I Get to Go to the Hills!




Well we got our transfer calls. I am no longer going to be serving in Mountain House. I am so sad, I am tearing up just typing this. I am going back to the lovely Lodi zone and I get the opportunity to serve in the Hills in the lovely town of Ione! I get to go to the hills! My companion is Sister Cloward. She came out with me. There seems to be a trend whenever I get transferred because Sister Turner is being transfered. She is training in Stockton. We both did not see that coming!

Monday was kind of slow. We had dinner with the Adams-Hart’s. Their daughter just got back from her mission in Wisconsin. We met with a less active and met with our Bishop.
Tuesday morning was slow, but we saw people in the afternoon. We visited Sister Grant. We saw a less active and had our lesson with the Waltz’s. We saw Sister Brown. We had dinner with the Larson’s, best dinner ever! She made homeade french bread, I got the recipe, but I forgot it and I’ll send it to you! and these really yummy homeade ice cream sandwichs! We talked to the Lammi’s. It wasn’t too hot!
On Wednesday, we met with our relief society president and talked about some of the needs of some sister’s in the ward. Not too many people were home in the afternoon. We saw Sister Hernandez and had dinner with the Roderick’s. Monique came to the relief society activity! It was really good and bunch of people spoke about finding joy in life. I think Monique liked it. I made a Reese’s s’more, so yummy!
We had our last district meeting of the Transfer on Thursday. We talked about the Christlike attributes. My district was fun. We took a paisley picture of all the people wearing paisley. I loved my zone this transfer. We saw Sister Alexander and got a referral from a potential, they weren’t interested. We had dinner with the Jarvis’s. We met with the Basurto kids and Kalvin Sales came with us and we taught the Restoration. We were going to meet with Sai, but he was busy. It was kind of a slow night, but we did see our investigator Bryant and talked to him briefly.
On Friday, we had our call from our Ward Mission Leader and we did weekly planning. I don’t care if I am a missionary or not, I am still the innocent one. Sister Turner was asking what my secret was to being so obedient! It made me smile and feel good. I think just knowing that this the Lord’s work and not mine and that obedience brings blessings. We helped Sister Waltz with some service and visited with her. There was a soccer event and so a lot of people were gone. We had dinner with Sister Hernandez. We went out with Allegra Adams-Hart and we had an appointment with a potential family, but they weren’t home and we saw a less active.
Saturday was kind of slow.  Be careful what you pray for in your heart because Heavenly Father will answer your prayers. I prayed in my heart that we would be able to find something to fill our time with. Well, we certainly did. We were trying a potential who was obviously not interested. Some members live next door and he is the bike guy. He wanted to check my tires and my tire popped. So I had to take his daughter’s bike, which is way too small and go back to the apartment to get my extra tube. It was so crazy, but the blue stallion rides again! A member invited us to their son’s birthday party. I got to jump in a bouncy castle. Not too many people were home, got to love soccer season. We had dinner with our investigator, Monique. It was really great.
We got a surprise Sunday, Monique came to sacrament! I was so surprised, it made me so happy! Church was good. The Oppenheimer’s took us home and we did studies. We had an appointment with Bryant, but he cancelled 10 minutes before. We walked around and tried a bunch of people. We had dinner with the Vocana’s, cute family. We got our bikes from Monique and saw Sister Brown. We got our call at 9:20. the call is supposed to come after 9:30. I’m so sad to leave Mountain House, but this will be a new adventure!
I have no idea what we are doing today?
Goodbye Mountain House!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

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