1 Year of Being a Missionary!




Wow! I can’t believe that I have been out for 1 whole year! It doesn’t feel like it at all! I can’t imagine doing anything else right now!

We played so many sports on Monday. I love my new zone! We had dinner with the Young Women’s President. We had a lesson with a LA/PMF, but they couldn’t meet with us, but did give us sugar free baklava. We saw our recent convert Sarah.
On Tuesday, we didn’t get to stay out too long in the morning because of apartment inspections, but we passed! It was kind of a long afternoon. Everyone we talked to seemed like they were in a bad mood and did not appreciate us. That is kind of hard. Our phone was having issues too. It was kind of a rough afternoon, but it was all good because we had the best chocolate chip cookies ever! We met the 2nd counselor’s family and had to bike up a huge hill. It was 845 and we got back 9, we were booking it! We were so out of breath, but we made it!
On Wednesday, it was kind of a slow morning, but we did see one person briefly. We saw this old couple and they really like to talk. We were biking up the big hill and asked this girl for water and she said she was waiting for her ride. She sells with Xfinity and turns out her boss is a member, so we went back to their house and taught her about the restoration, it was super cool. We went to the church in the evening and Sister Cloward got a blessing from our bishop. It was cool.
Thursday marked a year of when I left my family! Crazy? We had a zone training in Lodi. We talked a lot about the Mission vision. Our mission vision is “We are one with the Savior in doing the will of the Father”. I love it! We watched some lame safety videos! We also studied D&C 88:62-64, some really great scriptures. I miss the Manteca zone, but I love my new zone! Allergies have been a little killer, that’s the beauty of being here in this particular part of Cali! We tried to contact some referrals, but everyone we tried wasn’t home. We had dinner with the former Bishop. They are so missionary minded. They are continually praying for missionary opportunities, it is so great! They also gave us a referral! A lot of members are so missionary minded, it’s great!
Friday marked 1 year of being a Missionary! We were going to do some service, but they didn’t need us anymore. We did Weekly Planning and then got to do some really fun service, pulling down trees. There were lots of thorns and I got some battle wounds, but it was still super fun. We had our dinner out in the country with a less active family. We scheduled an appointment with them for Tuesday! It was a really great day!
On Saturday we went out with a perspective missionary and taught our newest investigator, Chris! We taught the restoration and Jacob did such a good job! It was a hot day, but we did contact some referrals and saw a less active family. We didn’t have a dinner, and I actually made Ramen! We helped set up for this communinty concert at the church and helped frost cookies. It was really good and lots of none members came, but we were not allowed to proselyte. There is some good talent in our ward. We had to leave before it was over, but I did hear someone play, “I Feel my Savior’s Love” by Paul Cardall.
On Sunday we had ward council. I really like the ward. I had to say the opening prayer in sacrament. We taught sharing time in Primary and talked to them about missionary work. We stayed for singing time and we played the hot and cold game, classic! I love primary. Relief Society was good. We did our personal study and then we had lunch with our relief society president and her daughter’s family who is in the ward. Great Grandma is so funny! We did our companion study and then went out. We didn’t get to see anybody, so it was a slow night.
We got everything done that we needed to today and will be playing sports later on today with our district. We had to stay up in the Hills today.

I hope everyone has a great week! Time is just flying by and I just love what I am doing!

All the Love.
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

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