Be Ambitious for Christ!




This week went by so fast!

On Monday, we had dinner and FHE with the Campbell’s. They are a great family! People say that I remind them of Sister Campbell, which is a compliment because she is so awesome and so sweet! I also got my bike fixed. The Blue Stallion is back in good working order!
Our service got cancelled, so we went and did service for Brother Hansen. His wife just died and he is so nice to us and always gives us stuff from his garden. He gave us a ton of referrals. We went out with Autumn, she  is about to leave to go to New Zealand on her mission. We had a lesson with Tiffany at Sarah’s and it went really well. We had dinner with this young couple, the Gold’s and their cute baby. Tiffany is so excited for her baptism, I’m excited for her.
We had a full day on Wednesday. We had an appointment with this less active. We had a less with this PMF and the husband wants to get baptized and she wants to come back to church. We had an appointment with Tiffany at the Jenkins with this guy named Orion, he is about to leave on his mission to Brazil. It went really well and she has such a strong testimony. We went out to the country in the afternoon and had an appointment at the church with a LA. We also helped people move a couch and Tiffany got a blessing. It was a very fulfilled day!
We had a zone training in Lodi on Thursday. It was really good. we led a training on How To Begin Teaching and I think it went well. We got Panera for lunch and then all went back to the church to eat. I love my zone, even though they are a bunch of 18 year old boys! We tried people in the country on the way home. We tried some potentials and referrals. I tried carrot cake for the first time, it was pretty good. We saw this old lady and had a good visit with her. Long day.
Friday means weekly planning. In the middle we met with our Bishop and had a good talk with him. We finished weekly planning. We met Tiffany at the church and talked to her about her baptism. We met with our other investigator, his name is Roland. We helped them set up conference and had a little lesson with them.
Saturday started the wonderful conference weekend! We went and watched it at the Hoyt’s. It was really good. My favorite talk was probably  J. Devn Cornish. it was so good and exactly what I needed to hear. We tried to get in some more studies. We watched the second session with Tiffany at the Tresner’s. It was so good. I loved Kazuhiko Yamashita’s talk. I love how it was addressed to missionaries. Be Ambitious for Christ! I noticed a common theme of the missionary lesson and the focus on members and missionary work. We had a lesson with Tiffany after. We saw a family who got baptized kind of recently. We had dinner with our investigators. The Rutledge’s. We had a good lesson on the plan of salvation and Roland has been keeping his commitments! We talked to this lady, she is not interested but knows lots of members and understands the importance of having God in her life. We met with Tiffany again.
On Sunday we watched conference with the Campbell’s. Tiffany came too. I love President Nelson’s talk about Joy. Exactly what I needed, plus he’s my favorite! For the afternoon session we watched it with the Robert’s and Jackson’s recent convert who is Sister Robert’s friend. The second session was just so good! All of the talks were on point! I don’t know which one was my favorite, but they were all so good. Normally I am all conferenced by the last session, but it was so good. We had dinner with the Robert’s after. I was a happy girl, homemade rolls and Texas Sheet Cake! We met with a few members to talk about the baptism. Everyone is going out of town this weekend and I am the last resort to play the piano. My piano skills have come back. I have been playing a lot because we have a piano in our house and I can read notes again! We stopped by the Campbell’s because she made us cinnamon rolls. We read scriptures with them.
Today we are going to play sports outside. It also rained today. I’m excited for this week!
Have a great week of fall!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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