weekly planning. We actually did it pretty quick. It was kind of a slow afternoon, almost everyone we tried wasn’t home.The zone leaders dropped off mail. We had dinner with the Sales’s. They are the best. Her best friend’s son shared with us some of his mission stories. He went to Utica, New York. We read scriptures with the Hambly’s. It was kind of slow in the evening too.
On Saturday, we got to go to Brynlee Waltz’s baptism. It was really nice. we had a lesson with Armster, but she cancelled. It was kind of slow again. We briefly saw this less active family and scheduled a dinner. We also visited the Waltz’s, always a party. We had dinner with the Kusuda’s. I love them, they are such a great family. We had to go get our jackets. A North Face in August? That is just not right! We saw a less active lady’s daughter. She is super sweet and nice. A goal that I have been working on is street contacting. I don’t really like it, but I know it is so important. I exceeded my daily goal. I was so happy! It was extremely windy.
On Sunday we had ward council. Testimony meeting was good. Our 1st counselor, Brother Kusuda really set the tone for the whole meeting. He talked about the priesthood and he challenged every worthy Melchizedek priesthood holder to give their children father’s blessings before school. It was cool. There was no one in gospel principles and we have to have class so we just taught ourselves. We got invited to teach priest quorum. We taught 3-5 minute lessons of the first two lessons. I taught restoration and did it in 2:55, a new record. They said I did a really nice job and it’s important to bear testimony. The Oppenheimer’s gave us a ride home in their brand new ford explorer, not the Ford Explorer I used to drive! I would love to get one, just saying! Haha! In my studies, I finally finished reading Preach My Gospel all the way through and reading the scriptures and taking notes. It took me a while. I started in January. I love Preach My Gospel and I am so happy that I have it as a study tool. I don’t know what I would do without it? We had an appointment with Bryant and unfortunately he wasn’t going to be able to meet with us. That is just part of missionary work. We had dinner with the Carlton’s. Their little boy says the best prayers. We have had some new families move in and we met one of them last night. They moved from England. She is from California, but he grew up in south London. They have the coolest accents. Sister Turner made me talk in my British accent for the rest of the night, she said it was believable. Absolutely Incredible! I love planning on Sunday nights, it’s the best!
Today I got my haircut and we already went shopping. We are playing sports in Tracy. Super excited. I am excited to see what happens this week! We have appointments already scheduled. it should be good!
I can’t believe 11 months ago today I left my family. Time has really flown. I can’t wait to make the best of the remaining months I have as a missionary!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

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