Week 60: Happy Halloween!


Wow, week 60! I can’t believe it? Time is going by WAY too fast!

Happy Halloween!

It was a pretty quiet preparation day. We were playing basketball and one of the Elder’s accidentally threw the ball at my nose. It made my eyes water so it looked like I was crying. He felt so bad, but I told him I have two brothers so it didn’t really hurt that bad. We went to the Busi’s for dinner and had FHE with them. We watched a youth video about planes and we made paper airplanes. I named mine the Lynndinburg! It also rained.

It was kind of rainy on Tuesday morning. We did castle service. We raked leaves and I killed this giant fuzzy spider, it was huge! We tried some potentials and met with the Rutledge’s briefly. We also gave an Atheist guy a Book of Mormon. He wanted some book recommendations and that’s like the only book we read so… Anyway, after that I went on exchanges back to Manteca with Sister Hogan. I was so excited. We were together again, back in some of our old area! The only difference, is this time we actually know what we are doing! (Sort of!) She is now in the Manteca YSA. We biked and street contacted. Some members took us to this Mongolian BBQ place, it was fun. We tried some less actives. It was a fun, long day.

On Wednesday, we had an appointment at the church, so we biked all the way there back on the bike trail! She wasn’t there, though. We saw this girl’s Grandma, who just got baptized and she is so full of the spirit. It was awesome. We met with a less active and taught a lesson about charity. It takes about an hour to get to Ione from Manteca, so we had to leave. I had a lot of fun on my exchange. My companion got a flat tire so we had to walk. We tried some potentials and then stopped and got water at the Hoyt’s. We had dinner at this place in town and it was so hard because the World Series was on. It was so tough, especially because the Cubs were winning. We were invited to go to the pack meeting because the scout leader, Brother Hansen shared Thomas S. Monson’s talk from this past conference. It is so awesome because mainly all of the scouts are non-members. We had a lesson with Hernandez’s. It was a long, but good day!

It was cold and rainy on Thursday. We went to district meeting. We talked about Alma 5. It was good. We went to Walmart to get a new tube, but they didn’t have the right size. We met with this LA/PMF. Their names are Cody and Ronnie. They just had a baby in August. We had part of a lesson and invited them to church. Since their son was born, he has thought about coming to church. We are just going to take it slow and not be too pushy. She accepted a Book of Mormon and wants to know more and we have another appointment with them on Thursday! We met with an older sister and a tried some other people. We had dinner with Sarah, it’s always an adventure!

We did weekly planning on Friday, it always takes forever. Our trunk or treat got cancelled because it was supposed to rain. It did rain, but it was clear in the evening. I saw a rainbow. we tried some less actives. Our district leader got the right tube for us, so we could bike. We had dinner with the Jenkins/Dalrymple family. The kids were going to Jackson’s trunk our treat and they were excited. We had a lesson with the Rutledge’s and we talked about the Priesthood. He is so ready and so excited. I can’t believe his baptism is 3 weeks away!

On Saturday during my studies in preparation for Stake conference I read Larry R. Lawrence’s talk, “What Lack I yet?” So good. We saw this young family and visited with outside a little. it was an overcast day. We tried a bunch of potentials and then met with this crazy guy and the lesson wasn’t going anywhere so we left. We did some service for a lady in the ward. She was telling me about scary child birth situations, crazy. We went back for dinner and got ready for stake conference. It was so nice to see a lot of Lodi 1st people. They actually remembered me too! Bishop Means had asked me how long I have been out for and he couldn’t believe it. The meeting was really good. President Palmer spoke and talked about the song “Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy” and how the members can help the missionaries. Elder Lawrence spoke as well and told a story about this guy who never gave up on this less active, it was a really good meeting.

We went with Sarah to Lodi for stake conference on Sunday. It was rainy. The talks were really great. There was a theme of the Plan of Salvation. Sister Lawrence spoke and it was so good. Elder Lawrence talked about the Devil’s tactics and how we can overcome them. He talked about Satan’s counterfeits and how he can make things seem okay when they really aren’t. He was very bold. It was so good. We rode back with Sarah and then had lunch and finished studies. Sister Cloward said, “I think the rain is over with” and as soon as she said that it poured. So we walked in the pouring rain, it was pouring hard and then it just stopped and the sun came out. It was the weirdest thing. We tried some less actives and potentials. We had dinner with the Johnson’s, they are so awesome. I tried artichoke. It is weird. We had a coordination meeting with him after and it was very beneficial. It was an interesting day.

Today is Halloween. This morning I finished the Book of Mormon for my 12th time personally reading it. I love the Book of Mormon so much. I know that it is true! I would invite everyone to take Moroni’s challenge and to read the Book of Mormon and pray to know that it is true and I know that you will get an answer. We came down to Lodi. We have to be in tonight, unless we have appointments which we do! It should be a really good day!

I can’t believe November is here tomorrow. Time is going way too fast. I just love being a missionary!

Have a safe and happy Halloween everybody!

All the Love,
Sister Hanna Lynn

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