I Forgot What the Rain is Like




Hello Everyone!

It was fun to hang out with everybody last Monday. It’s sad when some of your missionary friends leave, but that just means you can make more friends! It’s also fun because of what everyone writes in your transfer journal! We played sports at the Century building and went back to Ione. We had dinner with this old couple, The Custer’s, they are so great and just have such strong testimonies and it’s always so spiritual. We met with a former and prayed with her. She still isn’t ready to commit, but we will continue to see her occasionally.
We did service at the Preston Castle and helped them prepare for their Halloween haunt. We covered the windows with black plastic. The Castle is an interesting place. We tried some potentials and saw the Hawkin’s family. We had dinner with the Bishop Busi and Tiffany came. We have been teaching the Plan of Salvation during our dinner appointments and he gave us some good tips that will help other people. Allergies were so killer.
We had an appointment on Wednesday, but it cancelled. We saw an older Sister and she appreciated our visit. We did some service for an older lady, Sister Gentry and met with her briefly. She is moving soon. It was kind of slow in the afternoon. We had dinner with Sarah, a recent convert. Her story is so cool. It is so cool to see how people join the church. She also gave us dictionaries. Words cannot describe how happy I was to get one, haha!
We had our first district meeting of the transfer on Thursday. Only one person changed. Since Elder Wood (Brock!) is home now, Elder Newsome came. I love my district already. We had a really good role play and it really helped. When the Jackson Elders were doing their role play, me and the San Andres Elders had a hard time keeping it together because they used the funniest names and stories, Jedidiah, who is Amish and Billy Bob. We drove out to the country and tried a bunch of people. It was a bad day for allergies, but I hung in there. We biked this huge hill. We saw this LA/PMF. The husband is a Red’s fan. He even knows about the Big Red Machine? Crazy, all the way out here in Ione. We had dinner with this older couple and their grand kids who just love us. We had our lesson with Sister Gentry. We had a perspective missionary name Megan come with us. She got her call to Indianapolis! I might just happen to go to the Temple one day while she is there! Haha! The lesson was kind of long, but Megan had some great insights. It’s hard when people just like to talk.
It rained on Friday. We did our weekly planning and then we went out walking in the rain. I don’t bike in the rain. We met with Tiffany and had a lesson with her. She took us to our dinner. We had dinner with the awesome couple, the Rowan’s. We went to this cool restaurant in downtown Ione and they had live music, pretty cool. I also got a bear claw! They took us back to our house and I had to breakout my tights. We tried this potential and his wife let us in and he said he is looking for a church and we have an appointment tomorrow! We saw the Johnson’s. I forgot what the rain is like and I am not sure I am looking forward to more.
On Saturday, we had a lesson with Roland and his wife and we taught the 10 commandments. He is so excited about the gospel and he is progressing. We had a special opportunity to do service for the CDA Cares. It’s the California Dental Association and they do over $2 million dollars of free dental care. It was in Stockton. They do one in Northern Cali every 6 months and one in SoCal. We escorted people to their cars and then I did their exit interviews. I made sure they had all of their forms and they knew what to do and helped them fill out a survey.  Some people had gauze in their mouth so you couldn’t understand them. This one guy was so funny. He said he had so much today, and he loves going to the dentist. It was so funny, most people can’t say that about the dentist! This made me realize I should not take things for granted. We were lucky we beat the rain. I got to see some missionaries that I have served with and people from Lodi 1st and Mountain House, but didn’t get chance to talk to them. We had dinner with the Fowler family. Always an adventure. They are so great! We had them draw pictures of the Plan of Salvation. It rained some more.
It rained again on Sunday. It rained pretty hard. Church was good. The talks in sacrament were really great. I forgot my program at home, I had some good notes! We had to go to Ripon to take care of some things and it was so rainy. We tried people in the country and had dinner with the Cantrell family, they are great! We met this guy named Mike who wants to turn his life around and find a church. He says he always sees us out on our bikes and thinks it’s cool what we do. That was cool.
Today is a pretty quiet day. We stayed in Jackson. I got a coloring book so I am happy! We are not doing anything too exciting this afternoon, but we did get invited to empty nester’s family home evening, so it should be fun. We are technically empty nester’s, haha!
I hope everyone has a great week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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