Miracles Do Happen and Member Missionary Work is the Best Thing Ever!





Crazy week this week!

Monday was a pretty quiet preparation day. We had a lesson with a LA/PMF with a perspective missionary and it went pretty well.
On Tuesday, we did service at the Preston Castle. A huge landmark in Ione. We worked at the Colonial House and cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor. They had a fridge like our old Frigidaire and it still works! We did some service for Brother Hansen. His wife just passed away from cancer and the whole ward is sad about it, but he is in really great spirits. We set up with an appointment with a LA/PMF. Allergies have been killer. I thought Mountain House was bad, Ione is so much worse.
Wednesday we had a zone conference in Stockton. We had to pick Lodi 3 on the way. It was super good. It was nice to see everyone. We talked about Obedience. We also talked about representing the savior and our mission vision and charity. We also talked about recognizing and following the promptings of the spirit. Sister Palmer said some really great things. She talked about 1 Nephi 16. She said our most significant opportunities will be in times of difficulties and to never discount what the Lord can do. President Palmer talked about the importance of working with members and high expectations we have for the mission. We made the trek back Ione. Not too many people were home. We taught the LA/PMF and she wants to come back to church. We were in charge of the Laurels for mutual and talked about missionary work. We shared a message with this awesome old couple.
We had our district meeting on Thursday. We talked about the importance of planning and Christlike attributes. I love my district, it is one of my favorite districts I have been in! We made it a country day and went out and tried people in the country. We saw this LA old couple, they said we could come back because they gave us their code. We saw this family and they found out we didn’t have a dinner so they invited us to have dinner with them. Members are the best They gave us a referral and they have this 3 week old kitten.
Friday we took a long time to do weekly planning, we really tried to prepare for people this week. We took a leap of faith and determined that none of investigators were progressing and they just needed time before we saw them again. it was hard, but we felt like we needed to do it. We went back to the country and walked around because it was too hilly to bike. It is so pretty. We got lost on the way to dinner and they live up a crazy road. This family has 8 kids, and the oldest one is 12. They are super well behaved and just an all around great family. It was a crazy adventurous day!
What a day it was on Saturday! so my bike had a flat. It had the tiniest hole, you almost couldn’t see it. So we walked. We were talking to this lady and gave her a hallelujah card and then we went moved on. A few seconds later, she asked if we could help her husband find a ride. She let us come in and we talked to them. They had just moved there the day before. They became the new managers at the trailer park. They were really in a rough situation, but never lost their faith in God and have such a belief in God’s timing and that he answers prayers. They are so awesome. we invited them to church and they said they would come! We fixed my bike during lunch and I almost did it all by myself! We talked to this less active guy, he was super nice and gave us an actually decent map of the area! We tried a bunch of people, some were home and some weren’t. We stopped by a member’s house to go to the bathroom and cool off. Their daughter is going to New Zealand on her mission. They also gave us a referral. Dinner was interesting, but entertaining. Little kids say they funniest things! The Mom gave us a referral too! It was a long hot day. Miracles do happen and member missionary work is the best thing ever!
We had coordination meeting before ward council. Tiffany came to church! The members were so welcoming and so nice to her. She participated in all the classes and her daughter loved primary. The members were so good to her! We have dinner with our Bishop tonight and his family and Tiffany and her family are coming!!! I am so excited.We did studies! Allergies are so killer. We were going to dinner, but looks like my bike patch didn’t work because my tire was flat again, so we had to drive. We had dinner with this awesome family, the Hoyt’s. Their son just got his mission call to Independence, Missouri. We went with this old couple to contact a referral. She wasn’t interested, but it was a good experience. Last night, there was some event going on where we could hear music and we could hear “Shut Up and Dance!” That was my favorite song before I left. It was a nice tender mercy! It was a long and exciting day.
Today we went to Target here in Lodi and are probably going to play sports later on today. I am excited for our lesson tonight!
Next week we are going to Big Trees, so I might not have too much time to email!
This week is going to be so awesome, it is crazy what happens when you take a leap of faith!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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