Straight Outta Stockton!




Hello Everybody!

We went to Manteca for preparation day. We played basketball and Apples to Apples, it was fun. We had dinner with our primary president and met with our bishop. It was a slow night.
On Tuesday, we did service for Sister Alexander. She does our laundry. We had a lesson with Armster. She really likes the Book of Mormon and has some amazing questions. She told us she is not ready to come to church yet, but will get there eventually. We made some appointments. We had dinner with a new family, the Jarvis’s. They are awesome! There daughter is going to BYUI. They are a very missionary minded family. We saw the Fauchier’s.
On Wednesday, we had a specialized training in Stockton. Straight outta Stockton! It was so good. President spoke and he really emphasized to Remember Who You Are and Who You Represent! There was a training on Charity. My zone leaders led a training on personal study. It was good. The assistants led a training on companion study and I actually participated! They all did a really great job and I learned a lot. Sister Palmer talked about how we need to love people as the Savior would. President spoke again. He talked about companionship inventory and about preaching by the way. I am so thankful that I have been a full bike missionary for over the past 8 months. It is so much better than riding in a car. Then he made all of the people who didn’t say anything, speak. It was great! After, we went to Chipotle with Sister Hogan and her companion and Ripon. The man in front of us paid for all of our lunch. He is from Roseville and had served his mission in New Zealand. That was so nice of him! It was nice to see Sister Hogan. We had fun times in Union. We had an adventure on the way home, I can’t be blamed because I wasn’t the driver. We ended up taking a detour in Lodi! It was nice to go back, even if it was just the outskirts!We made it back to Mountain House. We saw a PMF and had a good talk with her on the plan of Salvation. We had dinner with Sister Brown. She gave us a mound of spaghetti, I barely made a dent! We saw the Bradford’s and the Alexander’s. I baked pretzel chocolate chip cookie bars! It was a super great day! I am so happy I am a missionary!
We had our district meeting. It was good. We talked about our meeting the day before. We had lunch at the church. We saw a less active that we have been trying to see for a while. We shared with him the Restoration. He still has a testimony which is great. It was a pretty hot day. We had dinner with the new British family that moved in. She said, gare-ridge, instead of garage. Sister Turner didn’t know what that meant, but I did! We had our lesson with Sai. We read the last two chapters of Helaman with him. He is already in 3 Nephi. I just wish he could get baptized. We had our missionary coordination meeting. There was a full moon and it was red, pretty cool!
We did weekly planning on Friday. Sister Turner said that I am a very obedient missionary and that people want to be a missionary like me! That made me feel so good! We talked to lots of people on the street. The zone leaders dropped off a package and I got 2 new dresses! My parent’s are the best! We had dinner with Sister Davis and took some dinner to the Grant’s. Sister Grant just had eye surgery. We briefly visited Monique. She is so sweet. It was a pretty good day!
On Saturday we went to the church and helped with our super Saturday cleaning of the church. The 3 wards came together and we did a deep cleaning of the church. We cleaned the chalkboards. It was supposed to take awhile, but we got done pretty quick because people went on Friday. We came back and did our studies. We saw a less active. Not a lot of people were out, it was weird because it was Saturday. We saw the Henriquez family. Our Bishop and his family took us to Red Robin for dinner, it was fun! We had a lesson with Michael and Cameron came. It was interesting. We saw the Hernandez family. It was a long day.
We had ward council. The ARP people came and talked to us. The Adams-Hart’s daughter just got back from her mission in Wisconsin, so she gave her homecoming talk. I taught gospel principles. Relief Society was good. We visited the Nawahine’s and briefly saw Sister Gomez. We had dinner with the Robert’s, their kids are so cute and they love us. We saw the Hambly’s. They have these 2 super cool geckos. They tickled so much. It was super windy. We saw the Alexander’s. It actually rained a little!
I have no idea what we are doing today, but I am sure it will be fun!
I’m just loving my mission and can’t think of a better way to be spending my life right now!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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