Definitely Not in Mountain House Anymore!


Week 52? That is so not right? I can’t believe it? Crazy!

So this week was crazy and quite an adjustment!

Monday was so sad because I had to say goodbye to everyone 😦 I was sad to leave the Manteca zone. Our investigator took us to the Pink Turtle, a place where you can make your ice cream sandwich. It was super fun. Our apartment looked like a disaster because both of us left. Crazy day!

Tuesday we finished getting packed. Our relief society president came and helped us and so did the Jarvis’s. It was so sad to leave Mountain House. We went to the mission office and I waited for my new companion. We got everything out my old car and we put everything in the assistant’s car because we traded cars with them. I love them, but they left it messy! We made the trip back to Ione. It is so pretty. It is so country. Let me just say I actually smelled a real skunk and not marijuana! I live in a house and it is HUGE! I have so much space! Her bike was broken so we walked. I met an old couple and then we had dinner with our ward mission leader and his family and a recent convert. We had a family home evening. It was so fun! We also had our MCM after that. It was a long day, but I no longer have to sleep on a bunk bed!

I read “Truly Good and Without Guile” by Elder Ringwood during my studies on Wednesday, it is so good! We went out and tried to see people. Some member in the ward gave us so much stuff from his garden, it is so cool! After lunch, we went and saw a lady in the ward who is dying from cancer. She is a very well loved member of the ward. She still has her sense of humor. We saw an LA/PMF and we have an appointment with them tonight. We went out to the country and met this very LA lady. I definitely am not in Mountain House anymore. I don’t like driving, but you have to in order to go out some of these people’s houses. It took us a while to get to our dinner. The people we had dinner with, their grand kids have a potbelly pig for a pet! It was a crazy dinner, I’m not going to go in to much detail, but it was crazy! We had an appointment to teach the lessons to active families and we saw this family the Bishop’s. They are so funny. It’s crazy, I already feel like I know some of these people!

On Thursday, we had our first district meeting. We meet with all the people in the Hills and the Senior couple, the Newcum’s, I love them! We had a good meeting and had a good role play. We had a cereal party after. We tried some people out in the country. Being in a car drives me insane! We met an active lady, Sister Brown. The country is so pretty though. We met the 2nd counselor, they like to hunt! Definitely not in Mountain House anymore! We met Bishop Busi and his family. They have a beautiful house in the country and it had the most amazing view and sunset. His family is great and they are so missionary minded. He has a son on a mission. On the way back, we almost hit a deer! Haven’t seen one of those in a while!

Friday is my favorite day because of weekly planning! Not! Weekly planning takes so long, especially the first one of the transfer. We had to walk around still because her bike was still broken. We had dinner with this great family, the Harmon’s. She made something that was vegan, but added bacon, haha! We saw this family the Hawkins and tried this less active family. It was a long day of walking around!

We played basketball at the church for morning exercise on Saturday. The zone leaders dropped off some mail and we finally printed mini directories. The district leaders came by and got Sister Cloward a bike tube. We had an appointment, but the person wasn’t home. We finally got to bike! We saw a less active. We tried some potentials. It was kind of a slow afternoon. We had dinner with this family, the Mitchell’s. We had a good gospel conversation. She showed us her fish tank of salt water fish and one of the fish almost died. We were trying to look for this house, but couldn’t find it because it was dark and then we saw this old couple, the Custer’s. I was so exhausted.

It was nice to take my time on Sunday morning, I actually had time to curl my hair! We had ward council and then MCM. Church starts at 10. We are the only ward that meets in our building. We had to teach the 12 and 13 Sunday School, so interesting. The rest of church was good. We can walk to church. We did studies. We saw this family, the Tresner’s, they have a friend that has been coming to church but they are moving to Sutter Creek so they will be in the Jackson Ward. We had an appointment with an investigator, but she wasn’t home. We had dinner with our ward mission leader again and his family, the Johnson’s. They are so funny. We tried a few more people.

Today we got so much done already. It is so awesome to be back in Lodi! I saw some people from Lodi 1st at Target! I think we are going to play sports!

Some great things are going to happen this transfer!

All the Love,

Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn


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