You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!




I can sum up this week– You just can’t make this stuff up!

On Monday we played sports in Lodi. We had dinner with our Bishop’s family, the Busi’s and Tiffany, our investigator! We taught the Restoration and she committed to baptism! I was so excited!
Tuesday we went and did service at the Preston Castle pulling weeds. I fixed my flat. We saw Sarah, a recent convert. She is awesome, I love her! On the way to try a referral, I got another flat. 2 in one day, with a new tube! What the heck? We had dinner with the firmer bishop and his family, the Jenkins, Hendrickson’s and Dalrymple’s. It was Brother Jenkins birthday. We went and tried this potential, but another family lives there and the little girl had a bunch of questions and we answered them and made an appointment for Wednesday. Who let’s their little girl talk to 2 random strangers at 8 at night?
Wednesday marked 1 year in California! Crazy?! It rained at night and sprinkled on and off in the morning. We gave Chris a Book of Mormon. Tiffany called us and without us even asking, she told us she prayed and wants to get baptized on October 8th! I am so excited!!! We talked to that little girl and she had great questions, but she is 7. It turned out to be a beautiful day. We tried a referral, but she wasn’t home. We saw this girl walking and we talked to her. She is from Norway and has been talking to the missionaries in Modesto where she lives. We helped her find a ride. She said that she knew this was an act of God, so cool! It was a crazy day!
On Thursday we had our district meeting. I love my district! We had a taco party. We had an appointment with Tiffany at Sarah’s that they had to keep pushing back, but we finally got to teach a lesson! We taught part of the Plan of Salvation. She has basically taught the lessons, so cool. Unfortunately, we had to leave because of dinner, but it went really well.
Friday means weekly planning and it always takes forever. We finally got to contact a referral. It seems like I have been in the right place at the right time. Just as we turned the corner, this man needed help putting his tire on the back of his Jeep. So we went and helped him. It was so funny, he said, “You’re just gonna stop and give service to a stranger”. Yep, that’s what we do! We had dinner with the Jenkins again, they are awesome! It was kind of a slow night. On the way back, I had a bike accident. I ran into a parked car and fell off my bike and my bike fell on top of me. Somehow, I don’t know how? But my bike pedal broke in half and I got covered in the pedal glue and got scraped up, not fun!
On Saturday we got a lot accomplished, just not in the way that I would like. We found out a lot of people were not interested or do not contacts. We saw a less active. We watched the broadcast with Tiffany at a members house and she loved it! It was so good! President Uchtdorf just laid it down, so good! I just love how he talked about faith and the missionaries with Harriet! It was a long day!
On Sunday we had our coordination meeting and ward council. Church was good. Tiffany was taking notes, it was so awesome! We went out in the country and then there was a fireside in San Andres for the youth in the hills. President and Sister Palmer spoke and it was all about missionary work! I got to see Sister Parke too! We rode with Bishop Busi and his family, I love them! It was a long day.
Today we went to Calaveras Big Trees. It was so fun! We went with our district! It was so much fun and it was nice to be able to hike around and it was just so beautiful! I really enjoyed it and I really miss hiking! Big Trees is different when there is not snow on the ground!
We have lots of appointments this week, so I’m excited!
It was such a crazy week! You seriously can’t make this stuff up!
All the Love,

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