Be Brave, Little One!




Hello Everybody!

Monday was a pretty chill day. We can’t be at the church when just one set of Elders is there so we went back to our apartment and I colored. We went to Empty Nester’s FHE. It was interesting. It was a pretty chill night.
Tuesday we had our President Interviews. We went down to Lodi for our interviews. I was coloring in my coloring book to keep quiet and so the Elders would not distract me by making me laugh. I had a really good interview with President Palmer. He said some really great things. I am so thankful he is is my Mission President. I also met with Sister Palmer, she is the best too! We went to Panera for lunch and then back to Ione. We talked to Brother Hansen and he gave us a referral. We went and tried them, but they weren’t interested. That happens. We had an appointment with a potential, but they didn’t answer. We met with Tiffany at the church. We had dinner with our landlord’s, the Hendrickson’s. I have suffered eating lasagna for like the 6th or 7th time since I have been in Ione. We had another appointment with a potential, but he couldn’t make it. We met this LA lady, she lives in Folsom the rest of the week, so Tuesday is the only day we can meet with her.
Wednesday was a long day. We had an appointment with the Rutledge’s and it went well. I voted, crazy! Almost everyone we tried wasn’t home, not interested or busy. Days like that can be kind of rough. We had an appointment at the church with a LA and then went to dinner with the Bishop family. It was a quiet and slow rest of the night.
We had our district meeting on Thursday. My district is so awesome. We talked about study skills and how we can apply scriptures to our teaching. We went out to the country and saw this LA couple, he has a lot of health problems. They have a beautiful view of the country. We rode our bikes met a few Less Actives. It was the exact opposite of the day before because everyone we tried, we saw. The people we had dinner with shared their conversion stories with us. I love hearing how people come to join the gospel.
We started weekly planning on Friday and then the person we had dinner with couldn’t have dinner with us, so she took us to lunch. We had a lesson with the Rutledge’s. We finally finished our weekly planning. We met with Tiffany. She is so strong and has such a great spirit. We had an appointment with a potential, but he never showed up. I am just so thankful that I have this gospel and that I am in the situation that I am in.
On Saturday we helped Tiffany move. It reminded me of packing the car for college. I am going to miss teaching her. We did studies and then went out. It was a beautiful day. We talked to people on the street and saw the Harmon’s, they are awesome. My companion finally caught a lizard. It was a little lizard and I named it Little One. When I let it go I said, “Be Brave, Little One!” We saw this LA/PMF and the lesson went well. It felt so natural and we have another appointment on Thursday. We had dinner with the Mitchell’s. She likes to show us her fish. We saw this older lady, Sister Roen. I was reminded about the enabling power of the Atonement. That Christ suffered the Atonement just for me! I can’t imagine my life without the Atonement. My life would be so different, which is why I want to share it with people so they can find the same joy that I have!
Church was so good on Sunday. Our ward mission leader and his wife spoke in sacrament and this guy named Jacob who is preparing for his mission in England. Sister Johnson talked about ways we can help share the gospel, not just missionaries, but as members. You succeed regardless of who says yes. We should make missionary work a part of our daily lives and that sharing the gospel is not a burden, but a joy. Brother Johnson shared some good points as well. The greatest most important duty is to share the gospel. Both of them also talked about that we need to set a date. Set a date as families to have someone ready to share the gospel by that date. I would encourage everyone to do this. It really helps the missionaries find people to teach when member’s help them. It doesn’t have to be something big, but just talking about the gospel or being an example can always make an impact on someone. We came back and did studies and saw some people and had dinner with the Gold’s, they have the cutest baby. We saw the Custer’s and the Tyrell’s. We made it home on time and just before the rain!
Today we washed the car and cleaned. We came down to Lodi. I am hoping we will play sports.
This should be a good week. I can’t believe I only have about 5 months left. I don’t want to waste a minute.
Have a good week!
All the Love,
Sister Hanna Nicole Lynn

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